Men's Skin Care

A few years ago the phrase "mencosmetics "caused a sincere misunderstanding and even bewilderment. Even today, cosmetic arsenal of men in the best case consists of shaving foam, aftershave and soap for washing. But the use of the necessary cosmetic products helps to preserve not only the youth, but also men skin health.
It's no secret that a few more yearsago the phrase "men's cosmetics" caused a sincere misunderstanding and even bewilderment. Even today, cosmetic arsenal of the average man in the best case consists of shaving foam, aftershave and soap for washing. But the correct use of cosmetics is not only contributes to the preservation of youth, but also men skin health.

Features male skin

Men's Skin Care
So, to find the right tools to competently andprovide male skin youth, health and well-groomed look, first of all, I suggest readers healingandbodywork figure out what are the features of the structure of male skin. First of all every man must remember that his skin is significantly different from the female, so the jars and bottles with cosmetics for women in this case will be absolutely useless. Men's skin is much denser, thicker, fatter and more elastic skin women. As a result, it is less susceptible to premature aging, but at the same time the wrinkles on a man's skin are more pronounced and much more difficult to whatever was correct. In addition, due to the large number of sebaceous glands of the skin men tend to be more prone to all kinds of rashes and inflammations. Nor can we forget about shaving, razor day after damaging the top layer of the epidermis, which contributes to the emergence of micro traumas and the possibility of getting an infection.
Generally, such a necessary and important procedure likeshaving should also be comfortable. Therefore it is best to do it after taking a shower because the skin becomes softer and steams, which significantly facilitates the process of shaving. If you use an electric razor, shaving, apply a special gel to the skin, which would disinfected, and has a healing and soothing properties. If you prefer a safety razor, make sure to use foam or shaving gel, depending on the skin type. So, if you are the owner of a dry or sensitive skin, you should opt for a foam for shaving. It softens the hair, making it easier to shave and prevents inflammation and redness. If your skin is normal or inclined to fat content, feel free to use tonic and gives a feeling of freshness gel.
Thus, we conclude that the male skin needs the most thorough, efficient, and at the same time delicate care.
Today, many leading cosmeticThe brand offers high-quality products for men facial skin care. This Biotherm, and Lancôme, and Decleor, and Dior, and Ahava. It is also quite inexpensive and practical line of products for men's skin offered by manufacturers such as Vichy, L'Oréal, Nivea, Green Mama ...
So, daily skin care for men should include:

  1. Skin Care:
    • cleaning;
    • toning;
    • hydration, nutrition, protection and, if necessary, rejuvenation;
    • Skin Care century;
    • care of lip skin;
  2. Hand care;
  3. Body care.

And now in more detail about each step.

Skin Care

Men's Skin Care
Cleansing. Because of the fairly strong activity of the sebaceous and sweat glands in the skin of men may appear "black spots", so-called comedones. To prevent their formation, twice a day, morning and evening, must be thoroughly cleaned from the skin sebum, dust and dirt. For this beauticians advised to use mild facial cleanser, foam or gel comprising, for example, skin moisturizing components derivatives marine plants or thermal water, as well as zinc and clay, which was purified by fine pores and remove shine. In no case do not use soap; it desiccate skin, which in turn leads to its rapid fading and peeling.
Also, 1-2 times a week after the usual purificationskin advise readers healingandbodywork conduct deep but delicate cleansing using algae and crystals containing menthol scrub. He will eliminate black spots, deeply cleanse clogged pores of the skin and superficial cells otshelushivaya, make it more smooth and fresh. Also, importantly, the scrub can prevent ingrown hairs after shaving, improving blood circulation, promotes a healthier complexion.
Toning. After cleansing the skin tone you need. But it is also necessary to remember that, despite the fact that the skin of men by 60% fatter female, in any case is not recommended to use alcohol lotion. The fact that the alcohol desiccate the skin of any type, thereby destroying its protective barrier. Great deal with it, even alcohol free toner, which is composed of a variety of moisturizing, softening and toning ingredients. Causing a sufficient amount of money on a cotton ball, you need to gently and effortlessly wipe the face, avoiding the eye area. Also tonic prepares the skin for the application of the cream.
Men's Skin Care
Nutrition, hydration and protection. To prevent the formation of wrinkles and protect the skin from the extremely aggressive environmental influences, after toning the skin, depending on your needs, you must apply a moisturizing lotion, nourishing cream or saturating energy, small portions hammering his fingertips directly to the skin. If you have oily or combination skin, use low-fat cream or lotion with a light texture. If your skin is prone to dryness, you fit protective, moisturizing and nourishing funds with more dense structure containing a complex of vitamins and minerals.
I would also like to emphasize that,that being exposed to sunlight, leather men, like women's skin is aging very fast. Therefore, to protect the skin from troubles such as premature aging, it is crucial in finding the outdoors, regardless of the season, regularly use sunscreen, which contains not only specific sunscreens, but also prevents dryness moisturizing ingredients. Great moisturizing cream containing ginseng extract and caffeine, and vitamin E is the best way to protect the skin from harmful external influences.
After 30 years it is not enough conventional basemeans Estheticians therefore strongly recommend the use of special anti-aging creams and serums, which are able to effectively combat wrinkles and sagging skin. Such means should contain lots of vitamins A and D, and also increases the elasticity of the skin, hyaluronic acid. Apply anti-aging agents should also be after toning procedure.
Skin Care century
Skin Care century. In no case should not deprive the attention eyelid skin, because it is in this area the skin in men is as thin and delicate as a female, and almost devoid of sebaceous glands, and therefore most vulnerable and prone to the appearance of wrinkles. Therefore, the skin around the eyes is necessary to humidify a special eye cream, which is the same as a face cream, you need to drive gently into the skin. When choosing a cream healingandbodywork recommend readers to pay attention to the content of moisture accumulating in it collagen and elastin, as well as soothing ingredients such as allantoin and panthenol. It should be remembered that on the upper eyelid means applied from the inner edge of the eye to the outside, at the bottom, on the contrary - from the outer edge to the inner. Following these simple rules will protect the delicate area around the eyes from unnecessary tension.
Skin Care Lip
Caring for the skin of the lips. To prevent drying out the lips, as well as provide a comfortable feeling of softness and smoothness to the lips, beauticians recommend to use a male protective lip balm containing oils of almond, avocado or jojoba. Suitable as a balm, in which there has moisturizing properties of vitamin E, restores elasticity Shea butter, intensely nourishes the skin honey lips. It is also necessary that the sun protection factor was present in the medium. This balm is not only great care of the delicate skin of the lips at any time of the year, but also protects lips from harmful UV rays. This means must be applied not only on the lips themselves, but also on the red border of the lips, which is also often irritated as a result of adverse external factors, such as too cold or hot air, wind, sun, etc.

Hand Care

Hand Care
Fortunately, in our time, calloused hands of menThey are no longer inevitable and a matter of pride. Today, every man needs to know that the skin on his hands should be supple, smooth and healthy. Especially in the winter skin is suffering hands, because prickly snow, cold, wind, and ice water do not contribute to its health. Therefore, you should use a protective daily or a nourishing cream with macadamia oil, hazelnut and calendula extract, which will create a barrier between the skin of the hands and an aggressive environment. Effective will and the means with natural Dead Sea minerals, extracts of pearls, the F vitamin, panthenol. All these ingredients heal and regenerate the skin, helping it recover. A small amount of cream applied to the skin, and then massaged thoroughly distributed on the tips of the fingers to the wrist. Use hand cream readers healingandbodywork recommend at least twice a day, morning and evening, but it is also very desirable to apply it to the skin of hands after each washing. This will help to protect, soften, and even warm the skin, which will increase the natural resistance of the organism as a whole.

Body care

As to the means of body care mennot to mention the shower gel, body lotion, and, of course, deodorant. All of these tools are also necessary ingredients for the modern man.
Body care
Upon receipt of the soul instead of the traditional toiletsoap beauticians recommend to use a shower gel, because it protects the skin from dehydration, it cools and refreshes and helps to restore the natural hydro-balance of the skin. Usually male shower gels contain components such as lactic acid and fruit, which allows deep-cleanse the skin men, menthol, creating a feeling of lightness and freshness, algae extracts, great toning the skin and contribute to its rapid regeneration, natural antiseptics.
Lotion or body lotion are also neededused daily as a man body skin care needs no less than the face. Apply it should be with light massage movements immediately after showering or bathing, after wiping the body with a dry towel. Since most men skin of the body subject to frequent inflammations, the beauticians are advised to use alcohol-based refreshing lotions that are disinfected, cooled and tone the skin. If the skin refers to the normal type, it is appropriate to use moisturizing milk containing aloe, vitamin E and panthenol.
Now a few words about deodorants. It is known that men, women as opposed to, sweat 2-2.5 times larger. This is due to the fact that, despite an almost equal number of hair follicles in women and men, the stronger sex is still more than the sweat glands per follicle. Therefore, the choice of deodorant for men is a matter of important and crucial. Men's deodorants are: conventional, perfumed and antiperspirants.
The function of conventional deodorants isprevents the growth of bacteria in the sweat stand out. Such means comprise, basically, triclosan, chitosan, farnesol, and alcohol, which often leads to undesirable irritation of the skin. When selecting such deodorant must also be remembered that farnesol, eg triclosan acts much softer, which, along with also destroys harmful and beneficial bacteria, which in turn leads to the body defenseless to dangerous bacteria.
Perfumed deodorants are the samemanner, but still included in the composition and perfumes and alcohol (its content is higher than without deodorant perfume). On the one hand, perfumed deodorants in addition to protective functions, and have a pleasant smell. On the other - the percentage of antimicrobials in deodorants such lower and, therefore, protection against perspiration odor effect is not so long. Another bad point is that the high content of alcohol is not entirely beneficial to the skin condition. Therefore, men having sensitive skin, it is better to use special, do not contain alcohol and the odor hypoallergenic means.
Finally, the most popular at presentDay antiperspirants. zinc salts or aluminum - the main active ingredients of antiperspirants - to prevent sweating, closing the sweat glands. But beauticians warn that it should be applied only on a purely washed and wiped dry with a body! Furthermore, in no case can not use antiperspirant before visiting the baths, sauna or during sports! After all, in such places is a natural process of perspiration increases and the outflow of sweat is not happening, so the pores can clog and sweat glands become inflamed. Proper use of the same tools will help you to protect from the smell of sweat for 24 hours.

Daily Skin Care

Men's Skin Care
So, summing up, we can see that the daily skin care for men includes:

  • cleansing facial skin soft gel or foam;
  • toning using alcohol free tonic;
  • shaving with foam softening gel or tonic;
  • nutrition, hydration and protection of persons witha suitable specific type of skin cream. In this case it is obligatory to regular use of sunscreen containing special sunscreen and moisturizing ingredients;
  • application of moisturizing and soothing cream for the eyelids;
  • the use of nutritional and revitalizing lip balm;
  • Regular application of protective and regenerative hand cream;
  • hydration and restoration of the natural hydrobalance body skin using a shower gel;
  • skin care body with moisturizing and tonic jelly;
  • Regular use protects against sweat and odor deodorant.

Do not forget about the deep cleansing facial skin with the help and exfoliating scrub, which should be carried out 1-2 times a week depending on the needs of the skin.

Thus, conducting the abovetreatments for their skin care, each man will be able to maintain a healthy, neat and attractive. After all, according to psychologists, it can provide not only a success in his personal life, but, importantly, also a good and prosperous career.