Cream after sunburn

Undoubtedly, summer is the best time of the year, wealways we look forward to with great anticipation. Of course, the holiday season, gentle blue sea, emerald riot of greenery and birdsong. It's time to sun, generously giving its heat to the people, turning pale-skinned creatures, creeping out of the concrete boxes in cheerful, tanned fun handsome and beauties, with a mischievous smile and a cheerful twinkle in his eyes.


  • 1 After Sun Care - this is very important!
  • 2 Specific advantages of the use of funds after sunburn
  • 3 choose the right cream after sunburn - is the key to a beautiful appearance
  • 4 A few simple tips on the application of the cream after sunburn

Care after sunbathing - this is very important!

However, apart from good and good, the sun can alsoto bear its hot rays and also no small danger, if you do not take care of themselves, that is, of their skin properly, and most importantly - time. Sunburn is, of course, very nice, and the right approach to business, even quite useful, of course in moderation, and about tanning, everyone knows, but few people pay attention, that the skin after the adoption of the very sun bath, necessarily require special care. This is not a minor point in the summer skin care cream after sunburn can be a real boon, and its absence, and the truth, can ruin any vacation.

Even a child knows that many do not spread onthemselves sunscreens, and skin can still burn. Moreover, if you spend outdoors a lot of the time, it certainly obgorit may well appear discomfort, a burning sensation, itching, and as a result, even unpleasant to look at peeling, when the upper layer of the epidermis burnt literally oblazit shreds. It not only looks aesthetically ugly, but quite painful, because you need to carefully choose an after-sun cream, which is quite capable to positively influence the situation and prevent the unpleasant moments.

Among other things, the main objective, which wechase, going to the beach and soak up the rays of the scorching sun, it is of doubt, is the very tan, bronze, red, or chocolate that turns yesterday's office plankton in an incredibly vigorous and sexually attractive people. However, to get a nice tan enough, with an even tone, desired shade, it is necessary to work hard, and after-sun cream also plays no small role in this process.

The fact that the ultra-violet raysmake our skin is actively protected, producing the pigment melanin, which fills the outer, the outer layer of our epithelium. However, at the same time, the skin is exposed to injury, it is excessively dry, it becomes less plastic, coarsens, and it may even lead to premature signs of aging, and so it is, just do not need anyone. That's why you should choose in advance the cream after sun, which is capable of qualitatively moisturize, soothe and cool and sweaty in the sun dermis.

Specific advantages of the use of after-sun

Most importantly, you need to moisturize the skin necessarily, because the sun is losing a tremendous amount of fluid and after-sun cream must cope with this task.

After Sun Cream soothes damaged skin, after sun, it does not irritate, it helps get rid of all sorts of unpleasant sensations such as burning, itching, and so on.

Protects skin from premature signs of aging, it gives a healthy skin tone and elasticity

It stimulates the metabolic processes in the epidermis, activates the natural regeneration, that is, making tanning tone more even and uniform.

Cream after sunburn necessarily help to fix your tan, make it more stable, you will look attractive tanned-a much longer time than without the use of such.

True to select the cream after sunburn - is the key to a beautiful appearance

Many girls and women, the old, taughttheir grandmothers and great-grandmothers, continue to use traditional remedies to care for their skin, after the adoption of the very, sunbathing. Like it or not, but "popular", in essence, of course, it is at the same time natural, because Grandma's recipes such harm can not bring. It is unlikely that you can damage yogurt, or a decoction of chamomile. Because use of such means, of course it is possible, and even necessary, to argue, of course, will not absolutely nobody.

However, you should still think about what harmfrom yogurt will not be, but it is good enough to bring not able to, so as to comprehensively take care of the dermis, in its composition had to go very many substances that are not there. Because the best choice would be a real after-sun cream, which perfectly suited just for all those moments in which the needs and skin after stress such as prolonged exposure under the hot rays of the summer sun. Let's see what can be present in the composition of such funds, and what should not be there.

  • Essential oils

Essential oil is, without doubt, a thingextremely useful, but it should be noted that a plurality of them do not protect the skin from photo-aging, but on the contrary, it reinforces this unpleasant effect. Make sure the cream after sun did not contain essential oils of citrus (orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit and so on), bergamot oil or caraway. In addition, cinnamon, and cloves Leuzea also does not go in your favor, after sunburn. By such means, all should be abandoned in the summer, leaving them cold, icy winter.

Useful components of after-sun cream willEssential oil of peppermint or lavender oil also. See that oil were identified in the middle of the list of ingredients, this would mean that where they were not a little, but not much. Good for skin, tired tan, sea buckthorn oil also, it takes care, restores and promotes regeneration.

  • vitamins

Cream after sunburn necessarily qualitativelynourish the skin, as under the influence of solar radiation, it loses energy and vitality, because it needs to satiate vitamins. Perfect in this case, the one most "feminine", vitamin E, which has an extremely beneficial effect on the deepest layers of your epidermis.

In addition, not bad if after-sun creamwill also include retinol, ie the one notorious vitamin A, contained in excess in a simple carrots, as well as vitamin C, or ascorbic acid. These substances are extremely powerful and effective antioxidants, and can bind to free radicals, preventing premature aging of the skin.

  • Natural components and parts

Very well, if your after-sun cream willcontain the most natural ingredients, many, for example, extracts from medicinal herbs of all kinds, natural seaweed, minerals, bee products and so on.

Chamomile, apricot and grape seed,avocado, hazelnut, mint, aloe vera, the presence of such plants in the cream rather extracts and extracts from them, it is an indication that the agent will act to soothe, heal and cool the skin. Moreover, some substances can also fix tanning effect, for example, chamomile since ancient times used by women such as a tool.

  • Bisabolol, D-panthenol, dexpanthenol, silicones

All these substances are useful as components of the creamafter-sun, such as bisabolol and panthenol has healing properties, they help the skin to recover from the trauma of ultra-violet and silicones attach the dermis that unique creaminess.

However, be extremely careful, datasubstances should not be much. Make sure to include a list of components of the cream, they are not chosen to the middle, that is located at the bottom, which means little of their contents.

A few simple tips on the application of the cream after sunburn

  1. Do not use the cream immediately after returning from the beach,the skin should be given some time to relax and cool down. Nor should immediately go to the bathroom or shower, just wait a few minutes, for example, sit in the shade or in the house, to give yourself a little bit cool.
  2. Take a shower just warm. Do not forget that sudden changes in temperature can damage the skin, as a result, it will peel off and climb round. Use only neutral means for the soul and not the "CHIN" long in the bath.
  3. Do not use immediately after the sun no scrubs or peeling for the body, as you can very much hurt the skin.
  4. Only after the shower carefully apply on the skin after sun cream, being careful not to rub or stretch the dermis.

If you will not abuse the sun,gradually increasing the time of exposure if it is true will pick up "their money, before and after the Sun, the result is certainly not slow to appear, and your beautiful, smooth tone, become envious co-worker for a long time, and men will accompany you to a dreamy look.