Care of a body in the bath

Steam treatments have a beneficialeffects on the body as a whole, the body is released from accumulated toxins, the skin is cleaned, there is a sense of harmony of body and spirit. So go to the bath, steam nice and helpful for people of any age. In this article I want to share my experience of using different tools in the bath to improve the properties of the skin.
Care of a body in the bath
"We go in with friends every year on December 31bath "- a phrase, long since become winged in our country. Indeed, visiting the bath like almost everything, from small to large. Steam treatments have a beneficial effect on the body as a whole, the body is released from accumulated toxins, the skin is cleaned, there is a sense of harmony of body and spirit. So go to the bath, steam nice and helpful for people of any age. In this article I want to share with readers their experiences healingandbodywork use in the bath various means for improving the properties of the skin.

Natural scrubs from one component

Certainly, many have tried to rub oneselfsteam room with honey, coffee, salt, healing clay. Today, these products are widely used in the baths and saunas. One reason for the popularity is the simplicity of their preparation and application: does not require any special preparation, just I took the jar and spread. The basic rule: Apply scrub should be at least in the second run to the steam room (not the first!), And after the previous approach is desirable drenched with water. On gentle scrub space do not apply.
Honey for bath
Honey (especially in combination with salt) - excellentdiaphoretic. It turns out that by using honey from the body toxins more quickly and at the same time the skin receives additional moisture and vitaminized. Dosing: in ceramic ware (enamelled is heated in the steam room) to mix honey with coarse salt. During the warm-up on a shelf in the bath rub with a mixture of body. And it is important not just to smear and sit, and constantly rubbing the skin with a mixture of (this contributes to a better particle exfoliation calloused epidermis), then rinse with warm water. Honey with salt is a potent stimulator of sweating. Therefore, within half an hour from the beginning of the use of a scrub is desirable to refrain from drinking (drunk liquid just come in the form of sweat). After using scrub the skin becomes soft and velvety.
Strengthen the effect of honey can be added to byIt has different essential oils. For baths traditionally applied oils of sage, eucalyptus, juniper, spruce, fir, as well as citrus fruits (orange, tangerine).
mask of coffee
Coffee is an excellent natural scrub,which helps to clear the surface of the skin deeper. Due to the content of substances rastoplyayuschih subcutaneous fat, coffee - excellent anti-cellulite agent. How to use: promolot coffee beans in a coffee grinder, but not "in the dust", and to have remained more or less large particles. For use in the bath best coffee mix coarse fresh cream. In the steam room and rub out the resulting mixture to warm up (until it becomes unbearably hot), rinse with warm water and scrub. Constantly rubbing themselves as using honey is not necessary, because the coffee particles larger and can injure delicate skin. The coffee aroma helps to relax. The effect is noticeable immediately after the exit of the bath - the skin is tender, affectionate, like a baby. Do not use this scrub people with "jump" pressure.
On clay, I would like to talk separately.
A friend of mine learned that clay is veryuseful rubbed in the bath, without thinking twice, went over to a nearby clay sand pit (the benefit was close to go). Very glad that healing clay has got it so easily, it is the first trip to the bath made of clay application on the whole body. A fantastic feeling not received and agreed that the most likely to produce the effect you need to do a mask a few times. After the second time in the folds of the elbows and knees skin began to peel off, there was a small itch. Write off these phenomena to other adverse factors, my stubborn friend applied for the third time in the bath clay - itching and flaking intensified. In general, the skin had a little treat after using the clay from a local source. The moral, of course, is: use as a scrub specially prepared clay, which is sold in pharmacies (if you do not live near salt lakes).
Now the choice of clays is very wide, you can find a suitable composition of substances. The color of clay depends on the presence of these or other mineral substances.
The most popular blue clay, as it contains the most complete set of necessary body substances and trace elements (silica, iron, nitrogen, silver, magnesium, calcium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, aluminum, copper, and molybdenum). In addition to cleansing, blue clay is also disinfects the skin, thus exerting anti-inflammatory effect.
Green clay is an excellent adsorbent. White clay (kaolin), thanks to its antiseptic action has long been used in cosmetics, the most like to thin, flaccid skin. Red clay used in the lack of iron in the body. Yellow clay detoxifies and enriches the skin with oxygen. Grey clay has moisturizing and toning effect, a good mask for dry skin.
All these types of clay in our time can easily be found in almost any drugstore.
Mode of application: Instructions for the preparation of the mixture is always there on the package of clay. Most of the clay powder should be diluted with warm water in a ratio of 1: 1 and carefully stir. In the steam room and rub out the resulting mixture to warm up (until it is hot), wash off the mask with warm water.
In our time, often make a mask out of the blue and white clay due to a saturated mineral composition of the clay. The skin after such a mask is well hydrated, do not require the use of a cream.
Use honey, coffee, salt and claypublic bath, and even more so in the sauna at the pool, you would not be allowed. And here it is not only clean, others are simply visitors may be allergic to these foods. In general, these funds better used in private bathhouse.

Infusions of herbs

Infusions of herbs are widely used in bath procedures
Not as popular as the above scrubs, but,nevertheless, have a broader range of applications in the bath treatments. Prepare an infusion simple: just 5-10 minutes before entering the steam room fill with dried herbs (two to three teaspoons per 200 ml of water) boiling water and give a little brew. Infusions of herbs, as well as scrubs, must be applied at least in the second run in the steam room, doused with water after the previous call.
Once the grass is brewed, the infusion itself(Vodichku) can be applied massaging the face and neck, the delicate skin of the chest, elbows, knees. A herbal "tea leaves" and then you can rub the skin more rough: the femur and tibia, back (need an assistant).
can be used for the preparation of infusions allrange of medicinal herbs. You can own summer nasushit medicinal plants, and can be purchased ready-made "briketiki" in a drugstore. If you go to the baths in the summer and there are nearby meadow, you can gather up a few vending field of grass and flowers (eg, clover, nettle, centaury, lady's mantle, calendula, chamomile) and prepare an infusion of them.
From what is sold in the pharmacy recommendreaders healingandbodywork brew licorice (not syrup, and grass) and kelp (laminaria). Infusion of licorice I like the fact that moisturizes and softens the skin, do not even want to use it after the cream - the skin becomes velvety and soft. In addition, he tastes nice (not terrible, if a little hit on the lips) - sweet as syrup of licorice root. Kelp is very useful due to its high iodine content.


the best massage in the bath - a broom
In addition to the various applications on the skin in the bath verypleasant to use massagers. They contribute to the improvement of blood microcirculation in the cells of the epidermis, remove obsolete cells help relax.

  1. In my opinion, the best massage in the bath - a broom. However, you will be able to fully relax, but if you hover skilled attendant.
  2. A broom made of sticks. Make this massager can be yourself. To do this, cut off 10-12 sprigs of black currant about 40 cm long and tie them to one end of a rope and dry. Chopsticks tapped yourself or a partner's back, legs. Despite the seemingly rough appearance, a broom made of sticks "beats" very softly.
  3. Mitten. Can make their own hands (to sew from the rough natural fabric) or purchased at the pharmacy. Mitten can rub themselves or each other, massaging the back of the foot.
  4. Various massagers and brushes that are sold in stores "All for a bath."

Thus, in the bath, in addition to simple saunawashing can be carried out comprehensive skin care. The efficiency of use of all kind of cosmetics in the bath is much higher than at room temperature. I tell you with all my heart: "Enjoy Your Bath"