Facial care (tips for men)

Few men are accustomed to use cosmetics. All skin care is limited to shaving foam and moisturizing balm after. And to your face had a healthy attractive appearance, this skin care may not be enough. Means for skin care abound. We just need to choose the most suitable.
Facial care (tips for men)
Few men are accustomed to use cosmetics. All skin care is limited to shaving foam and moisturizing balm after. And to your face had a healthy attractive appearance, this skin care may not be enough. The more that modern man not only can, but must stay on top. Means for skin care abound. We just need to choose the most suitable.
Sometimes it is possible to resort to the help of a femalecosmetics. It is essentially masculine and feminine care products for skin have almost the same composition of ingredients, the differences often only smells. And all because the skin of men different from women's greater thickness, and the need to protect against the daily irritations that appear after shaving.
The rest remains the same division for skin types: normal, oily, dry and combination.

Shower gel

Nivea For Men - Face Wash for Sensitive Skin
Gels for washing are designed to cleanse the skinface from dirt, which inevitably accumulates during a certain period of time. It is best to use it in the morning before shaving and in the evening before applying moisturizer. Apply to damp skin, then pounded on the massage lines on directions from the middle of the face and then wash off. For washing, you can also use foam, but in any case, not soap. Gel for washing Clearasil is suitable for all skin types. Many people like gels from line Nivea for Men, for normal, dry and oily skin. Of the more expensive luxury cosmetics can advise Cleansing Gel Lancome Homme Invigorating Cleansing Gel.


The process of shaving a man's life - one of the most important. And the process was nice and does great harm to the skin of the person is necessary to use means for care.
Shaving Gels from Gillette
If you prefer to use an electric, it will take only a means of aftershave.
For those who prefer the machine (one-timeor with replaceable nozzles, does not matter), it is necessary to take care of the choice of shaving. Foam or gel - it's as you like. The advantage of a gel that, foaming, it is better to cover the skin between the hairs. And, accordingly, the skin better hydrated and the machine is easy to slip, causing less irritation. The undoubted leader in the production of means for shaving is Gillette. As the foam and gel quite decent quality. From inexpensive tools can also recommend the Nivea for Man: Mild Care (for normal), Sensitive (for dry and sensitive), Fresh (for fat, can be used for all skin types). From luxury cosmetics demand shaving gel Lancome Smoothing Shave Gel Homme of the famous series, is equally good for all skin types.
After shaving, be sure to use funds forskin care products, has a soothing and regenerating effect. You can try a soothing balm Lancome Homme Ultra-Soothing After-Shave Balm for all skin types. Either use the balms of Biotherm Homme series for your skin type.

Daily cream

Moisturizing Gel-Cream with toning effect Vichy Homme MAG-C
Day cream is used to moisturize and protectskin against external factors during the day. Apply a day cream after shaving, with the help of the skin will look healthy, the blood flow will give a person living a normal hue. Especially it will help the owner of dry skin, which tends to peel off. For protection from the sun cream should have a sun protection properties, it is important, even in winter. Furthermore, in winter day cream protect your face from the effects of cold, dry air. Worthy of attention cream MAG-C Gel-Creme from Vichy, it is suitable for all skin types. Also worth a try moisturizer Lancome Homme Recharging Moisturizer, which is suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Night cream

Night cream is different from the daytime onlylack of sun protection factors. Otherwise, he performs the same function of moisturizing and protection. Before the application is required to wash, to clean the face of dirt gathered for the day. It is better to choose for themselves something suitable among the line of creams or Lancome Homme Biotherm Homme. And from a more inexpensive good night cream can be purchased from a series of Nivea for Man.


Facial Scrub by Lancome
The main purpose of a scrub - removing the tophorny layer of the skin. The principle of operation is based on the "scraping" of dead cells with it contains abrasives (crushed kernels of almonds, for example). Apply all over the face, eye area. Once the scrub begins to dry out, or after 10 minutes, it must be washed off. To remove the scrub must be careful not to damage the skin, the remains are removed with cotton wool soaked in the tonic. Use a scrub is allowed no more than once or twice a week, and for very sensitive skin and even rarer. After a few months, especially if your skin problem, with a lot of acne, feel the skin is changed. This means for skin care cleans and prevents ingrown hairs. From economy has proved popular scrub from the Nivea for Man, of the elite - scrub Homme Smooth Face Scrub by Lancome.

Mask for the face

Face mask is usually used immediately afteruse of scrub. It further cleans the face and restores its lost moisture. Moisture Mask is applied for about 10 minutes. First of all I want to note mask Lancome Homme Relax Mask, suitable for all skin types, moisturizes well enough.

The use of cosmetics is not always perceivedman adequately. Often, for this man to cross the psychological barrier. However, using a set of tools for facial care, your look will please not only yourself healthy in the mirror. Believe me, the impression you make on others, like, that will be an incentive for the further use of cosmetics.
The main thing is to choose the appropriate tools for your skin. And then you'll be pleasantly surprised with the result.