Is it possible to lose weight fast without dieting and exercise

Well, who among us does not love a tasty meal? At the same time, we are more likely to lie down on the couch, or sit at the computer screen, rather than go to the gym to drive the extra calories. Yes there room, we even go out for walks often. The result of such a sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits does not make coming - almost a third of the population of developed countries suffer from severe obesity.
Is it possible to lose weight fast without dieting and exercise

Of course, a world where almost everyone aspireslose weight, and even without effort, has become fertile soil for the development of various "miracle diets", "magic additives" and other products, which are designed to take away your fat quickly, without training, without temperance in eating.

Should I believe such a thing? Just a glance at the intrusive online advertising results, "and after" as well as the promise to lose weight in two weeks, any nutritionist will tell you that it fraudsters or people who have something to keep back.

First, the extreme rapid weight loss - it isvery bad and no less dangerous. Second, lose weight without dieting and exercise is simply unrealistic. It physiology. Third, it is wary of the different additives, and if you decide to use them - then use wisely.

Take, for example, Chocolate Slim. Yes, you read that right - it is chocolate, which, according to the manufacturer, to help you lose weight. But not so easy as it seems at first glance. Is there some kind of trick?

If we look at this product is thenIt seems that all the components in one way or another help the body lose weight, reduce appetite. But according to nutritionists, the benefits and effectiveness of half of such substances in chocolate has not been proved or is in doubt. The other half can be effective, but not by itself, but in conjunction with diet and exercise. Therefore, even with the "Chocolate Diet" you still need a minimum of training and give up high-calorie meals. You can hardly lose weight with chocolate for weight loss and at the same time to lie on the couch with a cake in hand. But with high-quality supplements that you are using the correct diet and exercise - it may very well be.

So when you next readreviews of chocolate slimming chocolate slim, remember that not all that is written in the network - the truth. This chocolate can really become an assistant, but only if you are in the hands of quality product, you have no problems with the heart and blood vessels, and you are using it, along with diet and exercise. But by itself it is the excess weight you do not deliver.

Moreover, this chocolate for weight loss, as well asNumerous dietary supplements, supplements and potions produces more than one company. Not excluded in this market fakes, unscrupulous manufacturers and hazardous components.

In addition, the chocolate for weight loss, thereContraindications. The full list of contraindications, you can get a nutritionist, but we only say that it can not be applied to pregnant women, breastfeeding, children and undergrowth, as well as those who have a cardiovascular problems or high blood pressure.

In other dietary supplements, and "magic" drugs forweight loss This list may be even greater. Unfortunately, they are not always written even on the packaging, so before taking them should consult with a doctor - a nutritionist or physician.