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Correction face

Correction face

We are all very different and at the same time,unusual and attractive. Each of us is quite self-critical, aware of their nedostatkak and tries to hide them - all committed to excellence. Unfortunately, we are not professionals and can not always see and understand. Here come to the aid of professional stylists - imidzhmeykery, make-up artists - experts in their field. Only they will be able to competently help you to choose the clothes, shoes that will not only hide the shortcomings, but also beneficial to emphasize your strengths, make the figure more proportional. For example, women with narrow shoulders and wide hips fit blouses, sweaters and jackets with shoulder pads and dropped down her shoulders, and the ladies with short legs stylist compensates for this high-waisted.

The same goes for facial correction. Professional makeup artists skillfully modeled the face so that the shortcomings were visually hidden.

As a rule, are 4 types of person:
- oval
is a rectangular

Naturally, all women want to be the personIt looks more oval, as oval face is considered to be more proportionate, beautiful. Also many are not satisfied with their nose shape. Believe me, all this is easily correctable. With the correction of the face can visually correct the shape of the nose and facial contours.

The circuit or dimming is performed by differentmeans. It may be darker tonal resources or darker powder, gray-brown shade, can be even very dark blush (only for the correction of facial contours and cheekbones). Powder, blush or shadows are applied with a brush to the correct area of ​​the oval (2), and when corrected nose (Figure 1.) Used sponge - applicator for shading shadows.

Correction face

With highlights (highlights), we visuallyWe are bringing all recesses: nasolabial folds, wrinkles, especially deep. The tone of the skin becomes more smooth, smooth. Blick give a person the freshness of the morning. He runs a white pencil, shadows without nacre or light proofreader.

skin imperfections worked out specialmeans (masking). Dark circles under the eyes peach-yellow lightens rozovovym or proofreader, and red spots and pimples green. At what corrector later is not shaded, and driven into the skin of anonymity or middle finger.
Abnormal skin tone colors clean-converters:

-Red Green. For example, a pale green to pink letso corrected tone cream and red face - olive.
-Blue-Orange (peach). For example, blue circles under the eyes or veins on the face - a proofreader pink-peach color.
-Purple yellow. For example, skin color yellow - purple powder or base under the dial.