Skin Care

Facial care requires us to specialattention. In adolescence, the skin on your face may suffer from acne disease with age wrinkles appear. And so the facial is not only necessary, when there are some problems, but as a daily prevention.
Skin Care
Facial care requires us to specialattention. In adolescence, the skin on your face may suffer from acne disease with age wrinkles appear. And so the facial is not only necessary, when there are some problems, but as a daily prevention. Facial care includes the following steps: cleansing (pilling), moisturizing, toning and nutrition. Everyone has a certain type of person, the use of each of these stages depends on the skin type. The content of moisture and natural oils grease determine skin type: normal, dry, oily and combination.

Normal skin

Normal skin is characterized mainly for youngof people. A good blood supply, normal moisture content and fat grease giving the skin elasticity. It is not much peeling and thus it is easier to maintain fresh and clean. Normal skin is barely noticeable pores absent black spots and red spots. Over time, normal skin becomes dry, which is associated with the aging process. Therefore, if you are given the nature of the normal skin, try to maintain it in this state as long as possible. As a rule, the aging process with proper care for a person with normal skin become visible only after 30 years.

Oily skin

Oily skin is different oily shine,which is formed by generating excessive amounts of sebum. This is especially noticeable in the area of ​​the forehead, nose and chin of the wings. Typically, the pores in these areas expanded and covered with black dots. Define greasy skin can be, if some time after washing to make-to-face tissue paper. If there are stains on the paper, then, of course, you have oily skin. Reasons for increased allocation of sebum may be very different. This is an unhealthy diet and obesity, and severe sweating, and various violations of the endocrine glands. Special care for a person with oily skin is a must, otherwise it gives a lot of inconvenience in daily life. But the advantage is that due to the abundant layer of sebum, wrinkles begin to appear only in 45 years.

Dry skin

The main feature of dry skin - it slowed downthe pace of the sebaceous glands. Dry skin looks smooth, but at the same time may feel some tightness. This type of skin can be as young and in people aged, becoming dry due to aging. Dry skin is easily defined: when you press your finger on it long remained a red stain. Due to lack of protective film facial skin loses moisture it needs, highly susceptible to external influences (sun rays, dry air, sudden changes in temperature). Therefore, for a person with dry skin requires additional moisture. Otherwise, on the face rather quickly emerging wrinkles.

Combination skin

Combination skin is the result ofimproper care of the face. Typically, the skin on cheeks and dry eye. The rest of the face (forehead, nose, chin) is endowed with an increased allocation of sebaceous glands. Therefore, to care for a person with combination skin should be a means for both dry and oily skin.

Now it is necessary to talk about the procedures needed to care for skin.


Peeling - a procedure for cleaning the skin, thankswhich removed the upper horny layer, ie, refreshed skin. Peeling effectively used for skin rejuvenation, removal of wrinkles. In cosmetology distinguish mechanical and chemical peels.
It is important to remember that proper careface, it is necessary not only to choose the most appropriate way, but also to use it correctly. Therefore, whether the application of a cream or ultrasonic peeling - everything should be on the massage lines from the middle of the forehead and nose to the temples, from the chin to the ear lobes.

Mechanical exfoliation

Ultrasonic peeling
Mechanical exfoliation can be done at home, for this special tools are used - scrubs and gommazhi.
Scrub - a cream, which is composed ofabrasives (fine particles, such as crushed bone or coconut almonds) for "scraping" of the upper horny layer of skin. These particles can be large, it is suitable for oily skin. To care for dry skin face abrasives should be as small as possible, because it is more sensitive. Otherwise, scrub cause irritation on his face. Use a scrub for face care for people with oily skin is recommended that no more than 2 times per week. Dry facial skin can not withstand heavy loads, so reasonable care - its application every two weeks. If you have acne on the face or other rashes better to choose another method of care. Scrub "scratch" skin, acne damaging, contributing to the spread of infection in the surrounding areas.
Gommazh milder means for face care. It does not contain fine particles, its operating principle is based on the formation of a crust on drying. And when removing it by gently rolling the fingers scrub is removed along with the peeled skin. This tool is more suitable for face care for people with very sensitive skin.
Brossazh is a type of mechanicalpeeling. Facial Treatments by means of rotating brushes. A person should be free of makeup. With Brossazh not only removes the top layer of lifeless cells and stimulated kroobraschenie.
For facials, you can useultrasonic peeling. Its essence is that the wet skin is treated with ultrasonic waves. The process is absolutely harmless and painless. The advantage of ultrasonic peeling over other types of mechanical cleaning person that upper keratinous exfoliates and not damaged young cells. Ultrasonic Peeling also improves circulation.
Laser peeling is done onlyprofessional in cosmetic clinics. The procedure is "burning" laser upper layer of the skin by laser, with the anesthetic is carried out. Advantages of this technique facial that can remove not only the fine wrinkles in affecting inaccessible places (e.g., skin vogrug eye). Laser peel is effective for the removal of scars (acne effects rash). But after holding the skin must be about a month to recover. The reason is that a deep laser peel is not only the evaporation of dead skin cells, and blood clotting in rejuvenated skin. If you make a surface laser polishing face, the recovery period will be shortened to a few days.

Chemical peeling

Deep chemical peels performed in the hospital setting
Chemical peels are also effectivemethod of facial care. It is based on the use of means, which include various acids. Depending on the degree of penetration into the skin in cosmetology distinguish superficial, middle and deep chemical peels.
Surface peeling of fruit is performed by using glycolic acid.
Peeling with fruit acids (socalled enzyme) is recommended for face care as prevention of aging. Or you can use when serious problems enzymatic peeling in combination with other cosmetic procedures. Exfoliate runs very gently while the skin becomes more healthy. Please note only that for the care of dry skin, it is desirable to use as little chemicals. Due to the increased sensitivity of some of the chemical ingredients can cause allergic reactions.
Glycolic peel is effective in removing smallwrinkles, the effects of acne. To prepare for the glycol peel two weeks before the procedure, a person is treated with a weak solution of glycolic acid. The beauty salon is also pre-applied to a weak solution, and then directly glycol gel. The process is accompanied by a slight burning sensation. After a few minutes, a neutralizing solution is washed off the gel. Perhaps a slight reddening of the skin, it goes through several. After the glycolic peel for face necessarily need to use moisturizers.
Median peeling touches the deeper layers of the skin. It refers to the median peeling yellow and TCA-peeling.
To the yellow peel, as well as a glycol,It is a two-week training. The procedure involves drawing a yellow mask. Burning with more than a superficial peeling. After two days on the skin will be slight redness, and after the old cells will start to peel off and the skin gets a fresh look. Yellow peel is used for face, not only to get rid of fine wrinkles. It also helps to smooth facial wrinkles deeper.
TCA-peeling is carried out with the help ofTCA, its action is more aggressive. For facials trichloroacetic acid is applied and held until a white film on the skin. After this procedure, the redness on the face can hold up to two weeks. But as a result you will not only get rid of many wrinkles, but also make the skin more elastic.
For deep peels use phenol. Its use can be trusted only to specialists, because the procedure is painful, and the wrong use of life-threatening. The recovery period of three to six months. Only people in old age is recommended deep exfoliation.
Up to 50 years, it is desirable to use facial median or superficial peeling.

For facial cleansing needed after the following procedure.

skin Toning

Remains of the cream for peeling removed bytonic. It further cleans the pores and tightens them, thus there is a restoration of the acid-alkaline balance. Tonic can also be used for removing makeup from the face. If you have oily or normal skin type, it may be sufficient to use a care person only tonic. And if your skin type is dry, the toner is applied to a pair of moisturizing cream.

Moisturizing the skin

After that, for a full facial skin careit is necessary hydration. The cream contains nourishing, moisturizing and softening ingredients. Moisturizing cream applied to the face on a mandatory basis before applying makeup. It helps to retain moisture, and the skin becomes softer.

skin Nutrition

Required for skin nutrition gives Mask
To nourish the skin is recommended to usenight cream. Especially such care is needed with age because of the slowing down of all processes in the body. Therefore, to the facial skin got more nutrients coming from the blood, it is recommended to use a night cream. It is as a day cream for face, should only be used to cleanse the skin.
Funds for these procedures should be chosen on theCosmetologists recommendations. After all, every body is different and requires a specific approach. Even people with the same type of leather is not always fit the same means. Therefore, not least in the choice of means to care for the person you need to focus on their own personal experiences. In any case, you should choose cosmetic care, providing a softer rejuvenating effect. In other words, use radical means in a pinch. And for the daily care of the face is enough complex "toner-moisturizer". And only 1 time in a week or two to use a scrub or exfoliation.
And then the skin on your face will always look fresh and well-groomed!