Celandine acne

There were times when used celandineincredible popularity among connoisseurs of home cosmetology. Even though it is a very poisonous plant. But today that its medicinal properties are not forgotten, from celandine prepare tinctures and teas, as well as using pure juice, primarily for the treatment of acne.

Use celandine

The very name of plants - celandine, is already talking aboutits medicinal properties. In the first place, these properties are directed to skin cleansing. Despite the fact that the plant juice is toxic in low doses of drug and it becomes a part of many ointments, masks, broths. Their therapeutic effect is aimed at fighting acne. But do not forget that this plant treats only symptoms, coping with illness healingandbodywork recommended to consult a dermatologist, who will find out the cause of the skin rash.

Advantages of celandine:

  • practically has no contraindications;
  • It dries even those pimples that inflamed;
  • suppresses the emergence of a new eruption.

The disadvantages of using celandine:

  • It is a poisonous plant, so it can cause a burn in high doses;
  • skin quickly becomes accustomed to celandine components;
  • It stains the skin.


  • dermatitis;
  • infectious skin disease;
  • eczema;
  • wounds;
  • vascular disease;
  • individual intolerance product.

Celandine in cosmetology

The composition of celandine includes vitamins A and C,malic and citric acids, and alkaloids. Some tools with celandine taken orally, but usually in order to cleanse the skin, rather topical.

Most often, celandine is used in masks for each different skin type:

  1. For dry skin mask is made of one yolk,which is stirred with a spoon of vegetable oil, preferably olive. It is necessary to add ten drops of juice of celandine. All mix well and apply on the skin, this mask will help get rid of acne.
  2. If the skin is prone to fat, then take the eggprotein, lightly whisk it, add a tablespoon of honey and the same amount of broth celandine. Honey will dry the skin and nourish it, and celandine cleanse. The mask should be washed off with warm water, the skin after it is not lubricated cream.
  3. If you do not have time to cook homemasks, you can buy in a drugstore ready-made preparations for the skin. For example, "Bee celandine acne", it includes and extracts from medicinal plants and medicinal oil.

The use of celandine acne

The basis of all recipes with the help of celandine skin care products are juice, decoction and tincture of this plant.

  1. To prepare the juice of celandine, should be cutstalks of the plants by the roots, along with the flowers. Do not wash their need, so try to collect celandine not near roads or factories. Stems should be possible to clean from dust, dirt and mince. Put the resulting slurry onto folded several times gauze cloth and squeeze the juice.
  2. To prepare a decoction of celandine, you musttake fresh grass, if you can not use the herbs, then come up and dried, grind it, take a tablespoon of boiling water and pour a glass. Cover and wrap in a towel, leave for an hour, then strain. You can insist broth in a thermos is also within an hour.
  3. To prepare a tincture of celandine needglass jar completely fill the fresh leaves, if you're using the dry grass, then fill the container halfway. Then fill the jar with alcohol or vodka, and put in a dark and cool place for two weeks. Then strain the infusion and keep in a cool place, can be in the refrigerator. The infusion is used in different ways: externally - moistened cotton swab and rub the problem areas, and internally - in this case, the reception start with a few drops and gradually increase the dosage to a teaspoon. The infusion consumed before a meal, and as a result not only cleaned the skin, but also a normal appetite, sleep, nervous system. Drink infusion during the week, then make a 2 day break. During the reception, the infusion should be consumed as grated carrots and a tablespoon at a time.

Traditional recipes

Celandine for the skin to fight acne is usedvarious forms. Some people just squeeze out the juice and applied to the skin. This method is effective, but need to be careful, in this plant pure form may leave a burn on the skin. It is best to prepare on the basis of celandine home remedies for beauty:

  1. Very popular in the home of Cosmetologyuses lotion. To make it, you need to take two tablespoons of dried herbs, pour half a liter of boiling water, cover and leave to cool for about two hours. Then strain. Moisten a cotton swab in the lotion and rub them to problem areas. The longer the lotion on the skin, the greater its effect. Therefore, you need to wipe at least five minutes. And then leave it, let dry on the skin. Ideally, the medication is best applied before bedtime. Before you start you need to cleanse your skin procedures.
  2. A perfect solution for getting rid of acneare masks with celandine. Their advantage is that they are suitable for every skin type, the main thing - to add the correct ingredients. Most often suffer from acne have oily skin and combination, and it fit the mask dries. For its preparation is necessary to take two fresh cucumber, a glass of vodka and a handful of fresh celandine. Cucumbers need to chop, put in a jar with grass and pour the vodka. Leave the mixture on for two weeks, to the present, then you need to drain fluid. The infusion dip cotton pads, comfortable to lie down and put them on your face, avoiding the eye area. So lie down for five minutes, then remove the wool, wash with warm water and be sure to lubricate the skin in any moisturizer.
  3. Liqueurs with celandine are different. It is used not only by those who insisted on vodka, but also on the ordinary drinking water. To prepare a tincture, you need to take a tablespoon of celandine and pour a glass of water. Put on low heat, boil and boil for five minutes. Remove from the heat and leave the infusion to stand for six hours. Effectively use it before you apply the fruit or berry mask. First, make a lotion, and then immediately put a mask, for example, from a banana. The result will be visible immediately.

But not only the facial skin needs to be purified. Very often, pimples appear on the body, especially the arms, legs, chest and back. In this case, help healing baths with celandine. For their preparation you need to use the plant roots. They need to grind, pour a liter of water and leave for two hours, then put on fire and boil for 20 minutes. During this time, you need to type in a water bath and pour the broth to get ready at once. The course of treatment - 10 days. You can bath combined with other treatments, then the skin will clear faster.