tsvetotip appearance

People - creating paradoxical, because the pursuit ofindividuality is often replaced by the desire to find his kind, and it is fraught with the fact that the man himself without realizing it, adapts to a variety of frames and templates. A striking example of this is the separation colortype appearance.

It is believed that the four tsvetotipa appearance,as well as the time of year, and they differ by a combination of certain individual traits (hair color, skin, eye), which correspond to shades of winter, summer, spring or fall. For each of the fair sex is important to determine which tsvetotipu include its appearance, because it will give the opportunity to choose the most successful palette of colors for the wardrobe, makeup and jewelry that will surely make her image more impressive and stylish. A MirSovetov, in turn, will try to help.

Features spring tsvetotipa appearance

By the spring (warm) tsvetotipu appearance cansafely attributed women having hair warm wheaten color, golden or ashy curls. Eye color - green or blue, but this rule has an exception: sometimes, though very rarely, you can meet a girl-spring with a light-brown eyes. Generally, "spring" woman has the delicate translucent skin, which by exposure to the sun becomes golden and soft blush on the cheeks.

If the appearance of the girl meets springtsvetotipu, then the choice of colors for the wardrobe and make-up, it is necessary to pay attention to the natural shades and completely eliminate the bright flashy colors, because stylists have long reached a consensus: the attractiveness of the girl-spring is based on harmony, tenderness and naturalness. By the way, the blurry and faded shades, too, is abandoned. More specifically, the owners of "spring" appearance should pay attention to the following colors:

  1. All shades of green, especially those who like fresh spring foliage through which peeps warm spring sun.
  2. Yellow, peach, pale pink, apricot and gold.
  3. Orange. Interestingly, this color is suitable only "spring" the girls, but the owners of other tsvetotip appearance should avoid clothes that color.
  4. Soft shades of red: salmon or coral.
  5. Azure, turquoise, aquamarine - these colors will be an excellent choice. And from dark blue to pale blue should be discarded.

When selecting a basic wardrobe, owners ofspring tsvetotipa must take into account that the most noble they will look in clothes made in camel, golden and reddish shades. A dress or blouse the color of milk chocolate can advantageously shade tenderness of the skin and facial features. This stylists advise to "spring" the girls completely abandon the dazzling white, despite the fact that he is able to profitably set off the tan. They are motivated by the fact that the white color can visually make the owner of the spring tsvetotipa appearance over a few years. In order to emphasize the beauty of the sun, girl-spring should pay attention to off-white, turquoise, aquamarine, or the color of whipped cream. By the way, it is prohibited to abuse black, that is, it may be present in the image, but in a limited number (for example, in the form of accessories).

When choosing jewelry, girl-spring must be remembered,what to avoid massive rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, because this tsvetotip recognized as the most tender and delicate, and therefore, all wearing spring girl should look elegant. The most advantageous option are ornaments of gold, inlaid with pearls, coral, turquoise or yellow topaz.

When applying makeup it is important to remember mostimportant rule: it must be natural, so makeup base or foundation must match the natural color of the skin. To emphasize the depth and expressiveness of the eyes is better to prefer blue-gray or green shade, but from fatty eyeliner should be abandoned. And not to be like a doll, it is better to give preference to carcass and brown pencil. When choosing a lipstick you should pay attention to the pale pink, coral, gold and honey-brown shades. By the way, lip liner and blush is not recommended, because the spring girl by nature endowed with beautiful contour of the lips and a wonderful glow.

Features summer tsvetotipa appearance

By the summer (cold) tsvetotipu appearance attributeBlondes girls and owners of blond hair, always with a touch of ash. However, you can meet a girl, summer, the hair which have a reddish tint, and sometimes these ladies can boast dark hair. Skin color ranges from bright to muted olive. By the way, have freckles, "summer" ladies never brass, and different unusual gray-brown color. Sunburn on a skin lays down exactly, but never gold and different gray-olive tinge. The eyes of the girl-summer often gray or blue, at least - the gray-green or amber with a greenish tinge. Interestingly, this tsvetotip differs from others in that the boundary between the iris and the protein is slightly blurred, as the latter are often painted in muted or milk-white color.

When choosing a color palette old girlwe should remember that clean, well-accented colors should be completely excluded, and to give preference to pastel shades. By the way, to emphasize the beauty of colors, donated by the nature of the summer girl can dress with the help of virtually any color, more importantly, we consider that it should be made of a fabric that has a "cold" (steel) shine. It follows that the summer tsvetotipu fit all shades of gray. A special charm give blue palette colors: indigo, violet-blue, blue. Fan of green it is worth paying attention to aquamarine, turquoise and blue-green. However, it is important to know that the summer is absolutely contraindicated ladies orange, to yellow and should be treated with caution, avoiding the golden (warm) shades. In addition, stylists recommend to exclude from the wardrobe of things pure white (preferably purple-white, blue-white) and black (can be replaced by a gray-black or the color of wet asphalt) colors.

Before applying make-up girls with summertsvetotip appearance need to understand that you need to allocate or lips or eyes, and the skin should be matte. Mascara in any case should not be bright, so you should pay attention to the blue-black or blue-black. A shadow palette must consist of cold shades of gray, blue, olive or light beige colors. Incidentally, the old girl is very suitable cosmetics pearlescent, which means that the lipstick should be chosen based on this criterion. As for colors, the choice is wide - from pink to dark eggplant. And most importantly - make-up in any case should not be too fussy!

When it comes to jewelry, it should be noted,that girls summer type looks very nice discreet products "antique", made of silver, white gold or platinum. As for the stones, the ideal option would be: aquamarine, topaz, pearl gray, diamond or opal.

Especially in the fall tsvetotipa appearance

By the autumn (warm) belong tsvetotipuGirls having copper, dark brown or golden-brown hair and blonde hair that is cast in gold. Eye color in autumn girls ranging from light blue to cornflower. In addition, quite often there are green, amber and rich brown eyes. It should be noted that the eyelashes and eyebrows representatives autumn tsvetotipa looks pretty thick and is cast in gold, and his lips bright scarlet color. The skin of these girls is light or dark, with golden or brown freckles, and sometimes it may seem that it glows from the inside. Autumn girl prone to sunburn, so it is not recommended to spend a lot of time on the beach.

In order to choose the right colors,Fall girl should learn that the bright and vibrant colors it is strictly contraindicated. Therefore, you should pay attention to warm and dark hues, which are able to accentuate the natural beauty. The basic wardrobe of autumn Girl desirable things creamy white, beige or brick. By the way, stylists have come to the conclusion that a special elegance to owners fall tsvetotipa appearance will give a yellow tint. As additional colors can be used: copper, olive, khaki, marsh, cream, blue, terracotta, purple, blue and green, the color of blue plums. But the pure black and white, as well as any cool shades, it is desirable to eliminate.

When applying makeup to properly arrangeaccents - for autumn girls eyes and lips. By the way, the color palette of decorative cosmetics should be maintained in the characteristic of the autumn warm colors. A girl with freckles do not recommend to "hide" them under a thick layer of powder or foundation. Make-up artists are advised to abandon the use of black mascara, it is best to replace it with brown, and can be any shade of that color. Liner is necessary to select the color of the eyes, and shadows - a tone lighter than the iris. When choosing a lipstick, it is important to remember that the pearl shine is not able to decorate a Woman-autumn, so give preference to saturated shades with a soft sheen.

Accessories must be made of naturalmaterials - wood, leather, feathers. Jewelry made of red or yellow gold, which can be inlaid with semi-precious stones, the main thing - remember that they should be opaque to light flicker.

Features Winter tsvetotipa appearance

By the winter (cold) tsvetotipu appearance attributegirls have blue-black, black with a silver tint, dark brown hair and platinum blondes. If this works tsvetotip interesting rule: hair or black, or vice versa, highlights the extreme. The color of the girl-winter white or porcelain, but there are also representatives of this tsvetotipa tanned skin who casts blueness, and on the cheeks - cool pink blush. By the way, you can find a winter Woman having freckles hazel hue. Eye color can be anything, but the main condition: the iris cold saturated hue. Eyebrows and eyelashes - black, and if the blonde hair - ash. Lips these girls tend to pale pink.

In order to understand what the palettecorresponds to the winter tsvetotipu appearance, it is necessary to imagine a fine winter's day, when the bright white snow, blinding his eyes, comes into contrast with the jet-black tree trunks. We can conclude that color, the most suitable winter girl - bright and cold capable distinct contrast with each other. By the way, this tsvetotipu (the only one) perfect white and black colors, and make the image brighter to help all shades of pink, purple, red, deep blue, lime, turquoise, emerald and steel colors. And not to spoil the image as a whole, making it dull and expressionless, should be avoided warm, pastel shades and all muted.

Makeup should be kept in the cold brightcolors (dark-haired winter) or bright, but more gentle (blonde winter), and the emphasis should be done either on the eyes or lips. But the main highlight - a game of contrasts, but do not overdo it, because a large amount of makeup will make the appearance of winter girl simple and ordinary. That is why the powder should be transparent, and blush - barely noticeable. Winter tsvetotipu very clear line to face, so the eyeliner and lip liner (two shades darker than the lipstick) will become loyal assistants in creating the image. When choosing the shadows should pay attention to the bright colors that are close to the color of their eyes. By the way, the girl-winter, like anyone else suitable makeup «Smoky Eyes». Lipstick can be very bright or muted, but the tone must be cold.

Girl winter can afford to wearextravagant and sparkling jewelry that easily complement the already bright appearance. By the way, a similar approach to the ladies not only diamonds, rock crystal, emeralds, rubies and blue opals set in silver, platinum, white or red gold, but also ordinary crystals.