Choosing a massage chair

The world's first full-fledged robot doctor, namely theirand is a high-tech massage chair, he appeared in Japan. Of course, the pragmatic Americans could not remain on the sidelines, and the appearance on the market of American-made chair did not have to wait long. I won by this user only. However, the availability of therapists and robots spawned the problem of choice. Massage chair US MEDICA Buying a massage chair - a serious step, towhich must first learn the basics in order to make the right choice. In this article we will help you understand the different nuances of the acquisition of massage chair. Some models of these chairs are like a car economy class. And it is quite natural, since chairs are complex mechanisms made on the newest technologies, electronically controlled. Let's start with the features of massage equipment and its health benefits, and then move on to the specific recommendations on the choice of seats.

Distinctive features of the equipment

Homeland of this equipment is Japan, thiscountry - the world leader in the creation of the latest equipment in the field of health-improving technologies. The basis of massage technologies laid the ancient massage techniques and acupuncture.
Key features:

  • adapting them using sensors to the patient's anthropometric characteristics (height, weight, body composition characteristics);
  • rapid detection using sensors embedded computer problem areas in the human body, the sick and chained muscle areas;
  • local massage in the problem area of ​​the body;
  • a variety of massage features;
  • determining the location of acupuncture points on the body (specific points on the body through which vital energy circulates) and gentle effect on them;
  • execution of all major types of massage movements: vibration, kneading, tapping, patting, rubbing, etc .;
  • infrared heating of the muscles lumbar and back;
  • air compression massage using special massage cushions;
  • the ability to customize individual types of massage to all the wishes of the owner;
  • massage parts of the body: fingers and toes, feet, neck, base of the skull, etc.

Benefit for health

Massage chair US MEDICA We call the following advantages, which the patientreceives from the massage chair: quickly relieves fatigue, accumulating in the muscles of the day; improves blood circulation and metabolism; overcome syndrome stiff muscles; stress symptoms disappear; normalize the nervous system; headaches disappear; It relieves pain in problem areas; irritability disappears; increases immunity; normal sleep; improves overall health and mood.
Massage chair US MEDICA Consider the example of a massage chair US MedicaThe Cardio, how it affects the health of the patient: 6-roller mechanism that can change the direction of its movement across the entire width, gently massaging various parts of the body. As a result, well worked out the deep muscles of the back, and a mechanism allowing to massage all parts of the back. Autoregulation double deflection angle of the backrest (at 115-160 degrees) and lifting steps (0 to 90 degrees) with automatic return to their original position at the end of the massage. Independent definition of user heart rate (HRI) and the system of the painful areas of the body. Adjusting for the individual patient anthropometric data. Finder various tender points back helps make treatment more effective. pulse data analysis system, as well as sensitivity thresholds. Enable on-demand scanning of the patient function. A distinctive feature of this model massage chair - Zero Gravity, the system creates the illusion of weightlessness during a massage and increasing the patient's mood, as well as enhancing revitalizing effect.

Massage chair US Medica Cardio,respectable and beautiful, ideal for offices, but it can also be installed in the home. It is this massage chair - US Medica Cardio demonstrated on NTV channel in the program "Summer answer" when designers needed to turn the attic into a kind of garden aircraft loft area, a place of rest and relaxation, where the installed massage chairs instead of airplane seats.

Now let's look at manufacturers of massage chairs, in accordance with their pros and cons.

The main producers of chairs

American or Japanese massage chairs - how to choose - Innovative Japanese massage chairs. The company offers massage chairs since 1976 and since 2007 is represented worldwide. This high-tech massage complexes with a wide variety of basic and advanced features. Represents the three Japanese whale: quality, reliability and convenience. YAMAGUCHI chairs have curative effect on the entire body via the impact on acupuncture points and on all the receptors, located across the back, and the rollers move along the spine undulating. Perform a deep massage of virtually all areas of the body. This chair, which is also called "professional masseurs" - they are designed for lovers of serious deep sports massage.

American or Japanese massage chairs - how to choose - This American company is a leaderadvanced technology and excellent service. 90% of customers become true followers of the brand. The company uses in the production of the most advanced massage chair design and design development. Massage chairs have a memorable US MEDICA customers design. They apply advanced technologies such as HRI function - system control of heart rate; function ZERO G - «zero gravity"; auto-sensing user growth and then entering the data in memory to simulate your own massage programs.
American or Japanese massage chairs - how to choose - Japanese massage chairs. Production company - one of the first in the world who began to produce luxury massage chairs, optimally combine multi-functionality, high quality and elegant design. chairs Designers have added new technology, such as twisting effect on the oblique muscles, stretching the legs, deep study of muscles, cascading hand massage. The buyer can always choose from the extensive range of the chair, which is best suited to him. Of particular interest are such models of chairs as Fujiiryoki EC-3700 and Fujiiryoki EC-3700 the VP, which are considered the best in the whole range due to a huge number of different options massage programs.
American or Japanese massage chairs - how to choose - Is suitable for use in different applications. For example, models such as the Sanyo DR-7700 and Sanyo DR-8700 have an innovative mechanism of regulated tilt. Option zero gravity «Zero-G» gives procedures for the most effective results. Many massage options, a special emphasis is placed on the back and neck massage. Chairs upholstered in a special "breathable leather" simulator genuine leather, so will last longer and will not crack. Armchairs quickly perform comprehensive diagnostic scan of the back muscles to identify the most problematic areas of the body. On the remote control of these areas are highlighted in red. The massage chair will select the best type of massage for a closer study of these zones.
American or Japanese massage chairs - how to choose - A simple and inexpensive. But the components for this brand delivered from Japan and Europe, and technologists carefully monitor the quality of the chairs. These massage chairs - practical and comfortable. They often take the vending company. For example, such a model as IREST SL-A33-1, and can serve as an office, where many users. The peculiarity of this model - thermotherapy equipment function jade projector, which increases the effect of massage treatments. There are 3 levels of vibratory massage and 4-roller massage mechanism.
American or Japanese massage chairs - how to choose - A chair, in which the Executive andsolid design. They fit perfectly into the interior of any serious office or suburban villa. Massage is as close to manual massage, a number of innovative technologies to quickly scan individual characteristics of the body. Massage chairs of the manufacturer - multifunctional and stylish, designed to respectable people. For example, HT-1650 chair is excellent foot massage is performed that is necessary for drivers who spend long hours behind the wheel.
American or Japanese massage chairs - how to choose (China) - suitable for offices, where manyusers, because they are characterized by high strength due to its triple quality control system, two plant in China and one in Russia. This economy class seats, comfortable and functional. Having established a chair of this brand in downtown or in the office, your colleagues will thank you. The efficiency of the staff is required to increase.
American or Japanese massage chairs - how to choose - Under this brand are available, and massage chairs. They - technology and easy to use, but can only claim the middle category of massage chairs, and no better than the massage chairs from other manufacturers, even in something inferior to him. This is because the production of the massage chair is for the corporation just one of many areas, unlike other manufacturers of medical devices, for which the manufacturer of massage chairs - main direction of their activities.

How to choose a massage chair

Before you purchase a massage chair, you need to answer the following questions:

  • for what purpose you want to buy thisEquipment: in order to maintain their health, to start vending business, to install it in the office, or to install it in public places;
  • some of massages are a priority for you: revitalizing body massage, revitalizing massage, intensive massage, relaxation massage, acupuncture effects, etc .;
  • in what price range you are looking for a massage chair.

Chair massage is performed on a par withprofessional masseurs and chiropractor, dot, looking sick zone, and, at the same time, depending on the specific model of the chair - especially carefully. In addition, the chairs have a distinct advantage - setting a chair at home, you get your permanent "masseuse" who never tires, always at hand and can perform many different types of massage.
Massage chair US MEDICA Massage chair must meet manyrequirements: the quality of the massage functions, convenience, comfort, variety of massages, there are additional functions. Those seats that are equipped with several engines, each of which is responsible for a type of massage, more productive, versatile and durable.
In any massage chair, one of the most importantfunctions - rollers, because they relate directly to the surface of the body and perform massage. That is why manufacturers of special attention is paid to the roller mechanism. And it does not matter how many rollers in the chair, and then, what functions they perform, and what areas of the body massage. Quality massage chair is considered where each part of the body operates its own set of rollers. And the massage efficiency dependent on the design of the roller mechanism, the roller size and material from which they are made.

Always pay attention to what featuresPresence in the chair! Let us explain why: the best massage chairs - not those in which a huge number of massage functions, and those where these features are optimally combined, and as a result comes the best effect.
Massage chair US MEDICA In addition, massage chairs may be agenuine leather upholstery or upholstered in vinyl. Armchairs heated mostly covered with vinyl because of the high temperature effects. Leather due to such influences can quickly crack. The seats with combined materials may be uneven wear components. If the chair is provided speed control, there must necessarily be a function of monitoring the intensity of the massage.

Interesting and chairs, made according to the latestTechnology: with built-body scan; temperature and level of perspiration; sectional massage small parts of the body, for example, preprechy, hands, legs, feet; comfortable back angle of the massage chair (165 degrees).
It is not necessary to pursue all means for the seat with a hugethe number of automatic programs, as it immediately makes the seat more. Part of the program the patient may well be manually set for themselves. Individually, specifically for yourself, you can set the massage speed, breadth of coverage, the impact zone. Also, the patient should be to choose what type of massage intensity and what he wants to run.

Describe the basic automatic programsmassages provided in various types of seating: a foot massage airbags; general massage of the neck, shoulders, waist; acupressure massage of the neck, shoulders, waist; stimulation of acupuncture points; relaxation of the upper body; relaxation of the lower trunk.
If we talk about the price of massage chairs, then,undoubtedly, they are more expensive than conventional chair for office or living room. But massage chairs - long-term investment. In addition, they help to improve health, and this is important. It is necessary to carefully study the instructions of different massage chairs, compare their features to see what the chair will suit you best. In the line of any manufacturer of such equipment there are chairs of different price categories, ranging from inexpensive to elite seating.
For example, a top massage chair Fujiiryoki EC-3700 VP.

Massage chair US MEDICA This is an expensive, prestigious chair, and it is sohigh-quality and multi-functional, with so many different features that fully justifies its cost. He - a unique 3D system allowing the massage rollers move freely in three planes. Very deep study of muscles. Applied Innovation System Point Navi, which takes into account the individual contours of the spine; ultrasensitive sensors scan the patient in a continuous mode. Improved quality of massage. 23 type of massage that can be selected manually patient. Effective stretching massage, a unique feature of "stretching the legs." Air compression routines that are called "anti-aging". The main working parts are made of durable plastic material of the XXI century - arpateka Touch Ages, which can withstand 500,000 cycles of abrasive. Since when choosing a chair is set to the number of its uses, such high strength chair makes it very high quality and therefore - expensive. A genuine leather trim makes the chair an aesthetic piece of furniture, an attractive and prestigious.

Where to buy massage chairs

It is best to buy a seat in the companies,specializing in it, when you can come to the office in the exhibition hall to see and touch this chair, and then consult with specialists, who will talk about the different models of chairs. Pre can see massage chair on the company's website on the Internet, and can also be made through the website order. These companies always give a guarantee on the massage chair from 1 to 3 years. In addition, the chair will bring you to a place called, install and use throughout the render consulting support. In addition, more and more often at airports, in hotels, in large shopping centers in suburban boarding install vending massage chairs, and they can make a trial massage, as well as see how the chair looks externally.
For the massage chair have to make room in thehome, office, medical facility, as it is sufficient headroom. Recliner armchairs should not be placed next to the wall. If the seat is equipped with wheels, can be moved from one room to another.
If you purchase a massage chair in the office, thehere it should proceed from the fact that this chair will serve many users, so it is best suited with automatic seat adjustment system on the anthropometric data of each individual user.
In addition, regular MoscowVarious exhibitions of medical and cosmetic equipment, which exhibited various models of massage chairs, and you can not only see, but also to execute them massages, and consult with specialists. So, October 26-29, 2011 at the International Exhibition Centre "Crocus Expo" held an exhibition INTERCHARM professional.

At the stand of «US MEDICA» company were presentedmodels of massage chairs, which could make a massage and myself feel the effectiveness of the equipment. US Medica Company was the general sponsor of broadcasting grand tournament M-1 Global Boxing.
One of the interesting facts about massage chairs, callfollowing: Moscow metro depot beginning to equip their massage chairs, where machinists can be massaged to remove the accumulated stress and fatigue as well as patients with massage zones. They are placed in the "room of psychological relief." This experience clearly shows the trend that more and more companies installed in their offices, industrial premises such massage equipment, well aware of its value to their employees. Because, ultimately, it improves the health of personnel, and productivity increases.

Types of massage chairs and the most popular models

Finally, we call the main types of massage chairs for their intended purpose, and to give an example of the most popular models, which are often purchased:
1. Vending massage chairs - they are installed in areas that are frequently equipped with bill acceptors, perform a short massage and are intended for those who are focused on the organization of their own small business. Here is an example of common models of vending chair - RestArt RK-2669, which has high wear resistance: the resource engine chair is 4300 hours of continuous operation, it bolshe10 years of intensive work. Performs quality air compression massage, 16 airbags, 4 massage cushions in the seat and an elongated S-shaped carriage is suitable for all users.

Massage chair US MEDICA 2. Office massage chairs - chairs for installation in offices, for kneading stiff muscles, to improve circulation, to relieve chronic fatigue syndrome and stress. They are a little smaller in size, but are also able to perform a lot of massage functions. Their distinguishing feature - a great strength for their use by multiple users.
Massage chair US MEDICA For example, a chair, a Sanyo DR-7700, a high level of strength and medium size, which is optimal for office.
The next version - Sanyo massage chairDR-8700: it is suitable for use in his company offices, and luxury holiday homes, SPA-hotels, country clubs and resorts. The chair can perform a number of useful procedures, it is multi-functional and high comfort. All technical innovations are combined into a single infrastructure. For example, in this model, there is a unique option measuring levels of stress, which has no analogues in the manufacture of advanced massage chairs. This feature allows you to successfully choose the optimal variant of massage treatments, depending on the psychological state of the user.
iRest A12Q - this chair combinesthe largest number of features at a good price. The functions of three-dimensional scan of the patient's individual characteristics of the body, 4-roller massage mechanism 6 AutoProgram, 69 built-in air cushion for air massage, jade projector.
3. Relaxation for the house - chairs data differ from other higher level of comfort provided to large in size. They perfectly fit into any decor and decorate the room, thanks to its elegant design. For example, a massage chair US Medica Infinity, which is rightly called "intelligent massage chair."
Massage chair US MEDICA Its stylish and effective design allows the chairappropriate look in any room. A built-in controller allows the pulse immediately evaluate the physical condition of any user. Built-in "zero gravity» ZERO-G determines the position of the body at a uniform distribution of load from the natural force of gravity. Such features are more important for home chairs. For home interiors is also great massage chair YAMAGUCHI YA-2800, which is designed in the style of "neoclassical". His restraint and style in harmony with any interior. 509 massage combinations and 6-roller mechanism makes the chair very comfortable to use. Massage chair YAMAGUCHI YA-2500 is suitable for those who are looking for a chair for the home and for those who need to buy equipment for the office. This model is characterized by fast switching of massage modes and a variety of massage functions, as well as increased strength, infrared back therapy has a positive effect on blood circulation and eliminates back pain. Also, this chair is a unique function - the rollers rolling along the spine with a deep kneading the back muscles and relieve tension and fatigue.
For in-depth and high-quality massage at homethe best option is a massage chair Fujiiryoki EC-3700 with its 734 different combinations of massage movements and massage with high-quality rollers. This chair is truly - the best chair in the world. That it stops selection of buyers.
Massage chair US MEDICA The incredible precision of body scanning allowsdo great massage, which is comparable to the services of a professional masseur. 41 feet from the airbag to the neck for compression effects. 3 quick massage programs and 12 automatic. 7-minute quick recovery massage course. Unique equipment of the roller device, which is strained nodes and problem areas and deeply kneads them. Hood muscles along the spine and leg muscles. Stretch the entire body using massage Body Stretch. The two-stage configuration steps specifically for the Perfect Fit patient growth. Record your personal massage program. To improve blood circulation, a special technique by tapping and kneading in the trapezius muscle. Special massage in the lumbar region and in techniques for Kiwamimecha buttocks area. The design of the chair - a stylish and austere.
Another model chair Fujiiryoki EC-3700VP, upholstered in natural leather, can be an excellent gift respectable.

So, we talked about the most popular and mostfrequently purchased models of massage chairs, their advantages and features of functions. We hope that you will be able to choose a massage chair that is best suited for you!