Eyelash Perm

Gracefully curved air eyelashes - the dream of everywomen. But unfortunately, not all nature equally supportive. Therefore it is necessary to put huge efforts to meet the aesthetic spirit of the times. This helps the modern means of beauty care.

Eyelash Perm - revolutionarymeans for a permanent increase in the volume of eyelashes. The procedure may be carried out exclusively in the cabin. But we shall understand the essence of the question: what is the perm and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Methods eyelash curler

The traditional means of decoration is a mascara cilia. However, the carcass has two drawbacks:

  • short-term effect;
  • propensity to smudges and smearing.

In addition, high-quality ink - not a cheap pleasure. This, coupled with the high flow rate, making its use irrational.

There is another way - thermal. With the help of tweezers can be for a short time to give your lashes the elegant bend. Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended not to repeat the heat perm on a regular basis. Eyelashes are affected by heat treatment:

  • fall;
  • expire;
  • lose volume and shape when moisture.

The alternative without objective weaknessesa perm. This is the easiest way to artfully bent eyelashes for a long time. healingandbodywork suggest how such a result is achieved.

How is eyelash perm

The procedure is performed exclusively in salonsbeauty, because it requires a professional approach and tools. Perm eyelashes like a hair perm. Within 50 minutes of the master reels eyelash curler on using safe chemical composition.

Curlers are disposable flexiblematerial. Product thickness is selected considering the length of the eyelashes and the effect desired. For example, smooth curl results from the use of thick curlers. For owners of long eyelashes, is the perfect choice. Thin rolls perfectly cope even with short lashes.

perming process is as follows:

  1. Removes makeup using milk or other cleansing agent. Eyelashes are refreshed with water, otherwise the wave will not be effective.
  2. Master sets moistened cotton pads or wipes on the lower eyelids.
  3. Rollers substrate applied to the upper eyelid, inIf curling occurs with their use. Sometimes perm is performed using special tongs with a plurality of orifices, the size of which is selected based on the length of the eyelashes.
  4. In this case the "chemistry" is performed by the twisting tool in the form of the letter "C".
  5. The wizard then causes a chemical agent according to the hairline, carefully protecting the lids of the adhesive contact. If we neglect the safety precautions, then unstick the tongs will be extremely difficult.
  6. The bristles are smoothed with a wooden stick. They are stretched along the entire length of the nozzle.
  7. Scoops softener using sterile applicator clean and impregnates the bristles. It is imperative that perm kept as long as possible, to "chemistry" have the desired impact.
  8. Screed eyelashes with the new applicator.
  9. Eyelashes are tested for resilience by peeling filaments. If curled eyelashes, the leveling procedure continues.
  10. Eyelashes are covered by a new fixative applicator. Otherwise perm lose stability.
  11. Withstand a certain time, and then apply an emollient for hair care.
  12. Apply cleaner.
  13. The bristles are separated from the forceps tips.
  14. Eyelids moisturizer to avoid burns.

In general, you should not be afraid of a perm. For many women, this means already tested in the world today. Compared to the expensive ink "chemistry" more efficient and practical. We learn about the opinion of experts on this subject.

Perm eyelashes: pros and cons

Remember the main advice: Similar procedures are carried out exclusively in salons using professional tools. Despite the free circulation of chemical compositions for hair treatment at home is not recommended perm.

Only a professional with a mastertools and aids can give a guarantee of success. In practice, to ignore this recommendation has repeatedly led women to despair. Frustrated himzavivke expressed in the loss of eyelashes, the hair structure is damaged, irregular rounding and other "victims" in the name of beauty.

We distinguish objective pros and cons of permanent waving. So, the pros:

  • elegantly curved eyelashes at any time of the day;
  • resistance to wind and moisture. Resistance factor depends entirely on the quality and growth of hair at the curling treatment. In practice, the effect lasts for up to four months;
  • no need for daily carelashes. To maintain the effect, it is not necessary to use mascara, other cosmetic products. You are free to take a shower and swim in the pool before going out, crying, and even go to the solarium. This in no way affect the elegantly curved eyelashes.

has not done in this case in the ointment is no tar. Here cons perm:

  • inability eyelash treatment by "chemistry" in the home;
  • hair loss in the case of appeal to the incompetent wizard;
  • a manifestation of allergic reaction to the chemical composition. Unfortunately, a preliminary allergy test is carried out, not all experts and beauty salons;
  • grave consequences for skin and eyelashes in the case of non-performing assets for curling. This state of itching, burning sensation in the eyes, the skin.

Making the correct conclusion: despite the excellent result, perming eyelashes can lead to sad consequences as a result of the choice of unprofessional and dishonest "specialist". We strongly recommend that you refer to the proven masters.

Subtleties of care curled lashes

Permanent eyelash perm, by analogy with the hair has a number of recommendations binding. All of them are relatively simple and affordable. To save the effect it is necessary:

  • refuse water treatments a day after cosmetic "upgrade";
  • not stain, do not touch and feel the lashes for 24 hours. At this time, they are particularly fragile and in need of rest;
  • dye eyelashes after two days kind of quarantine.

Perm - a relatively simple, butresponsible cosmetic reception. The procedure requires a strong sure hands, a lot of experience and responsibility. Two days after the perm is recommended to dye eyelashes, because the chemicals burn the hair surface, damaging the pigment. After that, you can freely wash, rub your eyes and apply any cosmetics - elastic lashes are "stubbornly stand up" to its original position even in the wet.

And that persistent effect was not so muchlong and harmless, contact the professionals with certificates. This is important advice, since about 60% of cosmetologists working in the field of beauty industry without the proper education.