cabbage Soup diet

Cabbage Soup Diet has earned popularity dueits efficiency. Thus, the efficiency and effectiveness of the cabbage diet is achieved because the cabbage itself is a fairly low-calorie foods. This cabbage is useful for our body. After all, it contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and fiber, which is beneficial for our intestines.

Of the vitamins contained in cabbage,the most valuable are the B vitamins and vitamin C, which is an excellent antioxidant. It is known that antioxidants prevent the development of cancers and slow the aging process. Additional minerals which are present in the composition cabbage, there potassium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus.

Actually there are quite a few varieties of cabbage,each of which has a different energy value. Nevertheless, any embodiment cabbage diet is not limited to any one grade cabbage. You can select a variety that you like best. However, it is still recommended to use for a normal diet cabbage, because it is the most low-calorie. Generally cabbage is not only useful for people who want to lose excess weight, but also those who want to reduce the level of blood sugar. Due to the fact that the cabbage a lot of iron, it is also useful for pregnant women and for people suffering from anemia.

It's important to know!

Despite the absolute utility of cabbage,losing weight with the help of the vegetable can not be called a balanced diet. After using cabbage as the main diet of the product, the human body will be lacking in proteins, carbohydrates and fats. In addition, the possible lack of revenue of some vitamins. And all because of the low calorie cabbage body will be lacking in calories. Furthermore, by using slim cabbage slimming techniques can fairly quickly, but this weight loss occurs mainly by burning liquid and muscle mass. Especially it is necessary to be attentive to people who suffer from diabetes. In any case, readers healingandbodywork diet choice is to start with the advice of a doctor.

Options for "cabbage" diet

Today there are many variants of the cabbagediet. And each of these options involves the use of cabbage for the entire duration of the diet. In this case you can use as any one cabbage variety, and combine several varieties of cabbage. Cabbage is possible to use not only in raw form, but also in the sauerkraut. By the way, sauerkraut is still lower calorie than cabbage fresh.

So, tell readers healingandbodywork all the most popular variations of the cabbage diet, given their benefits and contraindications.

Cabbage Soup Diet for 10 days

This version of the diet is hard enough. It is also called the classic cabbage diet. During the ten days of the diet, you can lose an average of 6-10 kilograms of excess weight. Subject to this weight loss method is only allowed to drink green tea or non-carbonated water. The daily rate of fluid intake of 1.2-2 liters. At the same time, it is desirable in the morning to drink coffee because coffee speeds up the body's metabolic processes. Also, during the diet must be added to food of salt and sugar. Prohibited any bakery, pastry and alcoholic beverages.

Menu options that diet could be like this.

As breakfast only drinks. It can be green tea or coffee. It is also possible to use or not carbonated mineral water.

At dinner suit - fresh salad andcarrots or cabbage soup. Salad can fill with vegetable oil, but still better to fill the olive. The lunch menu is also possible to include chicken or beef boiled.

For dinner, suitable fresh salad. Instead, it is possible to eat cabbage soup. In addition, the dinner menu can also include half a hen's egg or one quail egg can be eaten instead. You can also add any fruit for dinner, except for bananas.

In the two hours before bedtime drink a glass of cold notnonfat yogurt. Throughout the day, in addition to the main meals are allowed to eat cabbage. And do not forget about enough water.


This diet helps in a very short period of timelose a lot of extra kilos. Subject to proper diet, this diet does not allow for a long time again to dial dumped kgs. This weight loss option can be used by people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, but consult a doctor before starting a diet to be sure. Due to the fact that many are concentrated in cabbage plant fiber, this diet has a positive effect on the bowels. In addition to obesity can be derived from organism toxins.


Due to the low carbohydrate content in the course of thisdiet may decrease performance. Furthermore, in humans during dieting may be present apathetic mood and attention impairment, decrease the reaction rate. Headaches are also possible. In addition to the low carbohydrate content, this cabbage diet might not be balanced in terms of content of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, in the diet may need to take extra special vitamin complexes. Actually it is quite rigid diet, so it is quite difficult to sustain. It is also worth noting that during the diet possible metabolic disorders. Reusing this diet option is allowed only after two or three months.

The three-day cabbage diet

This version of the cabbage diet will not allow you to starve. After all, it is quite satisfying. Cabbage during dieting may have any number. At the same time we should not forget to drink enough water. The daily rate in this case is 1.5 liters. You can drink like plain water and green tea. In addition, permitted to eat all fruits except bananas.

Menu for this option can be roughlyfollows. Breakfast is just a drink. This can be a cup of coffee, sweetened with fructose or sucrase. For dinner you can prepare a salad of cabbage or cabbage stewed. As a dinner fit 200 grams of meat boiled. Instead of meat can be cooked fish. For dinner, the alternative is to cook cabbage salad or stewed cabbage and drink all the glass of low-fat yogurt.


This diet provides a good result in just three days. Ideal to lose excess weight to try on your favorite dress.


Not suitable for those who need to lose a lot of excess weight. In addition, before using this diet, you need to take into account the general contraindications applicable to all the Cabbage Soup Diet.

Accelerated version of the cabbage diet

The duration of this diet, you can defineindependently. So, this diet can last from three to five days. Multiplicity during meal diet should be 6 times per day. However, it is very important that the food is uniformly taken in the same time. In addition, subject to the diet should limit salt intake to 4 grams a day, or even better to abandon it completely. At observance of the diets also need to drink plenty of fluids. The daily rate of fluid intake at the same time is two liters. And drunk the liquid is also considered a food, which is prepared on the water.

In this case, the menu may be aboutfollows. At first breakfast we eat cabbage salad, which is added to vegetable or olive oil. Also at the breakfast cook scrambled eggs couples and drink tea with the addition of skim milk. At lunch, we prepare a portion of cottage cheese and drink a glass of tea.

For dinner you can prepare the soup of cabbageCabbage and vegetable salad with olive or vegetable oil and a piece of chicken. At lunch drink a glass of milk or broth hips useful. For dinner you can eat a serving of boiled fish and drink her tea cup. For a couple of hours before bedtime drink a glass of kefir.


This is a very short diet. Its length can be selected independently.


Not suitable for those who need to lose a lot. Also, before the application of this diet should take into account the general contraindications applicable to all the Cabbage Soup Diet.

Diet cabbage soup

This version of the diet is very famous. That's because this version has a lot of positive feedback. With this option, you can diet to lose 6 to 10 kg. However, cook cabbage soup should be a special recipe. So, the day should eat up to 6 liters of soup. Therefore, the recipe is calculated on an amount of soup. To make this soup will need a head of cabbage, green onions feathers six, six small bulbs, two pieces of green pepper, five stalks of celery, 900 grams of tomatoes in canned form, and you will need half a kilo of unpolished rice. You can also add a bit of greenery to the soup. At the end of cooking in the soup add a little salt and pepper.

Menu of this diet can be like this.

The first day will be present in the dietonly the cabbage soup diet. This allowed to use any fruit except bananas. On the second day we eat cabbage soup all day. Vegetables may also be added, but without pulses. For dinner, baked potato is suitable. During the third day of our menu - only cabbage soup and vegetables. During the fourth day we eat cabbage soup diet. Also during this day are allowed to eat bananas and drink six to eight glasses of skim milk. On the fifth day of the diet, in addition to the cabbage soup, the menu include six fresh or canned tomatoes. For dinner you can eat a serving of chicken or fish. At the same time during the day you need to drink at least six glasses of water. During the sixth day in addition to the cabbage soup on the menu are vegetables (except potatoes) and a portion of chicken or fish. On the seventh day of the diet continue to eat cabbage soup. The menu while adding fruits, vegetables, brown rice, as well as healthy juices from fresh fruit.

Importantly, the cabbage soup you can notused as a main dish in everyday days. This soup is advisable to use only during the diet, as if you do not like. This soup diet you can consume only adults who have a problem with obesity. Children and adolescents in order to avoid problems with digestion is better to abandon this soup. Re-use of this option is desirable diet only two or three months in the usual way. Perhaps you are not the first time you reach the desired result, but alternating the cabbage diet eating habits you will definitely be able to get rid of some extra kilos.


A good option for those who want to lose weight and eat hearty.


The taste of cabbage soup is not to the liking of everyone. It is necessary to take into account the general contraindications.

Diet on sauerkraut

The duration of this embodiment is only diet for four days. For a very short period of time, if you follow all of the recommendations can be reset at least three kilograms overweight.

Menu in four days can be like this.

First day. For breakfast, we eat 150-160 grams of curd. In the portion of cottage cheese add herbs and small pieces of corn bread. For lunch, we eat 200 grams of cabbage stewed, 100 grams of fish and one pear. For dinner you can cook vegetable salad, which is prepared from 150 cabbage, half white radish, cucumber halves, four pieces of radish. At the end of yet added yogurt and nuts in shredded form

Second day. On this day, breakfast is possible to prepare a portion of mineral oatmeal. In this case you need to grind cereal with banana puree and add a cup of yogurt. As lunch is a good option vegetable soup, which is prepared from 200 grams of shredded cabbage, apple juice and a couple of crushed peppers. For dinner, we eat 200 grams of cabbage and 150 grams of salmon fillet. Only the fillet must be pre-browned, and sprinkle with lemon juice.

The third day. cheese suitable for breakfast. Suffice it to 150 grams. The cheese can add one orange and a little grain of sunflower seeds. For lunch we take a portion of sauerkraut, and another piece of fish. Dinner - again sauerkraut. Suffice it to 150 grams. Also for dinner to add a couple of grapes and potato pancakes.

Fourth day. On this day at breakfast may eat a piece of bread and cheese. Lunch possible stew portion of fish with sauerkraut and pineapple into small pieces. For dinner you can cook cabbage salad with three tomatoes and a bowl of boiled fish.


The diet provides a very good result for the four days.


Not suitable for those who need to lose more than three kilograms. It requires prior consultation of the doctor, taking into account the contraindications diet.

General conclusions and recommendations

Judging by the numerous reviews cabbage dietIt is one of the most effective diets that exist. With the help of "cabbage" diet is quite possible to lose between 3 and 10 kg. Especially prized cabbage diet based on cabbage soup, which allows for the first week to lose 8 kilograms, and at repetition diet - for about 3 kilograms. However, taste like cabbage soup is not all. However, if you want to lose weight, you can make yourself overpower and eat several servings of soup. Generally a lot of people who used the Cabbage Soup Diet, notice that after it well lose weight stomach and waist area.

However, in any case, each diet isstress to the body, and the version of the diet that works for one person may be very contraindicated for another. Therefore, before choosing any option diets should consult a doctor and undergo some medical examinations at the time of the presence of some chronic diseases, in which weight loss diet can be dangerous for health. In addition, you should definitely explore all the options of any contraindications diet. Grow thin with the mind and be healthy!