dental care, like brushing your teeth

Nowadays, we prefer to eat soft food,rich in carbohydrates. The teeth are not cleaned, but rather acquire a thick layer of bacterial plaque and destroyed under the influence of chemical substances contained in the food. There is a certain dentifrice diagram, following this scheme, it is possible to effectively clean all surfaces of the tooth.
dental care, like brushing your teeth
A beautiful smile can greatly facilitate usa life. Smiling people have placed their trust and sympathy. But what if the yellow teeth and gums bleed? Alas, the one without the other is impossible: only healthy gums can provide dental health. Therefore, teeth beauty includes not only white teeth and healthy gums and strong enamel. In the past, our ancestors ate raw vegetables and meats, oddly enough, their teeth cleaned during the meal. Eat a raw apple or carrot - and you feel that your teeth become smoother and gums as if "alive". Hard raw vegetables can clean the teeth from plaque and food debris. But nowadays we prefer to eat soft food, rich in carbohydrates. The teeth are not cleaned, but rather acquire a thick layer of bacterial plaque and destroyed under the influence of chemical substances contained in the food.

How to brush your teeth

There is a certain dentifrice diagram, following this scheme, it is possible to effectively clean all tooth surfaces
There is a certain scheme of cleaning teeth, following thisscheme can effectively clean all surfaces of the tooth. The first brush their teeth with the outer side, then move to the inside. Inner surfaces of the teeth should be given equal attention, that there are often remnants of food. And only then pay attention to cleaning the chewing surfaces.
Cleaning should start with the front teeth,gradually moving towards indigenous and back. Commit brush circular movements, with each tooth should get at least 10 circular brush movements. To prevent the ingress of bacteria under the gums, the direction of movements of the toothbrush must necessarily come from the gum to the crown of the tooth. The whole procedure of teeth cleaning is recommended to divide into two - separately for the upper and lower jaw.
toothbrush size should match yourown size. Take a look in the mirror and think for about the width of two of his molar teeth, brush should not be long. Often change the brush: for three months service bristle toothbrush becomes brittle. Electric toothbrushes - for salvation "lenivchikov". Brush itself performs a circular motion, and moves to a hundred times faster than a conventional cleaning brush. However, it is not cheap. A good electric toothbrush is not less than 500 rubles, plus the need to buy replacement heads.

for dental care products

The best remedy for dental care: toothpaste
The best remedy for dental care: toothpaste. As an additional means can be used mouthwash. Toothpastes are curative and hygienic. Hygienic paste only helps remove dental plaque and food debris. As part of the therapeutic and prophylactic paste has fluoride and calcium. Physicians are advised to use both kinds of pastes. In the morning brush your teeth hygienic paste, and in the evening - preventive and curative. This method of cleaning can not only keep your teeth healthy, but also to prevent tooth decay and strengthen tooth enamel. To calcium and fluoride have time to penetrate into the teeth during cleaning, you need to brush your teeth 6-8 minutes.
After the teeth are cleaned, preferablyrinse your mouth with mouthwash. The mouthwash contains a variety of herbal extracts that promote healing of minor scratches in the mouth and prevent the spread of decay.

Massage the gums

Massage the gums will allow you to keep them in a healthy condition, as well as get rid of the bleeding, if any
Massage the gums will allow you to keep them inhealthy and get rid of the bleeding, if any. In addition, it is a good way to cheer up in the morning. After the massage, the blood flow to the gums is enhanced, the salivary glands work better and faster body wakes up.
For massage you need a brush with softstubble. Brushes, which we brushing, have an average stiffness, they are too hard to massage the gums and can damage them. Therefore, acquiring a soft bristle brush, wash it with hot water and then mash the bristles with your fingers. Now we collect in the mouth mouthwash, and hold the elixir of the mouth, gums with a soft brush strokes on the outside. Move the brush slowly for 2-3 seconds in each direction. Within 2-3 minutes to massage the gums need vertical and horizontal movements.
You can massage the palate, and the inside of thegums. Apply a bit of therapeutic and prophylactic pastes on the index finger and thumb drive on the gums, without strong pressure. After finishing massage, rinse your mouth with warm water.

teeth Whitening

We all dream of a snow-white smile
We all dream of a snow-white smile. However boast Hollywood teeth, not everyone can. Before we address this question, you just need to clean your teeth and gums.
But still, how to make teeth whiter? First of all, stop drinking coloring drinks: cola, strong tea and coffee. Whiten your teeth for a long time does not work, if you smoke. Try to at least reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day.
If all teeth are white, and one for no apparent reasondarkened, it is necessary to consult a physician, may be necessary to treat the tooth. For 10-15 thousand rubles can be made at any professional whitening dentistry. Modern technology (ultrasound or bleaching chemicals) allows you to make your teeth white for 3-5 years. There are less expensive ways - on the advice of a doctor you are buying a gel and a special mouthguard (almost the same as in boxers). In the evenings you independently spreadable gel mouthguard, you insert the mouthpiece into your mouth and sleeping with her all night. The gel is well whitens teeth without damaging the enamel, but there are drawbacks - not everyone will be able to sleep with a "foreign body" in the mouth.

Whitening at home

To become whiter teeth, drink more milk
To become whiter teeth, drink more milk - astrengthen tooth enamel. Lemon peel may slightly whiten teeth. The most popular folk remedy - an ordinary soda. You dip your toothbrush in baking soda and brush your teeth. The teeth will be whiter than once, but the gums, rough injured soda friction will hurt. Then, soda literally peels the top layer of enamel. If you brush your teeth with baking soda once a month, you can quickly thin the enamel. It will increase the sensitivity of the enamel, and any hot-cold dish will be for you a real torture.
Action whitening toothpastes likeaction soda - abrasives in toothpastes containing the enzymes and affecting the color of the teeth. It is not recommended to use such pastes for a long time - in fact the enamel sensitivity will gradually increase.
If you are interested in the question of bleaching, healingandbodywork, besides those already above, brings to your attention the article "How to whiten your teeth."

Beautiful smile - this is one of the components of yourhealth and self-confidence. Therefore, do not leave the care of your teeth later. Pay due attention to the teeth, brush them in the morning and evening, and rinse your mouth after every meal. To paraphrase a famous saying, we can say: healthy teeth, not those who are treated well, and those for whom permanent and well looked after. Then each visit to the dentist will not be for you something awful, are associated with painful sensations.
Healthy teeth and gorgeous white smile in your hands!