Cream for dry skin

In his youth, girls too careless and do notEveryone cares about beauty, and even more about their skin health. However, over the years, each have to pay attention to a not unimportant factor as skin beauty. After all, whatever one may say, but a healthy, shiny leather, a true calling card of every woman. Well-groomed facial skin makes a woman confident, young and beautiful. But every year, the skin requires more and more maintenance and care, especially for dry skin, which over time only get drier and thinner and seem untidy.


  • 1 Who really need cream for dry skin
  • 2 need to care for fine, dry and flaky skin
  • 3 What substances are ideal for dry skin
  • 4 Grandma creams for dry skin

Who really needs a cream for dry skin

For twenty-five years in girls having dryface, have, should pay special attention to her health. Dry skin tightens person can peel off, have a tendency to redness, and with that being said one, all known heroine of Russian comedy, "it is necessary, as a fight." The most important weapon "against" dry skin, it is, of course, proper care. In many ways, it all depends on whether the correct cream for dry skin you choose.

It would seem that could be easier - buyfirst got the cream, to which the package is a corresponding mark, and all work is done. Not here it was, in order to dry skin shone with beauty, youth and health, this is not enough. Taking care of the skin - it is a complex matter that requires time and effort, but the result will be amazing. Xeroderma, namely the so-called dry skin, it's certainly not pleasant, but do not immediately panic, and even more so, do not forget about the problem. Although she did not give himself to forget about, because every morning looking at his reflection in the mirror, you will constantly feel the need to do something.

Need to care for fine, dry and flaky skin

However, overdoing, putting cream for dryskin once again, it is also not an option, because you can achieve quite that effect, which you expected. The best option would be the following scheme of skin care:

• Evening cleansing procedure, it is best with a special milk, which necessarily must contain nourishing, cleansing and soothing ingredients

• Flushing milk (or other similar means), is best done with a soft and free of impurities with water. You can also use a special toilet water, not containing alcohol

• Application of fat, nutrientcream for dry skin with a good moisturizing effect (subject to extreme dryness of the skin, under the night cream is better to put extra moisturizer, for example, a hydrogel)

• Morning washing procedure as soft water, or toilet water

• The application of a day cream for dry skin, which must be extremely easy, for its consistency

What substances are ideal for dry skin

Among other things, you need to find out what, after all, must contain a cream for dry skin, in order to become a real boon for every woman:

• Ceramides

These substances are well proven, yetin the testing process, and, in practice, show just amazing results. ceramide structure very similar to those substances which are natural skin lubricant mezhdukletochnyh compounds. Ceramides perfectly compensate for the lack of natural substances, as well as help retain moisture the upper, the stratum corneum.

• Fatty acid

These materials are quite diverse, becausethe range of their activities is rather wide. For example, lactic acid salts, as well as herself, can effectively increase the natural level of moistened skin, and we just achieve. Derivatives of lactic acid does not penetrate deep into the epidermis, so do not damage it, and have a beneficial effect, but also have some whitening properties.

• natural extracts natural sources (extracts of various herbs, honey, propolis, etc.)

The benefits of natural remedies you can write a wholevolumes that will only contain useful information. They almost did not irritate the skin, gently caring for her, give a pleasant shade, softness and natural radiance. It is best suited for dry skin extracts of apricot, jojoba, sesame, coconut, and for the more sensitive - roses, sea buckthorn, St. John's wort, burdock, chamomile, and so on.

Grandma creams for dry skin

However, dry skin is not always positiveresponds to the purchase-money, it is very easy to damage, and, of course, high-quality and effective cream is not cheap. Therefore, in order to avoid unpleasant moments, as well as in order to save its own budget, there are a huge number of folk remedies and recipes, which can independently make an excellent cream for dry skin, from a completely available for any woman components.

Excellent cream with chamomile

One tablespoon of dried chamomile flowersyou need to pour boiling water, neatly wrap a warm towel and leave for about an hour. At this time, you can do things with their ladies, and then drain the resulting solution in an amount of two tablespoons, mix a half teaspoon of glycerin, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. Tablespoon, softened to the consistency of sour cream, butter (it is important to use only natural oil), to be mixed with one teaspoon of castor oil, the resulting solution may be to add a few drops of essential oils to choose from, such as orange, patchouli and geranium. Now you need to mix the ingredients together received, and then thoroughly beat with a mixer.

Almond cream

Take one teaspoon of lanolin, as well asbeeswax and melt them, it is desirable, of course, in a water bath. Not taking your magical concoction from heat, add three tablespoons of rose water, and the usual two tablespoons of almond oil quality. After that, immediately remove the container with the future custard from the heat and, without waiting until all is cool, carefully beat with a mixer at the highest speed. Then drip into a solution of a few drops of essential oils such as sandalwood or roses, and continue beating until the "brew" to cool down, but the speed is better to make a smaller one.

Cream, on the basis of camphor oil

This recipe is the simplest of all proposedhere, and to make such cream is even a girl who had never engaged in such cases. However, in the first two prescriptions, as wisdom is not high, but let's get to the point. We need to buy fifty grams of goose or pork fat and melt them down to a liquid state. Mix melted, still warm oil, five grams of camphor oil. He waited until cooked mass has cooled, apply it on the face with light touches of the fingertips, and remove the excess with a cotton cloth or a circle. Apply camphor homemade cream can be every day, it can easily make up for the lack of their own body fat and give the skin softness and elasticity.

It is necessary to remember that the cream can be storedexclusively in the refrigerator, and not more than five days (the best option would be three days of storage), because the cream need to cook small meals, rather than a reserve. In addition, it would be better to consult a beautician, before you pick up the appropriate person cream for dry skin. Only a specialist can truly determine what the substance is not enough your skin, and which, on the contrary, may even bring her harm.