Face Care (advice for women)

Skin Care - one of the aspirations in lifeWomen, through which she tries to look beautiful and attractive. Cosmetics, street dust, problem skin - all this lies a great burden on our skin and requires appropriate care.
Face Care (advice for women)
Skin Care - one of the aspirations in lifeWomen, through which she tries to look beautiful and attractive. Cosmetics, street dust, problem skin - all this lies a great burden on our skin and requires appropriate care. A wide variety of cosmetic means intended to help improve the condition of the skin, refresh and rejuvenate it. Today, the range and affordable prices allow everyone to choose the right set of tools for facial care, depending on age and skin type.
But choose something concrete is not always easy. Skin type may vary with age, a change in seasons, and therefore disorders in the organism. And even if you know what your skin type is, unequivocally recommend a specific day cream or other means for skin care is not possible. The individuality of each organism requires consultation with a beautician and a certain proportion of the experiments.

Caring for normal skin of the face

Moisturizing Day Cream Mary Kay with SPF 15 for normal skin in a series of Time Wise
Normal skin is rare. The person at the owners of this type of skin is always healthy look, but, nevertheless, requires care. Important in the care of normal skin of the face - to retain moisture, not dry up. In other words, it is not necessary to use soap and resources with a high content of alcohol - they are very dry skin. Especially cherished should treat women for facial skin care age. Skin aging is inevitable, whatever the means used. This process can only be slow, keeping the skin for a long time fresh. You only need to choose the most suitable products for skin care.
For the care of normal skin is enoughuse a minimum of means. But do not do without them. You will need protection from various weather conditions in winter from the cold dry air in the summer from direct sunlight. Then you will not have peeling, tightness of the skin, pimples appear.
In the morning is enough to wash with plain water or clean the face with a tonic.
Day cream necessarily applied before makeup. The cream must be moisturizing, but not greasy. It is also desirable to have a cream protection from ultraviolet radiation.
At night, it is necessary to prepare the skin for the application of restorative cream. For this fit the same tonic, which you will wash in the morning.
Scrubs and the different moisturizing mask, use no more than once a week, not to harm your skin.
To care for normal skin, you can consult a series of Time Wise Mary Kay, a series of Swedish Care from Oriflame.
Take care of your skin in order to maintain it in good condition for as long as possible.

Care oily skin

Gel Scrub Vichy Normaderm night for oily and problem skin
Oily skin is common in many people. So you have to often resort to the help of cosmetic products for skin care. After all, it is necessary to disguise not only from oily sheen, but also clean the pores of excess sebum, fight acne and pimples.
Morning and evening care oily skin is recommended to use cosmetic milk.
Oily skin does not require humidification asmoisture quite well preserved naturally. But, nevertheless, in the afternoon, use low-fat moisturizer. You can try Vichy Oligo 25 cream.
At night, you can apply a moisturizer not everythingface, and only the most sensitive portions. Especially in need of care skin around the eyes and neck. But do not forget to pre-clean the face of cosmetics. Skin care should be applied in a thin layer of a light touch with his fingertips.
For the owners of this type of skin can be advised by a series of Swedish Care for oily skin care from Oriflame (blue tubes).
Twice a week, you need to use the scrubto clean the face then. Then be sure to use a moisturizer or scrub itself should contain substances with anti-inflammatory calming effect. The main thing is not to overdo it and choose the most appropriate for the action of a scrub. Perhaps you selected facility for care will be intensively cleaned skin. And while the lack of sebum can cause him even more copious. A striking example of this is the gel-scrub Vichy Normaderm (night and day), which has quite a strong effect and is suitable only for those who need a deep cleansing of the skin. But after the skin should be well enough to moisten.
As already mentioned, after the need to scrubuse a hydrating mask. With their help, not only to clean the skin, but also increases blood flow to the skin, so that it acquires a fresh look. The main advice - masks should be thick in the process of solidification they absorb fat.
All facial care should be carried out regularly, even when your oily skin will always look clean and well maintained.

Care for dry skin of the face

Night cream Oriflame Swedish Care for Dry Skin
Dry Skin Care in youth is minimal. Fresh look, no greasy, almost invisible pores do not cause desire once again to "spoil" their face with cosmetics. But despite the healthy appearance of the skin on the face, it is advisable to use a moisturizer care. As well as appearing in adulthood dry skin, a young man's face needs extra moisture. This will help avoid the imminent appearance of wrinkles, but also and protect from the peeling and redness, get rid of the feeling of tightness.
The reason why the skin becomes dry ininsufficient sebum, ie, It does not form a sufficient layer of the protective film that preserves moisture. But this does not mean that it is necessary to use a very fat cream. Day as night cream should be well enough to moisturize the skin. Of course, contraindicated agents containing alcohol, soap, which only further will dry the skin.
Choose for yourself some care seriesfacial skin is better in those days, when the air is not so dry, for example, in the autumn. Be sure to ask a sampler, dry skin is very sensitive, so you must make sure that there are no allergic reactions. However, such a test is recommended to arrange to owners of all types of skin. The main requirement when choosing skin care products for the face - sunglasses property. That is, the sun's rays have the greatest impact on the aging of the skin, so that protection is important in both summer and winter.
It is important to know that the use of multiple tools simultaneously on skin care can go in harm. Dry skin could not bear abundant layer of chemical components.
Morning procedure for the care of dry skin of the faceIt includes washing with warm water or cleaning with a cotton swab moistened with tonic. Many suitable tonic Oriflame series of Swedish Care (tubes pink). As for dry skin care, this series has proven itself well. If you are young, then to care for dry skin will be better Oriflame tonic of Aloe series.
Day Cream can be any percentagefat, its main purpose - to moisturize the skin and protect from UV rays. Cream Swedish Care Balancing day gel SPF 8 by Oriflame is designed just for this purpose. It has a pleasant smell and absorbs quickly.
In the evening, before applying night cream must beto prepare the person, removing makeup with the help of a tonic. Night cream is different from the light of day only in the absence of filters. In the line of Swedish Care for dry skin you will find for yourself Balancing Night Gel Cream.
Using scrubs for dry skinentity requires a separate Board. It should have a soft cleansing effect, without deep penetration into the pores, as it will cause even more dehydrated. And, as a consequence, there will be an even greater number of wrinkles. It is also desirable that the ground particles in the scrub causing peeling, were as small as possible. Otherwise, the skin will be irritated because of the fact that the Scrub "scratch" your face. In this case, preferably use gommazh - means which cause exfoliation of the stratum corneum is not mechanical and chemical means. You can try to Oriflame Swedish Care Cooling Scrub, everything will depend on your own personal experiences.

for combination Skin Care

Combination skin - is often the result ofimproper skin care. On the cheeks and cheekbones skin is normal, but the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) is oily. Therefore, owners of the combined type of skin is recommended to use cosmetic products for the two types of skin.
In the morning, the best first clean zone T by means for oily skin tonic.
For daily protection applied moisturizer for normal skin. The thickness of the deposited layer depends on the section (on normal skin cream should be less).
In the evening, as is recourse to the tonic, alcohol content, it should be minimal. And then use a moisturizer, and the T-zone is better not to touch.
Cleansing the face with a scrub is recommended that no more than once a week. After the mask is applied corresponding to the type of skin on different parts of the face.

In conclusion I would like to add that both thea favorite, as well as for men, skin care products for the face is better to choose from the same series. Not only because of various cosmetics companies may not be compatible. The main thing is that the series is selected so that the chemical components contained therein have a complex effect.