Cosmetics - luxury or necessity?


People have learned to take care of themselves since ancienttimes. Through trial and error, our ancestors tried to maintain the beauty of hair and youthful skin, come up with ways to emphasize the eyes, using charcoal and some insects.

What can we say, the standard of beauty and ancientrecord for the use of natural cosmetics has long been considered the queen Cleopatra. In today's world, we certainly are not going to experiment with questionable means, but use the gifts professional beauty simply must.

Modern life without makeup sometimes seems unbelievable. And this applies not only to women, creating vivid images with makeup, but also to men.

After all, the concept of "makeup" does not meanmake-up, but first and foremost tools such as toothpaste, soap, shampoo - all what everyone uses on a daily basis. It is a thorough grooming sets us apart from the primitive people, it helps to feel confident, to retain their beauty for a long time.


  • 1 Cosmetic products and their purpose
  • 2 Areas of application of cosmetics

Cosmetics and their purpose

Thinking about the role played by cosmetics in our lives, we can note with certainty that just great. Almost all the people in one way or another use cosmetics.

Modern cosmetology covers setdirections and includes means for the smallest and for older people. And what about the division of skin type, type of funds, the floor! So what is to be expected that in our world of cosmetics is very popular.

As already noted, cosmetics classifiedin different ways, although the main focus is on the difference in the type -'s Skin and decorative. With the series's Skin support healthy skin, hair and other body parts. But such agents can be divided more detail.

Thus, cleansing products includeall kinds of gels, foams, soaps, shampoos, cleansing lotions. All of these tools, a high content of specific components, removing sebum, dust and other contaminants. This group includes soaps, foams, gels, shampoos, cleansing lotions.

Cosmetic care lines includemasks, peels, scrubs. All of them carry an additional effect on the skin, moisturizing and nourishing it, removing dead skin particles, leveling the surface. All of them have a more profound impact that cleaning products can not. Such cosmetics applied after washing and remains on the body from a few minutes to several hours.

Another class of caring products - food andmoisturizing. These include gels, salves, creams. They help the skin to restore its natural balance after cleansing. Thus, the cream perfectly struggling with dry skin, and balsam conditioner give your hair softness and strength.

All these funds are selected individually,based on the characteristics of the skin, hair. They can not only moisturize, but also to dry, matt, soothe sensitive skin, smooth wrinkles. The main difference from the previous two types is that they are washed off during the next purification process.

All the most popular as acalled medical cosmetics. Usually it is used in their work Estheticians, removing skin blemishes and hair. Although a medical cosmetics also apply special toothpastes, products for nails. This group of products includes shampoos, conditioners, oils and sprays for dandruff and hair loss, deodorants, MAZ, tonics and lotions from acne and much more.

The latter type of cosmetic -decorative. Thus, they help girls, women and men often highlight its natural beauty and literally change the appearance beyond recognition. The main component in the manufacture of pigments are of different types. So, to create a lipstick used some means, but for very different creams.

In addition, high-quality cosmetics should not bring harm, that is, not to have dangerous ingredients, and quality tools often include both elements's Skin Care.

Areas of application of cosmetics

As already noted, all cosmeticsclassified according to the purpose, but it often separated and application. Indeed, creams, cosmetics, cleansers often differ substantially among themselves and it is very important to choose the right.

So it is quite logical that share tools andSo. For example, there are cosmetics for face and body, in turn, is the division of skin type, different parts of the body (eye cream, for hands, feet). After each section sometimes needs special care (stretch marks on the abdomen, peeling on the elbows and knees, acne on the back and face).

So if you have problem skin, choose a tool intended for her, the benefit is now in stores are sold whole series, which include products from cleansing to decorative.

Purchase necessary component for todayno problem. There are many shops, departments in supermarkets are available a variety of online resources. If possible, use the expert advice and then buy cosmetics will become not only a necessity but also a pleasure.