Chicory diet

Benefits of Chicory diet is known topost-Soviet space since the Soviet times. Then it was thought that coffee has a negative impact on human health, and as a substitute for it was used throughout tsikorevy drink. Although today nutritionists have revised his opinion on the coffee, chicory has not lost its popularity and continues to be used in many ways.

What is chicory and its beneficial properties

Chicory - a perennial herb, derived fromgenus Asteraceae. It is noteworthy that, despite the diversity of types of chicory are cultivated only two of them - and an ordinary salad. Slimming used the second, it was his dried roots, which, for a moment, contain up to 80% inulin. The root is used as a coffee substitute or supplement to it. Dried and roasted, it gives the drink a special flavor and rich taste. It is worth noting that in addition to its ability to quickly burn body fat, chicory has a number of useful properties. Is he:

  • substantially free of caffeine, wherebyIt does not increase blood pressure. So, the drink from chicory is not contraindicated for people with vascular dystonia and approved for use in diseases of the heart;
  • has a high content of inulin whichIt is one of the fructose polymers. That is, although sufficient sweetness, chicory not increase the level of sugar in the body. It is this condition more and this causes the benefit of weight loss when plants. It should also be noted that due to this property of the drink from chicory roots can be used for people suffering from diabetes.
  • due to the abundance of trace elements, in particular pectin - fiber normalizes bowel microflora and internal processes of the digestive tract;
  • It displays the body of "bad" cholesterol and radioactive substances;
  • due to the high content of vitamins, calms the nervous system;
  • generally strengthens the immune system, it activates the protective mechanisms of the body and others.

Thus, it is possible to see a sufficient number ofpositive qualities for health chicory. This plant - a storehouse of nutrients and trace elements. But he is famous among the population to a greater extent for their ability to eliminate the extra weight.

How does chicory diet

The popular coffee drink from ground rootsChicory has won many fans among people with curvaceous. And all because the chicory, even if does not reduce weight, it is certainly not conducive to the acquisition of extra folds on the body. The secret of this plant lies in its composition. The most important components of weight loss - pectin, inulin and intibin. Let's start from the most famous - inulin. Once in the body, this active ingredient acts on the processes of digestion, in particular fast carbohydrates. Inulin prevents instant hit of sugar in the blood, delaying it, leaving time for the partial splitting. This process contributes to the strongest release of insulin. Moreover, inulin exposed to gastric juice is converted to fructose, which is akin to glucose is an energy source for the organism, but does not contribute to the deposition of fat mass. A similar action is performed, and pectin, which contains chicory in large quantities. This component is referred to as one of the varieties of vegetable fiber, and they, in turn, is the best positive effect on digestive manipulation. Modern nutritionists believe pectin is one of the most powerful fat burners. It is believed that it promotes the breakdown of adipocytes and helps the body to deduce the fat cells in an accelerated mode. And last but not least, chicory component, which allows the body to get rid of extra kilograms - intibin. This feature speeds up metabolism, thus depriving the body the ability to quickly convert the received food into fat cells. In addition, intibin activates the bowel, removes "stale" toxins from the body. Do not forget about the other useful properties of chicory in the fight against overweight. One should mention his ability to eliminate excess fluid from the body. This feature greatly helps to get rid of the swelling, and in European countries, and this plant does is considered a powerful diuretic drug and that is important - natural.

All these properties are not only usefulpeople with excess weight, but also those who are prone to rapid recruitment pounds. It is extremely important not only to lose weight but also to maintain your weight at the level permitted in the future. With this, the best way to cope is a wonderful drink made from dried chicory root.

The use of chicory diet

For effective weight loss specialistsdietetics field is recommended to use a soluble chicory several times a day for three months. healingandbodywork sees the need to completely replace this drink during the treatment of coffee beloved by all. Throughout the day you need to drink about two to four cups tsikorevogo drink. Be sure to watch out for, so that the interval between eating and drinking chicory was about forty minutes. This rule allows the drink to assimilate fully and disclose all of its beneficial properties. Furthermore, such a gap would not allow the gastric juice of chicory dilute and thus not lead to a deterioration of digestion. It should be noted that the chicory powder can be dissolved in a conventional boiling water and in milk, but with the proviso that it is degreased with a reduced fat content.

Along with chicory diethealingandbodywork recommends to count caloric intake and adhere to acceptable standards, about 1500 kcal per day. Also, it does not interfere with a complex exercise and proper balanced diet. Fulfilling all these conditions, you will steadily lose up to five kilos per month without bringing with health damage.

Chicory diet from a medical point of view

Chicory - fairly neutral product andmost cases do not cause much controversy about the usefulness in the medical community. However, it is worth noting that modern medicine does not consider this plant to an effective fat burner, especially if we are talking about ten or more kilograms of excess weight. Health workers in solidarity in one - chicory positive effect on the acceleration of metabolic processes in the body, but, unfortunately, and this property is not long-term. That is why doctors recommend using chicory slimming combine it with other types of weight loss - regular exercise, diet food. If you use tsikorevy drink and live the same lifestyle - the result you can hardly wait.

Given all this, MipSovetov concluded thatchicory, as a standalone product for weight loss is unlikely to be effective, but its use as an additional drug in dropping excess weight is not more than, and even useful.