Foot cream

Oddly enough, but we belong to one's ownbody, sometimes sloppy and lazy to care for and protect him. And if the face, neck and hands trying to take care of the time, the legs, for some amazing coincidence, remain outside this imaginary focus area. This is not correct, although the leg skin and some rough, but in the same way as the other requires care, hydration and nutrition.


  • 1 Foot Cream - who needs it
  • 2 The guide the choice of cream
  • 3 Once the composition: it may contain foot cream?
  • 4 How to use the right foot cream

Foot Cream - who needs it

From the lack of, or improper care, no legsthey can look ugly, shelled, on the feet can occur corns and calluses and heel banal may burst. This is to allow in any case can not, because should seriously think about how to properly care for your skin on the feet, keeping it always in good shape, do not suffer from stress and fatigue.

The freshness and the excellent condition of our legs canbe the key to a good mood for the whole day, because it is thanks to them that we can easily flit throughout the day, or barely crawl, exhausted from fatigue. In order to take care of your feet, you need the most right to understand what the dermis with the problem we need to solve, and on the basis of these findings, and to buy a few, or even one, foot cream. Starting one day, you quickly feel the result of this concern, the dermis on the feet will be healthy, supple and elastic, and the legs themselves will be less tired and poured lead to the end of the day.

What follow when choosing a cream

But the decision has been made and you go tocosmetic shop to choose the best foot cream. Do not forget to clear this size up for yourself, what you ultimately came to buy, and for this, you need to understand what the problem should be easy to solve itself, chosen Foot Cream. The modern cosmetic industry has a huge number of brands and the brands and products among each of them, there are still a few pieces, and even dozens of subcategories a variety of creams, designed for foot care. Let's see what negorazdy should arrest the quality and a good foot cream, head of which is not a pity to give their money.

  • Antibacterial effect and removing of hyperhidrosis

Pay attention to whether there is an indication on the packagingthat the cream has an antimicrobial effect. This is extremely important, as the legs are constantly exposed to the risk of exposure to infection and the microorganisms from the outside. For example, according to statistics, in the purest footwear, accumulate almost as a wide variety of bacteria and micro-organisms, like on your kitchen sponge, and sometimes much more. Because often can arise unpleasant odor, which is best fought, paradoxically, even before its occurrence. The bactericidal effect of the cream can guarantee the elimination of pathogens.

  • The anti-inflammatory ingredients

Often, our feet become permanent centersinflammation. Inconvenient or poor-quality shoes can rub his feet, causing abrasions, scrapes, diaper rash and the like, at all really, unpleasant phenomenon. At such moments, when broken dermis may develop inflammation, which is to prevent and foot cream.

  • Stimulation of blood circulation

Choose a cream for the feet, which is activelyIt stimulates the blood supply to increase the level of the skin. Improving and increasing the metabolic processes in the dermis, it will also contribute to a stronger flow of oxygen, food, the skin itself will be better updated

. It will also provide a constant power supply to it, which often do not have enough.

  • mitigating elements

It is clear that the more coarse and thick dermis ourlegs also have to soften, since it is due to the coarsening of the skin and turn disgusting and painful cracks, which then heal, it is very difficult and unpleasant. Because all the same, it is better to take care of preventing this effect in advance to soften her, making supple and delicate, like a child.

  • fatigue relief effect

Being a long time on their feet, it is clear that toThe evening begins in the legs feel a certain buzz, I want to lie down, with his feet somewhere higher, and this is quite natural. At such moments, just might come in handy your foot cream that can relieve fatigue rapidly and effectively, to fill you with energy and your leg strength and beauty.

Once again on the composition: it may contain foot cream?

Besides. Arriving at the beauty shop, it is best to consult with advisers, and pick the most ideal cream for you. However, be sure to read the label also. Knowing the characteristics of the composition, you can most definitely make a choice, and this is very important, because the foot cream should solve your problems, and not just fall down on the shelf.

Cream that prevents micro cracks

If your feet are prone to the emergence ofmikrotreschinok, then this definitely need to fight, softening the epidermis, making it much more pliable and elastic. Foot Cream against cracking should qualitatively, actively moisturize the dermis, saturate it with all sorts of nutrients and so on. It would be best if the purchase Foot Cream, in that case, you do not go to the store and the pharmacy. Well, if these substances are contained in the chosen vehicle:

  • hyaluronic acid
  • retinol
  • tocopherol
  • The extract or aloe vera extractor
  • The extract hood or coniferous trees
  • Lanolin
  • Panthenol or dexpanthenol

Cream excessive sweating

The problem of sweaty feet, perhaps the mostthere is in men, because of what is often due to incorrect care, the feet begin to "breathe" is not roses and fresh wind. Of course, to get rid of this problem will help foot cream that contains a specific set of substances and trace elements, the good thing, the choice is very wide and even. If you have sensitive skin, avoid purchase alcohol-based agents, and the rest rely on the recommendation of a doctor and a beautician. Cream with sweat and odor can be a cooling or refreshing, and in any case, do not forget to also use the spray for shoes.

  • The extract hood or tea tree
  • tocopherol
  • retinol
  • The extract or mint hood
  • And menthol, etc.

Cream of corns or calluses

You are not mistaken, it was such creams also come inpharmacy. Many women, and men suffer from similar problems, for years without knowing what magic wand for a long time put them in the hands of beauticians. It is enough not just to suffer and come to grips with the decision of the negorazda and found that it was not so terrible features, as we are trying to draw it. Of course, to get rid of existing calluses or corns, it will not be easy, but the sooner you take for the cause, the less painful and easier it will be held

  • Olive oil
  • benzene acid
  • Salicylic acid
  • Castor oil
  • Linseed oil, etc.

Cream, relieve fatigue

As we already mentioned, very tired legsper day, and each person wants to feel fresh and light, it is extremely hard to do after six to eight hours on their feet. However, there are special tools, and more specifically, foot cream, which is able to easily remove all symptoms of fatigue, it is nice to relax and refreshes your feet, giving new strength and energy.

  • Lavender and lavender oil
  • Mountain pine oil
  • The extract or mint hood
  • And menthol, etc.

Cream to improve circulation

Many of us suffer from a lack of activecirculation, due to which there may be rather serious problems, such as varicose veins. For such a case be sure to take advantage of the tools that can help, as the saying goes, "to disperse the blood," to remove the increased capillary fragility, excessive swelling and tendency to microtraumas.

  • buckeye
  • Extract or hood viburnum apothecary
  • Gingkobiloba
  • Camphor
  • Olive oil
  • An extract from red vine leaves and fruits

How to use the right foot cream

Great wisdom, to use anycreams, especially creams for feet, of course not, and all the main recommendations can be gleaned from the many tips, relative to other funds. But there is, of course, and some details about them will be discussed.

  • Wash your feet before you put onThey cream, as even the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect does not save us from the ubiquitous mud. Moreover, infection can also transfer to the hands, and it is altogether unacceptable.
  • Towel dry feet hard or medium hard, it will have a massage properties, most importantly, do not overdo it.
  • Apply the cream within reason and massagefeet during this time, the cream was absorbed into the skin. On the feet there are a huge number of acupuncture points, which are connected with all systems of the human body, and massage is certainly a positive impact on overall health.
  • Pre-prepare socks madepure cotton, which should initially warm, for example, using iron or just on the battery. Wearing socks and hiking in some time after applying the cream, you will provide the maximum effect from the cream ingredients to penetrate the epidermis.
  • Do not forget that you need to once or twice a week to make the procedure of removal of keratinized and dead cells, using a special scrub.

And the main advice - never lazy to careon their feet, even if you are tired or suffering from lack of time, because her hair, face, hands, or, of course, it can be seen immediately, and catches the eye, but the legs also can thoroughly spoil your mood and overall health. The regularity and the right attitude is, be sure to give excellent results, and you will always feel easy and fun.