Care of the neck and décolleté

Tracking along, well-groomed woman can notbe ugly. Of course, our natural beauty is very vulnerable and in need of constant care. And when it comes to the neck and décolleté, this care is required particularly careful. Otherwise, by the 30-something age the skin loses its youthful appearance. To avoid this, begin to take care of the neck today.
Care of the neck and décolleté
Tracking along, well-groomed woman can notbe ugly. That is why it is generally accepted expression "Ugly women do not, there are women who do not want to be beautiful." Of course, our natural beauty is very vulnerable and in need of constant care. Caring need Watchers, hair, body, face, hands.
Many women who are doing everything possible and impossibleto maintain youthful skin, totally forget about the need to care for neck and décolleté, so I want to tell readers healingandbodywork more detail. It must be remembered that these areas require particularly careful care. Why?! Because the skin of the neck and décolleté contains a very small amount of sebaceous glands. these areas before age skin, which means that the impression of a young and attractive woman is markedly reduced when there is insufficient moisture. With a lack of care of the skin of the neck can lose blooming as early as 30 years! To avoid this, start to care for neck right now, if you have not done this before, and if you care for the neck, you will not be amiss to find new useful information about more care for this area of ​​our body.

What damages the skin of the neck and décolleté?

What damages the skin of the neck and décolleté
Exposure to cold air. In the winter, spring and autumn should be worn around the neck scarf, not only to protect against colds, but also in order to prevent the appearance of premature wrinkles on the neck. The fact that the cold wind and cold air much dried skin of the neck. A small amount of sebaceous glands are not able to restore the desired balance of fluid in the skin in the area, so the neck wrinkles are formed, the skin loses its firmness and elasticity and sag.
High pillow. High pillow is bad for posture and neck skin. To avoid the appearance of wrinkles, beware of sleep on high pillows, as well as to read lying down.
Incorrect posture. If you slouch, walk with bowed head and drooping shoulders, it will sooner or later affect the state of the skin of your neck. In order not to grow old too soon, keep your head up, because the skin of the neck is straightened and stretched, and therefore does not form folds and wrinkles.
Hard towel. Please note before you wipe the neck. Hard, rough towel is able to injure delicate skin of the neck.


Daily cleaning of cosmetics and externalpollution face, do not forget that the neck and décolletage also need a thorough cleansing. For these purposes, you can not use soap, foam or gel for the face wash. The skin of the neck and décolleté requires a delicate detergent solution, as it is more dry. An example of such means - shaving foam. Oddly enough, shaving foam has a gentle cleansing and moisturizing effect that is ideal for the delicate skin of the neck and décolleté. After cleansing the skin of the neck and décolleté wipe lotion with cucumber extract and chamomile. Then, these areas need to moisturize.


Care of the neck and décolleté
For sale is a huge amountcosmetics for the care of neck and décolleté:. creams, lifting tools, serum, etc. There are such tools is not cheap, but their effect is very effective. When choosing such caring means, of course, it is better to give preference to products of famous brands held numerous research and testing, it is used by millions of women and noted visible results from the use.
If you are over reasonable economy like asoption to care for neck and décolleté can use a moisturizer that you use for face. For daytime suitable cream with active ingredients and vitamins (soybean phytoestrogens, pea, seaweed biopeptid, lipopeptides, licorice extracts, yam, carrot protein - may be included in lotions as active ingredients). In the evening is better to use a regenerating anti-wrinkle cream.
And in order to care for the skin of the neck and décolleté wasmaximum efficiency, choose cleaning products, which is composed of the following components: extracts from seeds of lupine, wood horsetail, camel thorn, carrot extract, horse chestnut extract, oil of grape or raspberry seed. These components possess unsurpassed anti-aging and lifting effect.
Sometimes in life and situations wherematerial resources are very limited, and the desire to look good, on the contrary, boundless. In such situations, there is an exit. A great home remedy for skin care neck and decollete - warm vegetable or olive oil. It is well softens the skin and prevents premature wrinkles. Also, anti-aging and has a tonic effect lard. It is better to apply as a mask, and after half an hour to wash off with warm water. After this procedure, the skin of the neck and décolleté becomes just velvet!
How to apply the cream on the skin of the neck and the regionneckline? Firstly, to distribute the cream on both palms. Throwing his head back, right hand massaging cream is applied to the left side of the neck and the left hand - on the right. Your movements should be directed straight up. Be careful not to stretch or rub the skin of the neck strongly. On décolleté cream is applied as light massage movements.

Nutritious masks

Nourishing mask for the neck and décolleté
For emergency measures for skin care neck anddécolleté using a hydrating mask. I recommend readers healingandbodywork do these masks at least once a week, and if possible, and more. Several recipes of nutritious masks that keep youth and elasticity of the skin.
Orange mask. Clear the orange peel and mash it to form a slurry. This slurry is put on the skin of the neck and decollete for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water and apply skin cream. This mask enriches the skin with vitamin C, giving it a healthy, radiant appearance.
Banana mask. Mash a banana, add gruel 5 drops of almond oil, apply a thick layer on the neck and décolleté. After 20 minutes, rinse with warm water, apply skin cream.
Milk mask. 4 tbsp. l. Pour 1 tablespoon of parsley. hot milk, let it brew. Moisten the mixture cooled in the finished cloth and attach to the neck for 15 minutes, then remove, this mask does not require rinsing, allow it to dry naturally. This magic rejuvenator!

Make-up for the neck and décolleté

Every day, emphasizing the beauty of our differentdecorative cosmetics, we simply lose sight of the fact that our neck, so closely situated to face, too, needs a make-up. Makeup for neck and neck is quite simple - you need to put on the skin of these places light foundation with the help of a thick brush or sponge. This ensures excellent appearance of the neck and décolleté, and thus amplified the effect of the damage on the face makeup. After applying the tonal means neck and décolleté need to sprinkle water to remedy stuck and do not leave marks on clothes.


Massage the neck and décolleté
Despite the fact that cosmeticians opposeself-massage of the neck and décolleté massage - is very effective remedy for premature aging of these delicate areas. Home massaged correctly: do not stretch, not much pinching, do not rub the skin.
Here are the basic types of massage these zones, which are able to keep them in perfect condition.
Tweaks. This type of massage is useful to do before applying the cream to ensure access of oxygen to skin cells and improve the absorption of active substances. Tweaks are made with thumb and forefinger: grab the skin and push it a little bit (but does not draw!). From the middle of the neck gradually move to the side of.
Pat. The essence of massage is that you can easily clapping hands massaging your neck laterally, grabbing décolleté. The skin on the site of "double chin" pat fingers more actively, as this place is predisposed to the appearance of fatty deposits that spoils the appearance of women. You can take a slap wet cold towel.
Ice massage. Massage an ice cube - excellent toning and firming agent for the neck and décolleté. Massage makes circular movements, starting from the neck area, gradually rising to the chin. After this massage the skin let dry naturally, and then lubricate it with cream.

Exercises for neck

Exercises for neck
For as long as possible to save the statethe skin of the neck and décolleté, I recommend readers healingandbodywork daily (morning or evening), do simple exercises for health and youth of these areas. Exercises can be performed separately and can be combined with the total charge. Do not forget to lubricate the skin before performing neck vegetable oil, and after - wash it off with warm water and apply skin cream.
1. Hands put on the shoulders, elbows raised to shoulder level. 10 Making a circular motion forward and back the same amount.
2. Imagine that your chin is attached weight that you need to raise. Raise your chin up, throws his head back slightly. Strain your neck muscles. Repeat the exercise 5 times.
3. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. hands to press on the shoulders, trying his best to pull his head up. On tiptoes climb impossible. Repeat the exercise 5 times.
4. Raise up your hands and the whole body are drawn up for 5 seconds. Keep your head straight. Repeat 5 times.

So, the basic rules for the care of neck and décolleté that women need to remember:
- Go right, keep your neck from the cold and wind;
- Washing up in the morning, do not forget to clean the neck and décolleté;
- Moisturizing the skin after washing, pay particular attention to the neck and décolleté, these zones are inflicting on the cream in a special way;
- Do not forget about the make-up of the neck and décolleté to look perfect;
- After evening cleansing, apply on the neck and décolleté cream, make a gentle massage of these zones;
- Once a week pamper the skin of the neck and décolleté nourishing masks.
Let these basic rules of care will be included in a habit, and you'll always be perfect, young and beautiful!