Chocolate wrap

Chocolate wrap - a wonderful procedure. Thanks to valuable qualities of dark chocolate - every woman can become irresistible. To make chocolate wrapping of the whole body - you will need a sufficient amount of chocolate and help a loved one. But the chocolate face mask or anti-cellulite wrap you can do yourself.
Chocolate - a favorite treat a sweet tooth. It turns out that he is not only a delicacy, but also an excellent means of beauty. Thanks to valuable qualities of the black chocolate - every woman can become irresistible.

The advantage of, and indications for chocolate wrapping

Chocolate wrap
Thus, we consider in more detail what the chocolate wrapping and any contra-indications exist for this procedure.
Chocolate wrap - the application of chocolatebody. Needless chocolate wrap - really flavorful and pleasant procedure. It helps to relax and forget all the troubles. Chocolate wrap has anti-stress properties. So if you are tired of gray hectic everyday life - chocolate body wrap to help. To achieve the most tangible effect of the procedure is recommended to eat a chocolate body wraps at least 1 piece of dark chocolate.
Chocolate works wonders. There is an opinion, if the day to eat 2 slices of bitter dark chocolate - life will last for 1 year.
Chocolate contains a lot of useful vitamins andminerals, chocolate wrap leaves the skin supple, smooth and taut. Chocolate is able to reduce the number and depth of wrinkles, in addition, he is a real helper for cellulite, acne, age spots and stretch marks. In addition, using chocolate for cosmetic purposes, we derive from the body excess fluid and fat.
So opinion that only chocolate destroys teeth and adds weight, is no longer relevant.

Contraindications for chocolate wrapping

Chocolate wrap - a great procedure, butand she has some contraindications. Use chocolate body wrap can not be: pregnant, thrombophlebitis, allergic reactions to chocolate, hypertension, gynecological diseases, benign and malignant tumors, varicose veins. Before the procedure is to consult a doctor.
If you are at risk - you can visit the salon, where you will make a useful and pleasant procedure for the chocolate.

Salon chocolate wrap

Chocolate wrap
So, you in the cabin. Before chocolate wrap specialist will cause you to a chocolate body scrub. Scrub chocolate contributes the most active penetration of nutrients into the skin by opening pores. The beauty chocolate scrub that cocoa beans have unsurpassed characteristics comprise vitamins A, B1, B2, D, E et al. Nutrients.
After cleansing the skin scrub technician proceeds to the next step in the procedure - a chocolate wrap.
Specialist chocolate warms up to a temperaturebody, and then carefully pouring it into the skin. Chocolate mass gradually spreads throughout the body. Why chocolate is recommended to pour it on your skin? It's very simple - the patient relaxes during this time. Thereafter, chocolate cream massage movements applied to the entire surface of the skin.
The body is then covered with plastic wrap. After 30 minutes of useful procedures - chocolate washed off with warm water.
Thanks to a pleasant indoor climate, a specially selected relaxing music and a pleasant feel of the warm chocolate - one feels peacefully and cheerfully.
Following the procedure for 3 hours from theskin you can feel the pleasant smell of chocolate. In addition, looking at himself in the mirror, you will notice that the skin fresher, became velvety and toned.
If you are interested in this procedure, but the time to visit the beauty salon you do not - make a chocolate body wrap in your spare time at home.

Chocolate mask, anti-cellulite chocolate body wrap

Chocolate wrap
Of course, to make chocolateWrap the whole body - you will need a sufficient amount of chocolate and help a loved one. But the chocolate face mask or anti-cellulite body wrap you are able to do yourself.
Before the procedure, the chocolate must be cleanedchocolate scrub the skin. Chocolate scrub can be made at home from 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder and 1 tablespoon of honey. Stir just two ingredients, we get an excellent scrub. Apply the scrub in a circular motion (without rubbing) on ​​the skin. We reserve scrub for 20 minutes. Then wash off with warm water.
Chocolate Facial Mask. Well, now, we proceed to the preparation of the chocolate mask for the face.
Take 50 grams of dark chocolate, melthim. To add the melted chocolate 1 tablespoon vegetable or olive oil. Chocolate mass heated to a pleasant temperature, and apply it to the skin. After 15-20 minutes, wash off the mask with warm water.
This mask rejuvenates the skin, making it more taut and smooth.
Chocolate anti-cellulite body wrap. Chocolate can be used quite as anti-cellulite agents. To prepare the chocolate take 200-250 grams of cocoa powder. Dilute cocoa powder in 1.2 liter of water. Stir until smooth and put on the problem areas. After 15-20 minutes, wash off with water chocolate means.
Chocolate bath. If you want to relax and forget for a while all the bustle of the city - take a chocolate bath.
To melt the chocolate bath 200 gramscocoa powder in 1 liter of warm water. Mix everything until smooth. Pour the chocolate mass in a water bath. Taking chocolate bath for 15 minutes, turn a pleasant relaxing music and think about pleasant. Then rinse under a warm shower, blot the excess water in the body with a soft towel.
Chocolate mask for hair. Chocolate can be used not only for the skin, but also to hair. Mask of chocolate hair makes the hair shiny, silky and strong, because it contained cocoa butter.
Take 3 pieces of dark chocolate, melthim. Add the chocolate to 1 tablespoon of honey and half a liter of yogurt. Mix all ingredients. Apply the chocolate mask on clean dry hair. We cover your hair with plastic wrap. Wash off the mask with warm water after 15 minutes and wash the hair with shampoo.
As you have noticed, the chocolate is really a valuable product. It produces delicious masks that cover the skin and hair with energy and relieve stress.