Coral peeling

Spring in most people causes a burning desirechange your appearance for the better. This is especially true of women. With the first warm rays of the sun, beauty salons open their doors wider. One of the latest new trends that you can offer there - it is a coral peeling.

The principle of operation of a coral peeling

Coral peeling - is the mechanical removal of the top layer of the skin, it is carried out by beauticians in beauty salons and is a major competitor of chemical peeling.

The structure of funds for the procedure includes onlyplant components, the main one being - a coral chips, hence the name of the peeling. Little acts like microdermabrasion, ie removed the upper and middle layers of the epidermis. The corals here are from the Red Sea, and they are taken from different stages of its growth, and therefore have different effects on the skin. So, young corals simply stimulate the skin, but the old is already playing a role needles that penetrate the epidermis and with a take away dead skin particles and thus stimulate circulation.

In addition to corals, in the means for peelinginclude Dead Sea salt and some rare plants that grow in the Amazon region and are known for the healing properties of essential oils. Herbs are stored dry or frozen, so they are a long time do not lose their useful properties.

The composition of this purge include vitamins C and E, minerals, proteins and minerals, thanks to this composition, gentle peeling makes the skin clean, while giving the body beneficial trace elements.

Basic principles of operation of all the elements:

  1. Corals act on the skin as the Microdermabrasion.
  2. With sea salt rejected by dead cells.
  3. The skin is restored through plant components.

Types of coral exfoliation:

  1. Light - is used for surfacepenetration consists of a large number of plant extracts. After its application improves skin wounds heal faster, a person becomes elastic. This procedure is suitable for those who need to look good for a few hours. , It is not necessary to rub Apply to face drug need only five minutes. And if you combine even with the mechanical cleaning of the face, the result will not take long.
  2. Deep cleaning - a classic coral peeling, in which there is a deep penetration into the skin and active peeling of the upper layers of the epidermis.

Indications and contraindications

The procedure of the coral peel is recommended to those people who have:

  1. There are any severity of acne and for the prevention and its complications.
  2. Stretch marks or scars, including post-partum.
  3. Enlarged pores.
  4. Hyperpigmentation.
  5. Sunburns.
  6. Loose skin, but you want it to rejuvenate.

Coral peeling procedure can be applied andharm to human body, if it has a damaged skin. In addition, it is not necessary to resort to peeling at the time of acute infectious diseases, elevated body temperature or in the presence of herpes. Not compatible with peeling and vitamin A, as well as pregnancy and lactation. And it is worth remembering that there is simply intolerance of individual components in the composition of the peeling.

Despite the above, Coral peelingconsidered one of the safest of deep cleansing. If we carefully examine all the contraindications, and compare them with your health, then this procedure can be carried out even at home. For this purpose there is a special series of products, such as soap peeling - a natural soap with the addition of coral powder and cosmetics, which are intended for the care of the skin after peeling.

How is the procedure

A few days before the procedure, some doctorsadvised to undergo the mechanical cleaning of the face in order to uncork the pores. You can not do this, and immediately before the procedure to use antiseptic soap from the same series. Importantly - how you can best prepare your skin to exfoliate and protect against microinjuries.

To achieve the desired result, onethe procedure is not enough, though, and after a single use drug effects are already evident. Under the rules of the same course of treatment is four sessions with breaks in between every six weeks, if the skin is oily, and three months - for other skin types.

First, a mixture powder which is composed ofof different ages coral, extract of seaweed, sea salt and minerals. All is well stirred, and a thin layer of skin is processed, with the exception of the area around the eyes. Within five minutes is a light massage. After that, the skin is applied a compress to mask does not dry and compress on the treated area are waiting for 10 minutes. At this time, the patient may feel tingling and tingling, it means that the process is correct. After the mixture with a cotton swab from the face is washed off. And in the area of ​​applied soothing agents and protective cream that helps remove skin redness and soften it.

Treated at a time, only one portion, andthen proceed to the next is already about a week. After cleaning substance in the skin will be active for another five days. Do not be alarmed if the skin is tightened and reddened in the first few days and will remain a burning sensation. Already on the third day on the skin formed film, the upper layer starts to peel off, on the fourth day the scales fall off themselves, they do not need help. Inside, you can on the fifth day to propose a process of exfoliation. This is optional and material opportunities.

How to care for skin after peeling

Once you visit the salon and made a coral peeling, you need to follow some instructions:

  1. If you have itchy skin with flaky, then in any case do not comb it.
  2. If you have a lot of scales and they will really interfere, can be neatly cut their nail scissors.
  3. After the procedure, you need to constantly moisturize the skin sunscreen.
  4. The first week after peeling can not use the sauna and bath, do not expose the skin to high temperatures
  5. The first two weeks you can not sunbathe or in the sun or in the solarium, generally less exposed to direct sunlight.

In the early days recommended after peelingwash only boiled water with antiseptic soap, is well suited and thermal water for washing. Once washed, gently pat face with a towel and apply the cream with hyaluronic acid, it is well moisturize the skin.

On the third day, you can start usingmoisturizers, at the time when peeling begins. You can do massages with Vaseline or a special cream, so you make it easier for the removal of scales from the skin. You can also make compresses with liquid soap. After they wash well with warm boiled water.

Usually after this kind of peeling is notcomplications, all the changes that comprehend human skin first five days, gradually come to naught, and with them all the unpleasant sensations. A patient is young and refreshed skin. The only complications that are possible for all types of skin - an allergy, swelling and pain. Everything depends on the condition of the skin and its sensitivity. Therefore healingandbodywork recommended before starting the procedure to consult with a dermatologist and cosmetologist.