Brashing face

Contaminated air, food chemicaladditives, the proximity of industrial zones - all this affects our skin, and the person suffers in the first place. But despair and let things take their course, if you notice the first age-related changes, it is not necessary. There are many ways to return to its former beauty. And brushing - one of them.

A bit of brushing

Brashing face Brossazh it is also called - iskind of hardware peeling, where with the help of special equipment is the cleansing of the skin. The procedure is performed with special brushes and sponges that come from a vector and not remove living cells of the epidermis. Movement in both directions, both clockwise and in the opposite direction.

The brushes are made of natural bristles. Before the procedure, be sure to handle them with soapy water and then rinse well under water and exposed to ultraviolet light, so as not to bring the infection under the skin. Move the brush along the massage lines.

This procedure removed the top two layers of skin, it is updated, increasing blood flow, the pores become less noticeable.

Brashing runs thus: before you start you need to clean the skin from make-up and street dirt, then good to steam your face and treat the skin scrub. Next beautician treats the face brushes, massaging with the skin. After peeling, the skin smeared nourishing and soothing cream.

With brushing will be able to get rid ofdefeats the deep layers of the skin, scars and scars. But to make the face fresh and clean - it easily. If the patient has serious flaws in the skin, the doctor may advise him to go through a session abrasive peeling. But this is only for medical reasons.

Before the procedure cosmetologist examines in detail the type ofskin and its condition and develops a unique program for each client. For each type of skin needs its own brush with a certain rigidity. Treatment time varies depending on the size of the plot, which is to be processed, but on average somewhere in 10 minutes.

If the customer skin is oily, then brushing spend no more than twice a week, and if it is dry, then once every two weeks. If the skin is normal, you can do peeling once a month and that will be enough.

Results after brushing

Despite the seeming simplicity of the procedure, with the help of brushing can achieve good results, such as:

  1. Remove fine wrinkles and smooth skin.
  2. Deep clean the pores of dirt and excess fat.
  3. Give your skin a stimulus for intensive cell renewal.
  4. Get rid of unnecessary and harmful free radicals.
  5. Flatten slightly and scars completely get rid of small scars.
  6. It gives the skin a healthy color, moisten it and make it smooth.
  7. Make invisible pigmented spots and freckles.

After brushing the skin is very susceptible to various cosmetic procedures, therefore doubly useful will make nutritious vitamin facial mask.

Brashing face at home

Brashing - is not only a salon treatment, italso can be performed at home. If you are not sure in their abilities, you can invite a specialist at home with the device, and it will hold the necessary manipulations. You can just spend money and buy your own machine, and then you forget all that is kind of tired, the skin is fresh and well-groomed. healingandbodywork recommends that before you decide to spend their own brushing treatments at home, visit a dermatologist or beautician. The specialist should examine your skin, give an opinion, whether it is possible to you to carry out data manipulation, and which use a brush, because they affect the depth of penetration into the skin.

If you still have purchased the device for brushing, thefirst remove from the face of cosmetics and skin well rasparte fallow or make specially designed for this mask. Next you need to put on your skin cream or scrub exfoliation, rinse the mask is not necessary. Now you can proceed to brushing face. Before the procedure, examine where you are massaging the line and when you treat the skin machine, pass the brush is on them. If you do not, you can stretch the skin. To begin with you need to massage the soft baits, so the skin gradually soften and become pliable, then you can move on to the more rigid bristles, it removes the top layer of the skin, removing dead skin cells.

If you feel discomfort, then,gross head does not suit you. Replace it with a softer, because facial skin is very delicate and can be easily damaged. The recommendations cosmetologists say that brushing does not need to spend more than 15 minutes, so follow these instructions precisely.

After turn off the machine, lubricate the skin nourishing cream or oil, they are very effective after the procedure.

Brossazh recommended courses onecourse consists of 10 treatments, frequency of execution - 2 times a week. Between courses must pass a minimum of 3 months with a thin skin and 2 months if you have rough skin. Exfoliation does not require for a special time of the year, but more successful way to do it in the winter, but in spring and summer, warm autumn have to treat him gently.

The device is sold in many specializedstores and online stores, its value is high enough, but when you consider that you do not have now, to make peeling face to go to a salon, it justifies itself. Incidentally, brushing do not only for the person but also to other areas of the body.

Indications and contraindications

The main indications for brushing canhighlight the most important - is the loss of skin tone, when she looks flabby and sagging. Due to the fact that the peeling brush moving it along the massage points, they thus increase the elasticity of the skin. At the same time the nozzle is removed from the time and pockmarks, after traces of acne and other roughness. Of course, in a single session global changes are not very noticeable on the skin, but after the first course passed the result will be "face" in the truest sense of the word.

If we talk about contraindications, the mostsignificant of them - it is during pregnancy, because at this time the skin is quite sensitive and it can be easily damaged, so it would be better to postpone the peeling and after giving birth to a new strength to do.

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to whattype includes your skin. If a sensitive, then this procedure would be better not to hold, because possible skin irritation. Also, you do not need to do brushing, if you have any inflammation or other skin damage and disease.

It may be completely useless procedurebrushing for women who have deep wrinkles, because the brush is removed only the top layers of the epidermis horny, and does not affect the deep. Of course, the face of all will still look fresh. During the procedure, you should feel lighter and even something pleasant, so if I have conflicting feelings, then you need to immediately stop the peeling. In any case, before the procedure, refer to the good doctor, to protect themselves from possible unpleasant consequences, and then brushing will only benefit.