Chemical facial peels

The increasing popularity among women asmiddle-aged and young girls becomes a chemical peel procedure. Total number of procedures - and the skin like a born again: it becomes smooth, fade fine lines, acne and blemishes.

The procedure of chemical peeling - itcosmetic procedure is the application of special chemical compounds that cause skin burns. After himpreparatov applied, the skin gradually peeled, and, like the story of a Russian fairy tale of the serpent the old skin peels off and a new.

As different drugs actacids, they help the skin cells go through a stage of exfoliation and cleansing, as a long and sebaceous glands. As a result, after the procedure the cells rapidly produce collagen and elastin, which are responsible for the beauty and skin elasticity.

A chemical peel is the most effective. It is used when wishing to rejuvenate the skin, to feel its elasticity, to achieve a feeling of freshness and gain a healthy color.

Who recommended peeling

Since a chemical peel procedure is serious, it is necessary to use only on the recommendation of doctor-cosmetologist. MirSovetov tell readers about the need for chemical skin burns.

This procedure is required:

  1. People with a strong pigmentation.
  2. The presence of scars on the face, décolleté, hands.
  3. After undergoing acne when the skin are welts and red marks from acne.
  4. For people with very oily skin.
  5. In the presence of wrinkles and other age-related changes.

In order to carry out the procedure himpilinga, beauticians apply different acids:

  • glycol;
  • retinoic;
  • trichloroacetic acid;
  • salicylic;
  • grapes;
  • mixed several types of acid.

Now cosmetologists arsenal has more than 50various kinds of peels. New this procedure became superficial peels when a substance penetrates deep, but it acts purposefully.

Service peels can be performed at any time of year, regardless of cold or hot outside.

How does acid and kinds of peels

Each of these acids on the skin as a burn, thus not affecting the deeper layers. For the skin, this "shake-up" only benefit. After the procedure, she begins to actively updated.

There are several species of peeling:

  1. Surface. Only affects the upper layers of the skin. Peeling was carried out using mandelic acid, retinoic, glycolic and pyruvic. This type of exfoliation gets rid of wrinkles, age spots (superficial). Also peels are struggling with the disease of the skin, as the photo-aging, eliminate striae (stretch marks on the skin). In order to achieve a better result, peeling combined with other species. The course of procedures 5-10, for one or two days will be visible on the skin redness.
  2. Middle. They perform TCA and by combining different acids. Drugs act on the skin's epidermis. As a result of the procedures, it is possible to get rid of wrinkles and scars. This kind of peeling can be carried out for women in old age as well as young girls. The period of recovery after the procedure - 7-10 days, he will be accompanied by itching, swelling and redness. The interval between treatments - one month.
  3. Deep. Regarded as one of radical methods, as the drug penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, acting on the epidermis. Peeling is performed phenolic acid. After a rehabilitation period, which lasts about a month, the skin is restored and the result is fixed permanently. Held procedure only in a hospital environment, and the recovery period as well. After successfully undergoing the procedure in place on the effect of 8-10 years!

How is the procedure

As you already know, a chemical peel is necessarycarried out only by a qualified expert in the beauty clinic or office. Beautician, before you start the procedure, examine the skin carefully. After determining its type, it will appoint a preparatory procedure to be performed at home is necessary. So the skin will gradually prepare for a mini-burn. Special solutions, which will appoint a cosmetologist for home masks are part of a small percentage of glycolic acid. Within two weeks, will be a preparatory stage.

After training in the cosmetologist's office atapplied to the skin cleanser and degreaser then to normalize the acid balance of the skin. The substance is distributed evenly on the skin and then thoroughly, but gently remove it. The skin is treated with a special compound, which will neutralize the acid.

Impact acid on the skin varies from a few minutes to six or more hours, depending on the type of acid.

During the procedure, a person may feeltingling and even burning of the skin. These figures also depend on the type of acid. In any case, these feelings will not be intolerable, and will be quite tolerant.

The number of treatments depends on skin type andits visible damage. Thus, in severely damaged skin acne scars and wrinkles available to take from two to five sessions with a break of two weeks to two, or even three months.

After a chemical peel can not be in the sun, and even more so, to sunbathe and swim in the waters. It is necessary to postpone for a while and visit the swimming pools and saunas.

pros procedures

Most people who have not resorted to thisprocedure, refer to it in disbelief and do not understand how, in a few procedures you can find the freshness and youthfulness of the skin. And it's really true. When the skin is restored after treatment, redness and swelling go away, and then you can judge the results. The efficiency of peeling will be important and will depend on what kind of procedure was performed.

Results superficial peeling:

  • the skin becomes lighter;
  • improves its color;
  • aligned skin relief;
  • stop popping pimples;
  • the pores close.

Results medial peeling:

  • skin gets elasticity;
  • It becomes elastic;
  • scars, stretch marks are smoothed;
  • dark spots considerably lighter;
  • aligned wrinkles;
  • keratosis and warts disappear.

The results of the deep peeling:

  • become less noticeable wrinkles;
  • aligned scars;
  • fully brighten both surface and deep pigmentation spots;
  • tightens facial contours;
  • the skin becomes elastic.


You can not do the procedure in such cases:

  1. In the presence of herpes, warts.
  2. When running much acne.
  3. When somatic diseases.
  4. When the body suffers a cold.
  5. At elevated body temperature.
  6. Diseases of the thyroid gland.
  7. When fresh scars and wounds on the skin.
  8. During the period of breastfeeding.
  9. During pregnancy.
  10. In menstruating.
  11. When available, "vascular" asterisks ".
  12. With very thin and sensitive skin.

And although in severe cases, chemical peelsIt operates all year round, and still want to resort to a procedure in mid-spring and summer due to the damaging effect of UV rays on the skin treated with acids. If the need arose, the entire recovery period, and at least one more month, one must spend at home.

Beauticians do not give 100% guarantee for successresult when performing procedures on their own at home. Therefore, to avoid potential complications, healingandbodywork recommends to entrust your skin professionals.

Mini peeling house

Doctors cosmetologists say that without urgent need to resort to chemical cleaning of the skin up to 40 years, there is no need. But take care of it properly by yourself - it's always appreciated.

These simple and inexpensive homemade mask will help keep the skin and look better.

  1. Take one tablespoon of any creamperson or sour cream. Add a teaspoon of salt incomplete and as much soda. All components of the mix, apply to clean skin. Leave the mask for 4-5 minutes, then rinse with water and moisten the skin.
  2. Rice Mask making of rice grains. It needs to grind in a coffee grinder, but not to a fine powder, and rice to become a "coarse sand". Add a natural abrasive couple of tablespoons of cottage cheese (preferably home) and rugs teaspoon of olive oil. Mix the ingredients, apply on face for 10-15 minutes. When the time - rinse. The cream is applied it is not necessary, as the skin perfectly humidified with oil from olives.

Effective home peels can be made of calcium chloride. Let's see how it is done:

  1. Buy at the pharmacy (sold without prescription) one ampoule of calcium chloride. If the procedure is performed for the first time - take Medications 5% in the following times - 10%.
  2. Before you begin a home procedure,you need to test on your arm. If a drop of the solution a little tingling skin - a normal reaction if this site blushed strongly bakes or appeared swelling - you can not take the risk.
  3. Prepare the skin. It needs to be clear: you can wash foam for the face and clean the skin with lotion or tonic.
  4. Open the vial and moisten a cotton swab. Gently moisten the entire face if the wool dries up - periodically wet again.
  5. Leave to dry up the drug. You can then apply the next layer. Total four layers should be the first time and twice more in the next.
  6. After the last layer has dried, can be"Roll" mask. Ordinary baby soap to lubricate your fingers or a cotton sponge and gently massage the face in circular motions. On the fingers and the face will be white balls.
  7. Continue to roll the skin until it rolled up each layer.
  8. Face wash well with warm water and then cold to soothe the skin.
  9. 9 Apply to face any cream.

Each time, resorting to domestic procedures for the face, it is necessary to do the test sensitivity. Do not be lazy to read the reviews of people who have done such a mask himself.