Choosing a massage table

Recently, massage tables aredemand not only among specialists. Many people occasionally use the services of massage as a way to recovery, relaxation and treatment of illnesses. They own table becomes quite essential household items to simplify search masseur while saving on the cost of the procedures. Recently, massage tables are in demand not only among professionals. Many people occasionally use the services of massage as a way to recovery, relaxation and treatment of illnesses. They own table becomes quite necessary household items, allowing easier to find a masseur, to emphasize their status, and thus save on the cost of the procedures. Therefore gaining popularity folding massage couches, not occupy much space in the house and can be easily transformed into a carrying case.
Today, the shelves of specialty storesare filled with a huge number of models of different design options and functionality. It is frustrating, as opposed to the specialist, it becomes difficult to choose. In this article we will try to identify the most important criteria.

Classification of massage tables

Choosing a massage table First, the massage tables are divided intofolding and stationary. Stationary tables are used mainly in clinics, massage parlors and SPA-salons. However, the owners of elite suburban real estate are often set off in his gym massage equipment. After all, his main advantage - versatility, stability, and powerful construction for heavy-duty use and virtually any patient's weight. In addition, the stationary models generally provides for a one or two drives, allowing to adjust the table height is easily and quickly, as well as the position of its sections during the procedure, without disturbing the patient.
Folding massage couches used asprofessional specialists engaged in catering, as well as their patients, acquiring the product for personal use. As already noted, portable design for easy storage and transportation, and the design features of various models extend the range of applications not only in the classic massage, but also to the manual therapy, lymphatic drainage, cosmetic treatments, tattoo, etc.

The most important parameters of the stationary massage tables

Choosing a massage table If you choose a stationary table special attentionshould be paid to the reliability of the drive. Excellent proven German electric drives Hanning load capacity of 700 kg and more, which are installed, for example, Finnish FysioTech massage tables. The confirmation of their reliability is a 10-year manufacturer's warranty on all its products.
Considerable importance is the table cover: it must not crack even under a constant processing sanitizers must be durable to abrasion, easy to clean and still be quite pleasing to the touch. The quality of the coating can be determined by taking and try to stretch it: no trace of compression should not be, and when stretching leather should behave elastically and in any case does not flake off.
Finally, it is very important features: Does the bed is broken into sections, some possible positions of the sections provided the design, the ease of adjustment is carried out, is firmly fixed armrests and headrest. All this will be of great importance in the process of the masseur. Not bad, if the table is provided wheelbase, especially if you plan to periodically change its location.

Criteria for selection of folding tables and massage couches

Choosing a massage table The most important parameter folding massagecouch is the reliability of the design. Obviously, in portable models to achieve the same stability as that of the stationary impossible. But this does not mean that the folding table or couch may stagger and behave unstable when rocking bed. Is it allows the patient to relax and enjoy the massage? And how long can withstand the fasteners in the presence of backlash and constant displacement? Therefore, before you buy be sure to look under the bed and check how reliable fastening elements densely whether adjacent to each other, if not reduced at the same time when folding their mobility.
At the heart of folding tables for massage nowbeing used various metals and wood. Each of the materials has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, contrary to popular belief, wooden tables are not always inferior in strength, especially if it is on the beech. After solid wood elements and have no cavities, hollow metal tube so compared to them susceptible to deformation to a greater extent, particularly if the profile is only the thickness of 1-1.5 mm. Accordingly, the appearance of scratches in them more likely. In addition, tables made of wood, give the product more aesthetic and "home" look. Finally, there are wooden models usually less. But the main disadvantage is their higher weight compared to aluminum. That is why it is recommended to purchase wooden models for use at home or in the salon.
Lightweight aluminum construction also makes it easy to transport, it is true, often reduces the resistance. Therefore, aluminum tables are recommended for outbound customer service.
Portable tables with steel elementsdesign actually do not have distinct advantages: weight of the product is significantly increased, and pipes within the cavity, as already noted, is not dramatically increase the strength. Therefore, they are not very common, which is proved by their absence in the model range of famous brands, for example, the American manufacturer of massage equipment Oakworks, first used rope folding system. It uses the steel products primarily in the domestic and Chinese manufacturers. Some massage tables US Medica also made of steel, are gaining popularity among buyers in recent years.
Choosing a massage table However, it should be noted that this classificationIt is not without exceptions. So, the market is not difficult to find enough flimsy wooden model of questionable manufacturers. They usually use cheaper soft woods, such as pine, which is easy to check if a nail is pressed, unlike high strength rocks. And, on the contrary, recognized leaders in the production of the most durable folding massage tables are Finnish producers. They are used in the carcass structure and legs tolstoprofilny duralumin, while increase box ribs, and instead use the system cables System foldable struts with brakes, preventing spontaneous folding.

In conclusion I would like to warn customers ofthe pursuit of the maximum number of options. Select the functionality that you really need. Each additional section may reduce the reliability of the design. Thus, the bow side armrest and headrest are inserted into holes in the bed frame, which greatly weaken it. Adjustable back section to require additional loops rastomatov greater plywood thickness at the base of the bed, which greatly increase the weight of the product, not enhancing its design.