Cosmetics for nails

The image of the modern man, a man or aWoman, not completed, if he has groomed nails. Beautiful nails - is primarily healthy nail. Their health depends on many factors: heredity, environment, work features, power, as well as how to care for them. Sometimes a wrong done manicure can lead to problems with nails.
"Being a sensible person can think about the gloryNail "- wrote Pushkin, and we can not help but agree with him. The image of the modern man, no matter male or female, has not been completed, if he has a well-groomed nails. Beautiful nails - is primarily healthy nail. Their health depends on many factors: heredity, environment, work features, power, as well as how to care for them.

What problems are there with nails

Cosmetics for nails
Healthy nails should be strong, durable, elastic, does not crumble and does not exfoliate. Normally, healthy nails pink and the protruding portion of the nail plate is white.
However, problems often arise with nailsalmost everyone. The most common cause of brittle nails - is the use of household chemicals (eg, tools for cleaning or disinfecting sanitary ware) without gloves. In nail health is also affected by poor-quality water, too frequent use of nail polish and nail polish remover with acetone. In addition to external factors on the nail plate affects the internal state of the organism. If the body goes through any changes related to illness or lack of necessary vitamins and minerals, the body uses all resources to save the most important organs. That is why some of the affected nails first body simply saves them.
Besides, since problems occur in fingernailspeople who abuse alcohol and smoking. In the early stages of the nails turn yellow, and in chronic alcoholism nails become brownish. Also smokers changing color nail on the thumb and forefinger, which usually hold a cigarette.
One of the most serious causes of diseasea nail fungus. If you notice changes in your nails (nails become yellowish, thickened, crumbling), a specialist immediately seem to be screened for the presence of the fungus. If you run this disease, it can spread to all the nails, skin, and possible contamination of your loved ones.
Sometimes a wrong done manicure cancause problems with nails. Excessive pressure on the root of the nail, moving aside and excessive cuticle cutting, the use of low-quality paints and nail polish remover, overly frequent wearing of varnish and so on. D. Can cause warping and abnormal growth of the nail plate. Especially harmful constant wearing artificial nails, whereby own nail becomes thin, dull and brittle.
In addition to all the above, the nail may be deformed and acquire defects of various chronic and systemic diseases.

Proper nutrition for nail beauty

To keep nails healthy and beautiful you need to stick to a balanced diet, getting enough vitamins and minerals.
The most important health vitamins and trace elements are presented in the table.
Name of vitamins and minerals
Products that contain
Vitamin A
It helps growth and strengthening of nails
Carrots, tomatoes, butter, liver
Vitamin B
It helps nail growth
Brewer's yeast, cabbage, egg yolk
Promotes nail strength
It helps shape the structure and shape of the nail plate
Apples, liver, buckwheat
It helps nail growth
Spinach, seaweed
It participates in the formation of the nail and prevents inflammation
Onion, cucumbers, cabbage
It is known that the ingestion of products containing, consisting of gelatin, a beneficial effect on the growth of nails, so it is recommended to use in food and aspic jelly.

Manicure and nail care recipes

Cosmetics for nails
To maintain beautiful and healthy nails is recommended periodically to feed them outside.
To strengthen thin, fragile layer of nails andvery useful to make the bath salt. To this must be dissolved in warm water and sea salt (without necessarily dye), and keep your hands in salt water for about 20 minutes. These trays is desirable to use courses for 2 weeks in a month or two.
It is useful to make a mask from any plant(Preferably olive oil) with the addition of lemon juice. I should add that lemon juice is used to lighten the nail plate. In this mask if desired, you can also add vitamin A. It is very effective mask containing any vegetable oil and cider vinegar in equal proportions. Masks advisable to do at least one or two times a week. You can also recommend the massage fingers warm olive oil and white side of lemon peel.
It is important to keep your hands clean afterheavy contamination a manicure can be very difficult. Experts recommend doing a manicure at least once in two weeks. If you want to have healthy nails, do not use nail polish remover containing acetone. Acetone is very strongly dries the nail plate, which adversely affects the nail health. For moisturizing the nail plate is recommended to lubricate them at night special moisturizer. Ideally, the nail polish is recommended to wash at night, or, at least, not to walk with painted nails at least two days a week.

Cosmetics for nails

Cosmetics for nails
These days at any store just eyerun up on the breadth of the range of nail care products. Do not blindly believe the advertising, is unlikely to find a panacea for all ills. Nail Beauty depends on many different factors. It is much easier to maintain than to deal with the problem appeared. Now, however, a fairly wide range of cosmetics not only care, but also makeup for the nails.
In general, nail cosmetics can be divided into the following groups:

  1. Restorative and protective coatings for nails (protection against external influences and traumatic factors).
  2. Funds to accelerate drying varnish.
  3. Means for cuticle care.
  4. Funds for the restoration of broken nails.
  5. Nail polish remover.
  6. Thinners paints.
  7. Varnish-base (smoothes the nail surface before applying the colored lacquer).
  8. Colored nail polish.
  9. varnishes Fixer (vinyl or glossy fixer).

Typically, a reinforcing and protective coatings include calcium, vitamins and minerals, keratin and special silky fiber has a protective and nourishing properties.
Fixer is applied to the painted nails, which gives a beautiful shine and allows the lacquer last longer.
Thinner of nail polish - it is a substance,which will help to dilute the paint dries in the bottle. Some believe that the lacquer can be diluted with acetone, but experience has shown that paints with a part of the acetone, dry out much faster. The diluent contains acetone and perfectly fulfills its function of dilution of the lacquer. Addition of diluent to the varnish does not affect neither the color nor the drying velocity on the nail varnish.

Color nail polish

Cosmetics for nails
Nail polish - a means of expression of any fashionista. The correct color of varnish will add the final emphasis in the formation of a complete image and is a kind of business card of a woman.
How to choose a nail polish? The colors of nail polish depends on the color of your dress, the color of your skin and hair, as well as on to the kind of event you are ready to go.
It is believed that if you have a skin or peachgolden brown, then you fit the warm colors of lacquer. If your skin has a pinkish hue, and the lacquers must be chosen in the range from pink to red. A cool colors more suitable owners of pale or olive skin. However, these recommendations approximate, because the color of your nails - it is the result of your creativity.
Before applying nail varnish is recommendedwipe degreaser special polish. Then apply a varnish-base in 1-2 layers, not only on the outer side of the nail, but on the inside protruding portion. Only after the basics of drying can be applied color nail polish in 1-2 layers as necessary. After the varnish has dried, it is covered with fixative, giving extra shine and durability.
Good nail holding the hands of 5 to 14 days. If not, then either you bought a defective product or wrong you apply varnish on the nails, or you carelessly treat your manicure, for example, perform homework without gloves.
In texture coating lacquers are usually divided into ordinary,pearlescent, matt. Manufacturers of paints did not stop there, inventing new and new color options: with 3D-effects with glitter, glow in the neon light, the chameleon. it is recommended to opt for permanent use from all this variety of conventional and dull colors, for example, to work. The remaining colors are best suited for informal environment.
Note that, despite the fact thatMany paints are sold as a quick, really complete drying of the layers occurs within 20-40 minutes. That is why it is not recommended after applying the varnish to perform any work hands, as this may damage manicure.

Allergy to nail polish

Recently, increased frequencyallergic diseases due to the proliferation of various chemicals with which we come into contact every day. We used to hear that there is an allergy to certain foods that we eat, or the funds that applied to the skin. But few are aware of the possibility of allergic reactions to nail polish.
Recognize that the cause of the allergy is varnishpolish is very difficult. An allergic reaction does not occur directly on the nails and on the skin, to which touched fingernails or combed. To answer the question about the cause of the allergy can be only after a full examination, including skin and provocation tests and various analyzes.
The most common causes of allergiesnail polish are substances included in it. Most often it is formalin (or formaldehyde) which is a film-forming means; Toluene used as a solvent; rosin, based on red nail polish; Nickel is used in the production of beads present in bottles with varnish. Formaldehyde also causes unsightly spots on the nail plate. When choosing a hypoallergenic nail should pay attention to its composition, high-quality paint does not contain the above substances. If you get an allergic reaction even on hypoallergenic paint, it is desirable to eliminate its use altogether.

Beautiful nails - is primarily a reflection ofthe health of the whole body, skillfully underlined to choose the right color and qualitative means to care. And if you ever have to "show the nails", then let them be in all its glory!