Nail care

Modern cosmetic firms are readyoffer a whole series of nail care products. Many of these tools are really good, but unfortunately, not every purse ready to bear such costs. Therefore healingandbodywork ready to offer some guidelines to follow that your hands and nails are in perfect condition.
Nail care
Yesterday you have finished repairing the apartment on their own? Or back to the house, where they spent the spring planting? Or change in mountain dishes after a whole army of guests? And now you sit, look at your nails and think about what we need to somehow put them in order. Undoubtedly, in this situation it is necessary to do a manicure, but one must also remember that the nail care - this is not a one-time procedure, and require regular process approach.
The shape and structure of the nail is determinedhereditary, but without competent care, even very good nails may begin to crack, exfoliate. By the way, attention to your nails need to be not only for aesthetics, but also because of the nail can be seen the emergence of internal medicine in the body. Healthy nails should be firm and pink.
The nail consists of the nail plate, nailbed that protects the cuticle, and the matrix - it is visible on the nail of the small light wells. When the matrix cells die, they just form the nail plate.

How to care for the nails?

Every 10 days, do manicures
Modern cosmetic firms are readyoffer a whole series of care products like Hand and Nail. Many of these tools are really good, but unfortunately, not every purse ready to bear such costs. Therefore healingandbodywork ready to offer some guidelines to follow that your hands and nails are in perfect condition:

  • Healthy eating. Everyone knows that the metabolic process depends on what we eat. Try to eat more fruits and vegetables, avoid foods containing food additives and dyes. The lack of vitamins in the body is instantly reflected on the state of the nails - they slow down their growth and become more brittle.
  • Every day, do a hydrating mask formatrix, oiling your hands night cream. Make minimassazh each claw - just a couple of circular movements - a lot of the time you will not take this procedure, but nourish the nail matrix and improve circulation.
  • Do not use nail polish remover toacetone, it is very dry nails and weaken the nail plate. Also, use only high-quality varnish from reputable manufacturers. As part of a cheap varnish may contain acetone. Better to let you be the only one varnish good brand neutral color than a lot of poor quality.
  • Remember how well affect seawater on your nails. Therefore entertain at least once a week strengthens your nails tray with sea salt.
  • To strengthen and whiten nails, pressed them every day for a few minutes in half a lemon.
  • One of the most remarkable care funds forthe skin of hands and nails - ordinary Vaseline. Spread your hands overnight with petroleum jelly, put on cotton gloves. The next morning you will be pleasantly surprised by the condition of their hands.
  • Speaking of gloves. Try any homework to do in the gloves - they significantly prolong the youthfulness of your hands and nails.
  • Every 10 days, do manicures.

Manicure in a beauty salon

For the American Manicure "Beverly Hills" are using only natural paints colors
Modern beauty salons offer you a widechoice - dry manicure, hardware manicure, French, American, SPA-manicure and many, many other different. However, manicures can be divided largely into two main types: the "dry" and "wet". "Wet" is called the traditional manicure, which soften the cuticle in the bath with soap and water, and the "dry" manicure is that the cuticle is softened and removed by special cosmetics that contain a certain percentage of acids.
Manicure hardware feature that the inner lining is removed by a special machine with a plurality of nozzles, also serves this machine and nail polish.
SPA-manicure, as well as all with the prefix SPA,It is a way of relaxation in combination with medical or cosmetic treatments. SPA-manicure will make you a pleasant Muzychko, delighting your nose delicate scent of aromatherapy candles and nails and hands with warm herbal masks, paraffin and a professional massage. However, it is a pleasure rather expensive, so four times more expensive than a manicure.
Very popular in recent yearsenjoy french manicure and its transatlantic competitor - the American manicure with bright entitled "Beverly Hills." French manicure is specially designed to not paint the nails under the color of clothing. There are two ways to do a French manicure. The first is that the treated nail plate is applied to a transparent or pale pink polish, and the free surface of the nail plate from inside the paint over the special white pencil. The second way is that the treated nail plate, at its end projecting white paint is first applied to a special stencil, and then cover the entire nail varnish transparent or solid.
American manicure is "Beverly Hills"French differs from the fact that only natural colors and lacquers without sharp color transition from it are used for the root of the nail plate to its free portion.

Manicure at home

If you decide to do a manicure at home, you will need to purchase a special manicure sets
If you decide to do a manicure at home, youyou must purchase a special manicure sets. They include scissors with rounded ends, special pliers, wire cutters, non-metallic nail file (sapphire or sand) to shape the nail and nail file special polishing and stick from an orange tree, which has the shape of the blade on one end and a pointed end of the second.
healingandbodywork would like to recall thatprocessing nails can sometimes small wounds, so always try to sterilize instruments for manicure cologne or alcohol. Your manicure set should be individualized.
Emery boards shape the nail, your movementsYou must be in the same direction, so you can prevent nail splitting. It is also important to handle dry nails. Use first a coarse nail file to shorten the nail and give it the desired shape, and then a more fine-grained nail file for scuffing edges.
Then buff the nail plateSpecial versatile nail file, sequentially alternating faces. Your nails will shine and become more flat and smooth. However healingandbodywork recommends polishing nails every 5-6 months, more frequent polishing harmful effect on the state of the nails, weakening them and making it more brittle.
Then soften the cuticle, using a specialmeans. Also you can soften the cuticle by holding your hands in warm soapy water (you can add a drop of essential oil to the skin make-up of hands and nails). Stick from an orange tree gently move the cuticle from the nail plate. healingandbodywork not recommended to cut the cuticle and the nail side skin - the skin grows back quite quickly again and become more dense than it was before cutting. Much better use of emollient creams and masks. So you can every few days, lower your nails in warm olive oil, your nails will become stronger, and the skin around them and the cuticle will be softer.
If you were formed burrs, remove themtweezers, clippers (they have a triangular shape and beveled edges and are available in almost every manicure sets). Treat the Disposal of alcohol solution or cologne.
Now you can apply varnish basis (be careful not toneglect it, if you are using a dark colored lacquers, base varnish protects the natural color of the nail). A can be applied from above and has a primary color lacquer. Lacquer is very light colors is recommended to apply 2-3 coats for very dark varnish on the contrary, it will be enough one layer. For quick drying, you can use a special fluid for drying varnish, which are applied on top of nail polish. Also, in order to accelerate the drying nail polish, you can use the hair dryer hot air mode (here we want to dispel the myth that the varnish dries more quickly under cold water pressure or air).
You can decorate your nails with special stickers, rhinestones, patterns - connect your imagination.
After the ornaments, put on the nails fixing clearcoat, it will prolong the life of your artistic creation and protect the nail on the most vulnerable free ends of the nail.

Keeping all of these some simple recommendations, you have a month surprised how well-groomed and beautiful steel your nails!