Body Cream - reviews

Often, girls and women who do not take the time,They care about their health and beauty irresistible face, forgetting that the body also needs attention and care. After all, how beautiful would not look face, but the body sometimes produces a lack of worries excessive dryness, and sometimes even peeling, redness and pimples. In order for your skin always remained silky and shiny, about it, without all doubt, you should think and care. However, in deciding that the time for you to do is, you need to be fully prepared for what to pay her skin a lot of time, but the result is more than pay for the "lost" time.


  • 1 If you want the skin to shine? Correctly pick up the body cream!
  • 2 Oily skin - special care, hydration, nutrition
  • 3 Dry skin - a mandatory "enhanced" nutrition and hydration
  • 4 What should I keep in mind when choosing the "right" means

If you want to shine skin? Correctly pick up the body cream!

The most popular means for qualitycare of their skin, of course, is a body cream reviews which can be found on the worldwide web, as well as in women's magazines, where the girls often share their own experiences, both positive and those who are not given them pleasure. With these reviews, you can save a favorite from buying inappropriate, because the cream, often, is quite expensive, especially if you belong to the world-famous brands and trademarks. But, nevertheless, it should be understood that the choice of any brand cream cream for body and face, and hands, and so on, it is still the matter purely individual, private. Because no test, no matter how cool, and do, nevertheless, likely to fail.

But choose the perfect product for cleaning yourbody, do not know how far from everything, and it threatens not the result, which you hoped it unsuitable for you personally effect as well, and even the possible problems. For example, excessive fat, or vice versa, dry skin, itching, rashes or redness, and it's for sure, no one should. First you need to clearly define what body creams you can go, and what exactly should pass by, that is, to determine what type of person your skin.

Oily skin - special care, hydration, nutrition

Determine what your skin type, rathereasy, if only a few days to watch it, and if the skin is oily, then certainly. It is on this skin is often a shine, and I want to take a shower more often than twice a day. Body Cream reviews received, in terms of care, hydration, as well as removal of the major "symptoms" oily skin, it is very favorable, the main thing - it is right to select it.

  • Cream for oily skin should contain the bare minimum of fatty acids and oils
  • Such equipment must be air, quite light consistency.
  • Make sure that the selected cream leaves no greasy shine, this is the first sign that he is not suited to you.
  • Well, if a lot of cream of vegetable components - extracts or extracts positively affecting the skin prone zhirnet quickly, for example, sea-buckthorn, chamomile, olive, and so on.
  • The natural cosmetics, the better, make sure that the cream was composed of propolis, honey, seaweed, minerals and so on. They are able to moisturize the skin, making it soft and velvety.

Dry skin - a mandatory "enhanced" nutrition and hydration

your body Dry skin is usually very gentle andthin, they are easily susceptible to the effects of the environment, as well as other rapidly begins to show signs of aging, if time does not take care of it, do not "feed" and moisten it.

  • In addition to the mark "for dry skin" on a tube, a jaror flakonchike note whether there is a sufficient amount of cream of various fats and oils. They may be of vegetable and animal origin.
  • Body cream from this type of skin must be somewhat more "heavy" texture and oily be dense.
  • Remember, as long as it is qualitatively nourishes the skin, and there remains a need for a long time moisture balance, which is usually written on the packaging manufacturers.
  • For dry skin perfect components such as shea butter, olive oil and apricot kernel oil, fatty acids and minerals.

If you can not precisely define what istype close your skin, or if it is combined, it is best to pick up a few different creams and use them for different "problem" areas. The key to excellent results, will, of course, an appeal to the beautician, who is always ready to give an extremely detailed advice on this or the other means.

So you insure yourself against an unsuccessful purchase,which is not only able to spoil the mood, impair the appearance, but also hit the family budget. However, if this is not possible, the experience in advance, yet, it is too early, just type in any search engine the words "Body Cream reviews" and you will be surprised how useful will find specific brands and manufacturers. Qualitative information yet no one interfered.

What should I keep in mind when choosing the means "right"

When the skin type, the recommendations of the cosmetician,nutrients, and with what priorities you set, when you go to buy body lotion, somehow, but figured out, do not forget that the acquisition itself, will largely depend on your care. Not to be trapped, to the choice must be taken more seriously as possible.

  • Buy any funds for the care of your bodyit is only necessary in a drugstore or cosmetic store you can trust. That is, it is better not to take what you offer from under the counter some shady character, describing all the charm of your skin. Only shops with a certain reputation can guarantee the purchase of quality and safety of goods.
  • Keep in mind that the body cream, as well as anythe other can not just come to you in age restrictions. Glossary manufacturer always mark on the package, for which age and intended product. After all, young and healthy skin needs its own care and, for example, fading, completely different. Objectively look at things and choose exactly what you need for you and not just blindly following the advice of advertising or friends and acquaintances.
  • Notice how much of the creamBody contains preservatives. Natural cosmetics, which has in its composition of these substances, there is only when you cook it in your own kitchen, so just try to choose a facility where they (preservative) less likely. In order to understand how much preservatives in the cream does not have to be a genius and has great knowledge of chemistry, it's much easier - the longer the shelf life funds, the more of them, and vice versa.
  • Pick up the body cream, based also on thethe time of year. For example, in the summer, to acquire the means with protective properties, which can qualitatively prevent deleterious effects of the scorching sun. The cream can contain substances that reflect the rays (screens), or others, that is converted into thermal solar energy (filters). In the spring time use products enriched with plenty of vitamins, because it is the most difficult period for the body in this regard.
  • Do not forget that in addition to the main shelf life,printed on the package, there is also such criteria as the storage time in the open form, as well as means of storage conditions. If cream is stored properly, it may lead to its premature deterioration. For example, the reading on the packaging that the vehicle must be stored in the refrigerator, in any case do not buy it and open to all the winds, as well as the sun, the tray on the market, as is likely, no refrigerator at the seller is not in sight.

About consistency even say nothing - creamIt must be extremely homogeneous and stratified on various substances. Also, pick a smell that you like, and is not overly strong, even obsessive. Note that this will breathe your body throughout the day and it is better to give preference to neutral, light fragrance, especially in the summer.

Make every effort, as well as sharecare and serious approach, you can almost be sure that your chosen body cream, with a high probability will bring you great satisfaction. Leather will delight you, day after day, bringing a great mood, blooming, healthy appearance, and this confidence is really important for every woman or girl.