Correct posture - it's so easy

Doctors believe that to learn how to keep your backJust never too late. The sooner you start, the more likely that in the future you will be able to avoid an old woman posture caused by osteoporosis. Therefore healingandbodywork today will tell you what is actually considered to be the correct posture, and what exercises to do to improve it.

For many people, posture problem occurs even in theschool, when students sit at their desks wrong. Some of the guys head and shoulders above their classmates and therefore stoops not to look taller and stand out from the crowd. And can you, on the contrary, were of low stature and always went on his heels?

Regardless of their reasons, poor postureIt leads to pain in the lower back, but it's much worse than unattractive silhouette. In old age, poor posture may be the result of osteoporosis. This change degerativnye spine in women of small stature becomes sunken chest and shoulders protrude sharply. That's where my grandmother appeared hump.

The hump is formed in cases where deep broken spine anatomical structure. At the same time the shoulders are rounded and hunched.

But it is not just about appearance. Poor posture - this is a serious problem that can cause many diseases.

Doctors believe that to learn how to keep your backJust never too late. The sooner you start, the more likely that in the future you will be able to avoid an old woman posture caused by osteoporosis. Therefore healingandbodywork today will tell you what is actually considered to be the correct posture, and what exercises to do to improve it.

What should be the correct posture

The first step towards the development of a correct postureIt will be the assessment of how you look. For this healingandbodywork offers to stand in front of a mirror and examine yourself carefully. Please see if you have a smooth shoulders. Then look at yourself from the side.

If you shoulders pushed forward, and the head is tilted down, imagine that descends from the ceiling and a spring pulls you up right behind the top of the head so that the back you again rectified.

Body weight should be divided equally on both legs,chest lifted, shoulders expand and stretch the abdominal muscles a bit to support the lower back. Lift the sternum slightly and slide it forward - it will relax the shoulders.

Good posture does not have anything to do withtense stand "at attention", which take the soldiers, welcoming his command. Stand should be straight, but relaxed slightly straining the abdominal muscles, pulling the stomach inward and slightly upward.

How else can you test yourself? Lean back against the wall by pushing the heel about 7 cm from the wall. With the correct posture you will be able to push your hands back between the waist and the back wall, while the head and shoulders are touching the wall.

Watch out for your knees. If they are quite straight, you would be hard not to stand up straight.

You can try and another exercise. Lean back against the wall, tighten your abdominal muscles and lift your arms above your head, not giving back to move away from the wall.

How to keep your posture

Violation of posture is not such a rare phenomenon, so in daily life, both at work and at home, our body should take the correct position.

Lift the leg

People in certain occupations such as hairdressers and cooks, are forced to stand for long periods on their feet. To alleviate back pain and maintain good posture, place one foot on the bar, or on a chair.

sit comfortably

To maintain good posture and preventback pain it is important to sit in a special, well supported by the body of a desk chair. He must have armrests hand to shoulder not sagged down. The thighs should be parallel with the floor, knees slightly higher than your hips and your feet touch the floor. If the legs do not reach the floor, use a special stand or a bench simple.

Choosing a desk chair, healingandbodywork advises not to save, because it saves on your health. You will have to work through more than one hour in the chair.

The same applies to the home office. If you're like millions of others, you can not resist the temptation to sit for hours at the computer, obzavedites comfortable taking care of your posture workplace and at home. So do not take the first available an old chair or stool. Take care of this chair, which would provide good support for your back.

If your job requires constant body turns, use the swivel chair. Most importantly, when you are sitting, to prevent rotations and body bends with large amplitude motions.


If you are sitting, and want to keep your posture- Do not stay too long in one same position. While working, we lean over the low table. Remember, as a teacher in the school during a lesson arranged fizkultminutki? In later years no less important from time to time to get up and stretch or even to be pulled, while remaining at the table.

Salvage airbag

If you are driving, flying in an airplane orjust sit for long periods at the workplace, a small pillow, like those used in airplanes, or just rolled roller towel under the waist will help you maintain good posture, providing a natural curvature of the spine.

Tips for Women

If nature has endowed you have large breasts,properly fitted bra will draw your shoulders down, contributing to the development of poor posture. The best solution to this problem would be the bra with a wire cage or straps criss-cross at the back. This will create a good breast support and correct posture give the top half of the body.

Do not abuse high heels. Because of their lower back is forced to strain. High heels disturb the equilibrium, exposing the pelvis outward, instead draw it. healingandbodywork recommends wearing shoes with high heels as little as possible, for example, on holidays, and at other times to prefer a shoe that keeps you firmly on your feet. In addition, the shoes without a heel now in vogue.

Do not shake the baby

To ease the pain in the back and maintain goodposture, any cargo, including children, must bear in front of him in both hands. The habit of wearing a baby on the side can lead to irreversible changes in the spine and hip asymmetry.

Most use the stroller. If this is not possible, put the baby in a sling. This device is perfectly distributes baby's weight across the back.

For motion sickness buy baby cot-cradle or try to lull him into a wheelchair.

sleep well

If you usually sleep on your stomach, it may strengthenlumbar flexion. It is best to sleep on your side, putting a pillow under his head, and the other - between the knees to align the position of the femur and the pelvis. You can sleep on your back, a pillow under your knees to relieve pressure on the lumbar region.

Choose your pillow, made from naturalmaterial, as it will repeat exactly to your body shape. Hard synthetic materials can cause unnatural bending of the neck and head.

Simple exercises to correct posture

Simple exercises to correct posture

healingandbodywork cites a number of useful exercises and recommendations to help you avoid problems with posture.

Relax your shoulders

For unknown reasons, women unlikemen tend to slouch while sitting at your desk or just thinking. If you notice any of this a habit, try to get rid of it, relaxing the shoulders as soon as you feel that you start to hunch.

straighten your back

One of the easiest exercises toagainst the stoop: stand on your feet and try to bring together the blades, thus averting the shoulders. Stay in this position for 10 seconds and then relax. Repeat for at least three to four times. It strengthens the muscles of the back and does not give you slouch.


Special exercise for shoulder: raise the shoulders to the ears, and then lower. Repeat three or four times.

Exercise "Cat"

Strong abdominal muscles - the main weapon against the "round back" in the struggle for correct posture. We suggest you try the exercise in the name of "Cat".

To do this, stand on all fours and archingback, pull your belly for a count of 10. His head lowered, looking at his feet. Then bend the back arc. Head looking forward. Feel the tension of the muscles of the back, count to 10 and then round the back. At first perform this exercise three to four times a day, gradually reaching up to eight repetitions.

Strength training

To correct posture you need strong muscles of the back.

Strength training helps keep the spinehealthy, maintaining correct posture and reducing the likelihood of lower back pain. We encourage you to pressing, the exercise with dumbbells or special training on simulators. These exercises should be performed with a good technique to achieve maximum results.

But before you start exercising, you need to consult with your doctor and a qualified athletic trainer.

move more

It has long been proven that regular exercise improves your posture. Have you noticed that the active silhouette of a man is always attractive?

The best option is considered to be a combination of trainingoutdoors, such as swimming or walking, with strength exercises, be it dumbbells or simulators. Strength training should be done in about a day, about three times a week. You must allow your body to recover between sessions. outdoor Sport should last no less than 30 minutes and are held at least three times a week.

Have you noticed a habit of slouching? Do not leave it to chance! Start me right now, if you value your health.