Face Cream 50+

For any girl or woman, the worst thing inlife is the loss of his own youth and beauty. What in all ages, mankind has dreamed? Of course, the eternal youth, why in fairy tales, folk tales, myths and legends are so many references to the living water, rejuvenating apple, and so on. And one unfortunate ruler, eager to get a wife youthful beauty, even managed to boil in a pot with boiling milk, and all this is not just for the fountain of youth - that would like to find everyone.


  • 1 Face Cream 50+ or ​​elixir of youth?
  • 2 Skin changes its properties
  • 3 What would be appropriate as part of anti-aging cream?

Face Cream 50+ or ​​elixir of youth?

However, the "cure" the time is not yet inventedNo one, and it moves inexorably forward, every year more and more pushing us from adolescence. Many women have found their own elixir of youth, and manage to look like in fifty years, thirty, through proper and, most importantly, timely care for aging skin.

After all, in the face. In the first place, and you can judge the age, our task - to permanently preserve the natural elasticity of the skin, to prevent "sagging" of the oval, ie facial contours, to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, saturate the dermis with nutrients and vitamins that it has always shone health. One of the crucial components of the comprehensive skin care cream is 50+, which can be purchased at any cosmetic store, or pharmacy.

This age limit as the fiftieth anniversary,manages to overcome with honor is not for every woman, since it was at this time in our dermis and begin to occur are the same. Unexpected by anyone, the processes of decay and aging, and only to make every effort possible to preserve the beauty and youthfulness. What happens to the epidermis, after fifty, and whether it makes sense to buy a treasured jar that says "Face Cream 50+"? You can try to understand gradually what we'll do, but above all, it must be said that the meaning, of course, there's that and can confirm the millions of women around the world.

Skin changes its properties

Around the age of fifty years, withdermis begin to happen are the same, irreversible processes are stopped, unable even to any person, the entire conductive colossal human history. However, the maximum delay these processes, nevertheless, of course, possible, and even necessary. But in order to fight the "enemy", it is necessary to know the "in person", so let's see what we'll have to face.

Over the years, especially after fifty thicknessskin, that is, actually the epidermis, is constantly decreasing. The dermis becomes thinner, and at the same time, and reduced its protective properties, which faithfully, took care of our body from harmful environmental factors.

Significantly reduced in this age andreduction processes in the dermis, regeneration, it all slows down. The skin can not be updated so actively, because on the surface, and there is a thick layer of keratinized, dead skin cells that are more "closed" the epidermis, again preventing its renewal.

The acid-alkaline balance of the skin is constantly striving towards alkalis. For over fifty years, the skin becomes noticeably drier, loses more moisture that it also does not paint.

Significantly worsens the circulation of usefulsubstances in the skin, resulting in coarsening and metabolic processes are much slower. Because of this "delivery" of nutrients, oxygen, and even much more difficult.

The structure of the collagen in the epidermis has a propertydegrade with age, and moreover, also reduces the amount of hyaluronic acid in the intercellular space, resulting in sagging and having circuit loss.

It decreases over the years and also a layer of subcutaneous fat, which again leads to the fact that the dermis dries, wrinkles and so on.

What would be appropriate as part of anti-aging cream?

Completely get rid of all signs of aging,wilt your skin, of course, will not be possible, however, to suspend the above processes as much as possible, and this is our task to prolong the youth on as long as possible. Not a small role in this can play properly selected face cream 50+, which will help fight age-related changes. First of all, you need to decide what kind of problems can be solved properly selected cream, and what substances he can and even should contain.

  • hyaluronic acid

This substance is completely natural, andnatural ingredient that make up our skin. Over time, the dermis loses hyaluronic acid in the intercellular spaces, and its lack of need to fill in an artificial way, because if the list of selected cream ingredients it is, it's very good. Desirably, the hyaluronic acid was listed at the top of the list, it means that its amount in the medium sufficiently high.

  • retinol

As you know, this is amazing stuff, nothingotherwise, like the proverbial vitamin A, which is found in abundance in most common carrot. In fact, this is an extremely useful component, since it may have a layered effect on the skin, long retains its youth and binds free radicals, which lead to premature aging, enhances the activity of metabolic processes and activates blood circulation, heals microtrauma, attached capillary elasticity and etc. This invaluable material, and its presence in the cream, it is a very good sign.

  • tocopherol

Vitamin E does not without reason, is called the most femininevitamin, tocopherol and in fact, actually have the most vitamin. In its essence, tocopherol is an extremely powerful antioxidant effects which can be compared, perhaps, with heavy artillery, against the bows and arrows. In addition, vitamin E can create a natural protection of the dermis from the harmful effects of ultra-violet, which is also important, because the sun is not always the energy and strength, it is also premature wrinkles, excessive dryness and so on. Cream for Face 50 +, containing tocopherol, it promises to be a reliable partner in the "case" save his own youth.

  • Coenzyme Q10

Advertising today literally exploded, offeringWomen Anti-aging cosmetics, saturated thereby coenzyme Q10, which can supposedly literally work wonders. So in fact there is, the substance is qualitatively moisturizes the skin, giving it elasticity, efficiently protects the epidermis from premature loss of fatty acids that are necessary for normal functioning. Interestingly, the effect of the cream with coenzyme really has the look, a quick and visible effect, however, is valid only in the upper layers of the epidermis, because experienced beauticians and dermatologists advise to take the substance, and also inside, and there are corresponding preparations in pharmacies.

  • Extracts or extracts from herbs and natural ingredients

What is more natural cosmetics, themore chances that it will act. Natural substances, such as extracts of medicinal herbs, of course, bring only benefit. Especially valuable component, which is added to the face cream 50+ is an extract of green tea has beneficial effects on the skin, for example, he has some antibacterial action, again, is one of their most powerful antioxidants, soothes and relieves inflammation and so on.

  • A few practical tips to avoid confusion

Having dealt with the components, it is time to go tobeauty shop, or to the pharmacy to buy, and the same tube or bottle. However, in order not to get a completely useless thing for the fabulous price, it is best to follow a few simple rules, because at stake is our youth and beauty.

  • Buy all cosmetic products, includingCream 50+, exclusively in the field proven, never take the goods "with hands" in the market, and so on. You can catch the tricks of unscrupulous sellers, and not only did not get the desired effect, but also cause significant damage to their own appearance, but in the age of "a little over 50" is totally unacceptable.
  • Do not be stingy, because good means simplyIt can be cheap. Choose the best cream the most famous brands and brands, reviews about which you can easily find on the Internet or in women's magazines.
  • Requires a certificate of conformity, as well as the results of research, you have every right to know what you are buying.
  • Just follow the instructions on the package, they are written there is not just so, and that the effect of the use was the highest.
  • Regular application of the cream - your main "trump card" against unwanted withering skin, take care of your face time, and it will please you, not upset.
  • Always consult with a beautician, he can reapgood advice, knows exactly what is useful and what is not, and also help to analyze the condition of your skin in order to objectively evaluate what is means for care, it is best suited.