Cold and hot shower

Everyone knows that douche - a way tovivacity and good mood. However, not all love him, and not everyone knows how to do such a simple process really useful, the least unpleasant, and as much as efficient as possible.

After reading this article, healingandbodywork readersnot need more than a week and a minimum of knowledge to douche became your friend, ally, and, most importantly, a pleasant habit throughout life.

The use of a contrast shower

Probably everyone heard that thisprocedure is very useful. What it gives a burst of energy, helping to attract more energy. But not everyone could hear what was happening to his body and the body, which processes take place. Let's dig a little deeper and find out what exactly gives us the change of hot water to the cold. So, let us note the 7 most important processes occurring during the shower:

  • strengthening the immune system;
  • improve blood circulation;
  • improvement in skin condition;
  • effective fight against cellulite;
  • improvement of metabolism;
  • help in the fight against obesity;
  • training of muscles and body.

The list is quite impressive, some of the items to be considered in more detail.

If we talk about the improvement of the blood supply, theIt should be noted here that douche causes blood to move more rapidly, this leads to an improvement in all vital processes in the body. The most important point to be noted here that the blood flow in the capillaries is regulated, and they contain about 80% of our blood.

Douches extraordinary influencesskin. In the warm condition the skin pores expand, while pouring cold water - narrows. The same "gymnastics" derives and vessels, which leads to the fact that actively removes toxins. Of course, the effect on the face: the skin becomes healthier and younger, starts to catch up.

Douches improves metabolism,It leads to weight regulation. Of course, for the best effect can be supported by the rate of weight loss diet and exercises, and the procedure for the soul only improve the process. By the way, people who have grown thin, often faced with this problem as a loose and sagging skin - highly recommended to enter the douche in your schedule, and soon forget about the problem.

At a time when a heated body poured coldwater, there is a short but very effective jump in body temperature up. At this point, you can feel the rush of fresh energy that is due to the emergence of a large number of free neutrons. Also, increase in body temperature contributes to the destruction of viruses.

To shower became a faithful helper in the fight againstcellulite, you need to use auxiliary means - massage. You can arm massage mitten, a very hard sponge or massage using water jets: a circular motion on the buttocks and stomach. And on the feet as follows: front - from top to bottom, in the back - from the bottom up.

What not to do?

First, let's take a look at the most common mistakes beginners:

  1. Do not enter my head under the shower. This can only worsen the condition. If you want to make a douche face, use ice cubes, which wipe your face every morning. Ice can be not only water, but also of the useful herbs: green tea, chamomile, etc...
  2. Do not hurry. This is a very important rule. Do not make yourself scalding hot or cold water in the early times. Raise and lower the temperature constant throughout the first month. Remember, during the procedure, you should not feel any discomfort, the water should be as pleasant for your body.
  3. Do not hesitate! This rule follows from the previous one. If you brought the cold water temperature to 20 degrees, and it is quite pleasant to you, then it (the temperature) should be sharply reduced. Getting used to be held immediately. But to stop at 18-20 degrees, it is not necessary - it just does not bring any results. This temperature allows the body to shake and can lead to hypothermia commonplace.
  4. Douches need to make in your dailyschedule for a lifetime. If it is to spend a day - or the results will not be at all, or they will be minimal. If, having achieved a certain result or the previously set goal to throw the procedure - all very quickly return to normal.

How to begin to perform the procedure?

It is important to start and to carry out douche. Do this in several stages:

  1. Start with warm water, under which you have to relax as much as possible. Prostoyte under it as much as you like.
  2. Turn on the hot water is sufficient, but in noevent does not burn himself. The temperature should be suitable to heat the body as possible. In principle, you can stand under it as much as you see fit.
  3. Cold water must be enabled for a short time - try to start with 15 seconds. The temperature should not be too low. It should be as pleasant for your body.
  4. Change the cold water on a hot, wait for it 40 seconds, and then turn cold, many suffer. To start normally be 15-30 seconds.
  5. Again, go to the hot, wait a minute, and turn it cold - stand as much as you can stand it.
  6. Coming out of the shower, grab a towel hard and very vigorously rub the entire body.

Ideally, when you fully get used on a daily basisspend showering, the whole process will look something like this: hot water, then hot, then cold - 30 seconds; then hot - 20-40 seconds, then cold - more than a minute; hot for about a minute, and then turn on the cold water and stand under it as much.

Do not forget, this requires a doucheat least one three phase change of water to the other. The last stage - always cold water. A procedure should be carried out every day, if you wish, you can, and 2 times a day.


Of course, like any procedure, contrastshower does not fit all, without exception. Doctors have long noted the category of people who should not be in a shower. For starters, if you have any inflammatory disease, whether cystitis or angina, start right now it is not necessary. Any exacerbation of chronic diseases, as well as menstruation in women - also belong to the category of contraindications. By the way, if you have any chronic illness, even if it is not located in the acute stage, to begin with it is best to consult with your doctor.

There are also a number of diseases in which recommended not to carry out douche acute thrombophlebitis, malignant tumors, blood diseases, diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Consultations of doctor also require suchdiseases such as hypertension, any violations of cerebral circulation, vascular spasm. Here the soul procedure requires great care and even surveillance specialist.

And the last rule. Do not forget to take a contrast shower is best to at least one hour before the exit of the house. And if in the evening, 1-2 hours before bedtime. If you follow all the rules, just a few weeks you will not only feel the change within ourselves, but also personally to see in the mirror.