Face cleaning

To clean the face carry a variety of treatments,are associated with the removal of the skin inflammation, acne, pimples and other minor troubles. One of the procedures associated with cleaning the face, we can assume and peels, which also removes dead skin cells and stimulate the renewal and rejuvenation of the skin. Initially it was thought his facial cleaning steaming.
Face cleaning
To clean the face carry a variety of treatments,are associated with the removal of the skin inflammation, acne, pimples and other minor troubles. One of the procedures associated with cleaning the face, we can assume and peels, which also removes dead skin cells and stimulate the renewal and rejuvenation of the skin. Initially, however, the actual cleaning of the person thought his steaming and cleaning of all long as the skin is hot, and the pore - expanded.
Many suffer from a teenagereels performed this procedure in the mirror yourself. Of course, few people thought that if we carry out such a cleaning person, without preparing the skin and not respecting the rules of antiseptic, it is possible not only to improve the condition of the skin, but on the contrary - the inflammation spread all over his face.

What gave rise to the need for face cleansing?

It's no secret that the skin - the largestorgan of the human body, which provides his breathing, metabolism and protects against penetration of infections. However, the skin in humans can be different, and depending on the fat content of different function and sebaceous and sweat glands are abundant in the skin layers in the thickness.
As a result, if a person has normal skin, it does not feel her biggest challenges, does not suffer from heavy rashes or dryness.
Dry skin is all good; usually itowners also suffer from various inflammations on the face. However, such skin and fade, devoid of adipose protection very quickly and to maintain youth and beauty it is necessary to constantly nourish, moisturize, cherish.
And that's just the owners of the most oily skinoften require a procedure called "facial cleansing." The sebaceous glands of oily skin abundantly secrete fat, which, on the one hand, protects the skin, making it more dense and elastic, and the other - with insufficient hygienic care, poor lifestyle choices and nutrition, hormonal failures clogs pores of the skin, accumulates there, causing to inflammation.
As a result of various acne formed on the skin -white, black, regular (or vulgar), and all of them and become the object of attention when cleaning cosmetologist face. By the way, quite often these acne and inflammation are placed not only on the face, but in places where fat and sweat glands are most active - in the chest and back.

Types of facial cleansing

Various cleaning can be carried out depending on the condition of the skin:

  • manual (mechanical) cleaning;
  • hardware cleaning, which uses ultrasound, vacuum and electrical currents;
  • dry cleaning and other fruit acids (peeling);
  • cleaning of different masks.

Mechanical cleaning of the face

Mechanical cleaning of the face
Description of the procedure. Indications for the mechanical cleaning of the face is oily skin with clogged pores, non-inflammatory acne. When mechanical cleaning of the face removes comedones in a beauty shop manual. For this procedure, using special tools: a spoon Una, needle Vidal, a strainer, a special spoon for the nose. All instruments must be sterilized so as not to spread bacteria all over his face. It is a requirement of sterility forces to conduct mechanical cleaning is not at home in front of a mirror, and in the beauty parlor.
Preparation. Prior to mechanical cleaning of the face should be cleaned, and the time - disclosed. Therefore, as the preparatory procedures necessary to remove makeup and cleanse your skin with special lotions, foam, cleansing gel, depending on the condition of the skin and its characteristics. If the skin is too dirty, beautician applies a cleansing mask.
After the mask is being administered, during which opens pores, loosens the stratum corneum. Most often, this result is achieved by steaming the skin.
However, asthma, excessive pilosis (hirsutism), the proximity of vessels, dry thin skin steaming contraindicated, in this case, since opening warm-up use special creams.
Carrying out the procedure. Once the pores are opened, grease tube softened, beauty begins to clean the pores. For this special strainer for 5-7 minutes it removes plaque oil and dead skin cells, avoiding areas with inflamed acne.
Then, the most painful stage begins -removal of secretions from the pores and using sterile instruments napkins. If the beautician does not fit in about 20 minutes, the skin has time to cool down, and time - to close. In this case, the procedure becomes more painful. So if there is a lot on the face of inflammation, the cleaning must be done several times in stages until all the pores are cleaned.
The final stage. After cleansing your face you need to soothe and disinfect the skin and narrow pores. Can be used for disinfection of an infrared lamp, darsonvalization (influence by electric current), and the mask and which give a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect, for example based on clay. Therapeutic clay treated in a special way, absorbs excess sebum, tightens pores, reduces inflammation, and evens skin tone.
To further soothe the skin, massage also used (e.g. cryomassage, which further narrows the pores and stimulates blood circulation).
After cleaning, you can not wash at least 12hours. Within 2-3 days and should not wipe the face with water and alcohol-based lotion. Crusts that appeared on wounding the pores, can not disrupt, or locations may form scars. As you can not swim for 2-3 days and sunbathing, including a solarium, otherwise you may receive unwanted pigmentation.
In general, after the mechanical cleaning of the skin watch out - let it come to life.
Contraindications for mechanical cleaningIt is the dryness of the skin, its sensitivity and susceptibility to inflammation, fragility of blood vessels, as well as diseases such as herpes and eczema, furunculosis, hypertension, bronchial asthma.
Mechanical cleaning - it's quite an old methodclean your face, which many modern cosmetology consider outdated and reject it in favor of hardware methods. However, in some cases, in chronic inflammation and clogged pores hardware face cleaning do not provide the overall result, therefore, mechanical cleaning is necessary in such cases to use locally, in addition to other cleaning methods.
Price of the issue. The entire procedure takes about 45 minutes. The cost of mechanical cleaning person is from 15 to 40 dollars depending on where you'll spend it and what is the associated procedures.

Hardware facial cleansing

As already mentioned, a good alternative to mechanical cleaning of steel today different types of non-traumatic hardware cleaning person.

Ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning of the face
Description of the procedure. For the ultrasonic cleaning using a special device - the ultrasonic scrubber. In this procedure, on the face affect ultrashort waves that penetrate deep into the skin and perform micro tissue. Indications for ultrasonic cleaning are the same all cases of clogged pores, non-inflammatory acne. Ultrasonic cleaning is absolutely not traumatize the skin and even has a "side effect", as the smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles.
Preparation. Prior to ultrasonic cleaning the skin must be cleaned of makeup, dust, dirt, using conventional cleaning agents, depending on the skin type. Then applied to the skin special tonic or gel which, when ultrasonication make old cells flake.
Carrying out the procedure. During the ultrasonic cleaning beautician leads face the tip of the ultrasonic scrubber. The entire top layer of dead skin flakes off, then go out on the dirt surface, makeup residues glands waste products. All of this dirt is removed immediately beautician. As a result, the skin looks younger and fresher, because when the ultrasonic cleaning of the skin takes place and its superficial peeling. With ultrasonic cleaning facial skin not only freshens, but also become healthier. After cleaning, reduced pores, scars heal more quickly and leaves skin irritation.
The fat content of the skin due to ultrasound exposure is markedly reduced, so holders of dry skin should not stop to enjoy a variety of moisturizing creams and masks.
The final stage. If on the face of a lot of clogged pores, comedones, etc., mild ultrasonic cleaning does not give a perfect result, and it will have to be supplemented by manual action. However, in all other cases, ultrasonic cleaning supports youth and skin tone. If, after ultrasonic cleaning was performed manual, you should hold the procedure already described, soothing the skin.
If the cleaning of limited exposureultrasound, you should not then further soothe the skin, but the updated cells with gratitude will accept a variety of cosmetic treatments. At the same time or after the ultrasonic cleaning can be carried out phonophoresis, ie the introduction into the skin of various nutritional products.
Contraindications. Ultrasonic cleaning has its contraindications. Thus, the procedure does not apply if the patient performed a face lift with gold threads, if they have recently suffered maxillofacial surgery, has problems with the cardiovascular system or the tumor, acute infections. One is contraindicated and the second half of pregnancy.
Price of the issue. Actually ultrasonic cleaning takes about 15 minutes. The cost of the procedure is 15-30 dollars.

Vacuum cleaning

Vacuum cleaning person
Description of the procedure. For vacuum cleaning using a special tube that using vacuum pulls content from pre-disclosed then. This procedure is also atraumatic and painless. After it is usually no inflammation on the skin, improves lymph drainage, blood supply to the upper layers of the skin, complexion, improves skin tone. Indications for vacuum cleaning are clogged pores, acne (not in the stage of inflammation), and other conventional cleaning testimony.
Preparation. Before you carry out the vacuum cleaning of the face, you need to cleanse your skin and reveal the pores. For cleaning and make-up remover beautician uses cleansing foams, gels, toners, depending on the skin type, and then carries out the procedure for opening day. generally standard procedure: using a vaporizer, if it allows the skin, otherwise - by means of warming creams.
Carrying out the procedure. During the vacuum cleaning instead of hands to act on the individual contamination using a special suction cup with a negative pressure, which is drawn and then the contents of the contaminated. This sucker beautician leads on the skin in small circular motions. Periodically, the tool should be cleaned in a disinfectant solution.
Vacuum cleaning can be done not only on the face,but also on the back and décolleté. Such cleaning is well suited for dense oily skin, but if on the face are complex areas with deep dirt in the pores, the vacuum cleaning can not remove all the dirt out. So when deep-seated inflammation and contamination of the vacuum cleaning is necessary to supplement the manual.
The final stage. At the end of the vacuum cleaning is necessary to narrow pores and cleanse the skin further. For this purpose already described special masks, Cryomassage, darsonvalization.
Contraindications. Despite its non-traumatic and painless, vacuum cleaning is not suitable for sensitive, dry skin, with dilated vessels, pink inflamed acne, various dermatoses. So, sensitive skin vacuum cleaning can cause irritation and swelling appearance of harmful effects on blood vessels and vacuum with increased fragility - in this case, vacuum cleaning may even cause bruising.
Price of the issue. vacuum cleaning duration is 15-20 minutes, cost of the procedure - from $ 10 to $ 20.

Galvanic Facial Cleansing

Apparatus for galvanic facial cleansing
Description of the procedure. Galvanic cleaning (or Desincrustation) is also a hardware alternative to manual cleaning. In carrying out this procedure on the face affects DC low power and low voltage, which melts the fat and sebum dissolves dirt, softens the grease tube. The current strength is so low that at normal and elevated pain threshold he had not even felt.
Then all the dirt and metabolic products outon the surface of the skin, where it reacts with specific substances under the current influence of sebum is converted into ordinary soap can be easily removed and beautician.
Galvanic current tones the skin, strengthensvessels, improves blood circulation and metabolism, improving skin tone. Regular cleaning galvanic dries the skin, reduces sebum. However, too frequent use of galvanic cleaning may cause a backlash: the sebaceous glands increase production of the missing secret, therefore, and even less often carry out this procedure is not more than 1 time per month.
Indications for galvanic cleaning are oily skin, blackheads, seborrhea, conventional non-inflamed acne, pigmentation after inflammation, early wrinkles.
Preparation. Before Desincrustation put on the person conducting gel or special mask, and then through the layer of the skin affected by electrical currents.
Carrying out the procedure. For this procedure, a special galvanic apparatus, its attachment to the electrodes beautician small circular motions on the skin leads. During the deizinkrustatsii dirt and hardened sebum and dissolve well are removed from the pores. Due to the high efficiency of the galvanic cleaning are some beauticians recommend the use of a vacuum after the final treatment for the face is the way to clean, not a mechanical action.
Galvanic cleaning can be combined withintroducing into the skin of various cosmetic products. Under the current exposure, they are ionized and penetrate much deeper than usual, and the cells themselves, which is activated when dezinkrustatsii metabolism, are more receptive to healing and care cosmetics.
Carrying galvanic cleaning also helps to align the skin relief, so its impact on this indicator is comparable with the conduct of superficial peeling.
The final stage. In addition to calm the skin after galvanic cleaning is not required. The person must be cleaned of residues of contaminants dissolved and reacted, then quite ordinary caring procedures.
Contraindications. Since galvanic facial cleansing reduces sebum, then it should be very carefully carried out at a dry and sensitive skin. Medical contraindications for deizinkrustatsii are also cancer, vitiligo, pregnancy, certain skin diseases.
Due to the fact that the procedure uses the effects of electric current, galvanic cleaning is carried out using electrical pacemakers and implants.
Price of the issue. galvanic cleaning duration is 15-20 minutes, cost of the procedure - from $ 10 to $ 20.


Chemical cleaning of the face
Facial cleansing and other fruit acidsIt is essentially peeling, which we have already told in the article "Skin Care". These procedures are applied after machining or hardware cleaning person to align the relief of the skin and remove dead cells. If the skin has acne (not in the inflammation phase!), You can use the surface acid peels to remove the plugs from the pores, but if not properly carrying out this procedure can cause irritation and even chemical burns to the skin.
Chemical peeling fruit acids refreshesskin and cleans surface contamination, but did not get to the deep-seated inflammation. In these cases, a chemical peel can only be the final step after the mechanical and other methods of cleaning. Chemical peels sensitive skin can cause irritation.

Shoe masks

Cleaning face masks
If there is inflammation of the skin or acneirritation, you may be contraindicated for all types of cleansing. For example, dry sensitive skin do not respond well to cleaning. Do not carry out cleaning of the face and wounds, scratches, dilated vessels. Well, you can resort to a soft cleaning face using different masks in this case. For such cleaning can be used personally or cooked cleansing mask, or buy ready-made.
For example, here is the recipe mask for oily andnormal skin, which effectively cleanses the face. For its preparation you will need 1 tbsp. l. kefir, 2-3 drops of ammonia and gidroperita tablet. All this must be mixed, after dissolving gidroperit in a little water. Keep the mask on his face 15-20 minutes.
The same mask can be used for dry skin, if instead of yogurt take the cream.
Great effect on the skin and masksauerkraut - is suitable for all skin types. Due to the high content of vitamin C mask Sauerkraut refreshes, cleanses the skin, nourishes it and gives creaminess and softness. In this case, everything is simple - on the face should be applied sauerkraut. At the time of application - as in the previous recipe, except that you can hold a mask for 10 minutes more for oily skin.
As gommazha can be used and the curdmask: Apply an even layer on your face curd, for the mask, only one tablespoon. Then, as if rubbing, but without pressure, to try to remove the mask from his face. This procedure should be given no more than ten minutes. After - wash thoroughly with warm water. For the same purposes, instead of cheese, you can use oatmeal, bran, filled with warm milk.
From ready-made masks are a good cleaning effectvarious mask-film, which should be selected depending on the fat content of the skin and put on steamed face. However, if the face has expanded vessels (rosacea) or unwanted hair (hirsutism), the use of such a mask should be used cautiously, avoiding the problem areas.
In addition to regular skin care andprevention of inflammation is necessary to thoroughly clean the face and time to remove dead skin cells, which also prevent the skin to breathe. To do this, make good use of soft scrubs, gommazhi and for oily skin - also on the basis of clay mask that absorbs excess sebum, and various essential oils. Well cleanses the skin rose oil, geranium oil and rose water can be cleaned with a person instead of tonic.
By the way, for oily skin effect on her sourmedia has a drying effect, and if on the face just outlined acne, a person can rub a slice of lemon, and 10-15 seconds rinse.

Cleaning face masks
Cleaning and peeling of the skin useful for the fact thatafter which the effect of the various masks, and other cosmetic procedures becomes much higher. On the new skin better bed and tan, and various creams. However, the success of the procedure largely depends on the skill of the cosmetician.
The frequency of all kinds of hardware and hand cleaning depends on the condition of the skin and its type and may range from 1 time per week 1 time per month.
However healingandbodywork again draws yournote that contamination of the skin, the oppression of its pores, the formation of acne, comedones, sebaceous plugs, to a large extent does not depend on the frequency of cleansing, and on lifestyle, diet and daily skin care.
If you save the life of all the negative factors,which cause increased production of sebum and clogging pores, not to engage in sports, there are no clean air, not to comply with all necessary procedures associated with the daily cleaning of the skin, even the most effective cleaning will give only a temporary effect.