Capacity gel nails at home

To our nails became beautiful and long, weWe must decide either to strengthen their nails with virtually free home procedures and regular care for them, or spend money to buy the tools to build gel nails, master technology and produce an independent capacity once a month.
Capacity gel nails at home
Once upon a time it was considered fashionable shortcropped nails. Now the trend of nail fashion changed dramatically, and every girl dreams of a long, manicured nails. healingandbodywork talks about home nail enhancements.
To our nails became beautiful and long, weWe must decide either to strengthen their nails with virtually free home procedures and regular care for them, or spend money to buy the tools to build gel nails, master technology and produce an independent capacity once a month.

We grow long "natural" nails

Even before the "gel" technology,there little tricks that allow to accelerate the growth of nails, making them strong, get rid of peeling of the nail plate. To carry out all these procedures can be at home, in a calm atmosphere, free of charge.
The first and most effective procedure -iodization. The usual pharmaceutical iodine apply a brush of varnish on each nail and allow to dry for 5-7 minutes, apply a top coat of clear varnish. Will no longer be a couple of hours seen traces of iodine, and you can make up your favorite nail polish color. Such manipulation is capable of once a week this well strengthen nails, get rid of fragility.
Bath with sea salt (without perfume) - dining roomsalt per liter of water - taken daily for 10 days to make your nails strong. Remarkably strengthens the nail plate of lemon juice. In the evening, when there is a free 10-minute rub with a slice of lemon nails and wait until it is absorbed. Rinse with warm water and generously apply the cream for hands. Well, salon treatment - paraffin - shows good results. It should be done every month. As an option - cheap pharmacy "smart enamel" - makes the nails shiny, strengthens.
In addition to regular strengtheningprocedures, we must take care of our nails and care for them. Forget about nail polish remover with acetone - it is very harmful to the nail plate. Every day, you need to grease your hands and nails fat cream - let it be the cheapest white Nivea for $ 3. Hands and nails are moistened too.

What is needed to build

Capacity gel nails at home
For self build gel nailsIt will need some investment and a lot of patience. Build your nails yourself is difficult even for experienced masters - always the right hand turns are not as beautiful as the left. But if you do decide, remember that it is not recommended to increase the nails during the critical days. can not be cut off at the root of the nail, because you can not fix the form correctly by the build-up before. Even if you have brittle nails, try to grow even a few millimeters of the nail plate!
To nail will need: form, an antiseptic, a special double-sided blade, nail files (180 and 250 stiffness), brush, primer, clear gel, finishing gel, color gel, UV lamp. In every city there are special shops with a wide assortment of nail service. Ask the consultant what you need to purchase a novice master, and you are sure to prompt!
Many complain about the detachment of gel nails. In my experience - often in girls taking oral kontratsepivy and other hormonal drugs, while taking strong painkillers. Often gel "rejected" in pregnancy and even after severe stress. Although the use of high-quality gel is a relatively rare phenomenon.

Preparatory nail treatment

  1. Treat the hands with an antiseptic. Please note that you can not apply the gel on the cracked, affected by fungus or bleeding nails!
  2. Using a curved blade, move the cuticle towards the base of the nail. Be careful to not cut the cuticle build-up!
  3. Now you need to gash the nail surface - from the cuticle to the free edge. Use a nail file stiffness 180, not much press on the nail file! Arrange the nail edge - it must be an oval.
  4. Next, remove the dust with using a special nailbrush. And applied a primer - a special substance that dries, degreasing the surface of the nail and provides good adhesion of the gel and "native" nail.

I advise you to first process the one hand, to increase her nails. And then the second process. After preparatory treatment can not touch hair nails, skin, different surfaces.

Gel nail extensions

Capacity gel nails at home

  1. Secure the nails form by entering their internalsections under the nail. Next, apply to the nail and form a thin layer of gel to the desired length. Be sure to remove gel residues from the skin and cuticles. The longer the nail, the faster it breaks down. Therefore, to start doing nails of medium length!
  2. Dry the first layer of gel in the tube 30seconds. The preferred build first four fingers, dry them, and then engage in a large. The first layer is a little zapilivajut nail file across the plate, remove the dust brush and put the second - a thick layer of gel. Dry it 1.5-2 minutes. Some artists applied to the three layers of the gel - so it turns out the nail stronger. Remove the mold.
    The gel has the ability to spread to the edges of the nail. After applying the second layer flip hand, palm up, to gel the stack to the so-called line of stress - the center of the plate.
  3. The second gel layer also need gash nail file. So you place a nail edge and align its surface. But before this procedure means wipe nails nail polish remover to remove the sticky layer.
  4. Then you can do nail decoration - draw, jacket and so on. But for beginners I recommend just to cover one or two layers of colored gel. Each layer is dried for 30 seconds.
  5. In ready we put the finishing nail gel and dry for 30-40 seconds. Further treat the cuticles softening oil and try not to soak your nails for at least half an hour.

The very building procedure is not complicated, butlaborious, requires care and caution. As practice shows, the nail often takes a very diligent, relaxed people. But even they do not like to build up the nails themselves. If the client you escalate your nails for an hour, then have to tinker with her for three hours!
However, if you want to learn, go for it. Moreover, in times of trouble, you can earn with this skill.