Breathing exercises for weight loss

Believe it or not, but many people,wishing to lose weight and having all of the evidence for this, in no hurry to exercise only because of its self-doubt. They so do not believe in their own strength, that are pre-configured to defeat.

To help insecure peopleWe have developed a special technique that will burn the hateful kilos even in the absence of targeted exercise. And today healingandbodywork shares with her readers all the secrets of this unusual method of weight loss.

To breathe, to live

Proper breathing is much more effective than jogging, much more effective the most popular diets. Moreover, the distortion of the "take a breath" of the process leads to an increase in volumes.

Unfortunately, wrong and defective our breath makes absolutely no factors beyond our control:

  1. The total atmospheric pollution and climate"Shifts" inexorably reduce the amount of oxygen that we breathe. Indicators, at first glance, ridiculous - only 0.002% of the total decrease (21%) content of the colorless gas, but nevertheless even such dynamics on a global scale promises to humanity is not bright prospects. The world's leading oncologist Otto Warburg said that one of the major causes of cancer is a lack of oxygen in the environment and, as a consequence, in the body.
  2. The life of modern man is woven from stress anda pinch of calm. This alignment makes us breathe automatically not as nature intended. Instead of a leisurely inhaling deeply with full relaxation of the diaphragm person does a series of short and shallow, sometimes convulsive breaths during intense diaphragm. For such "automatic" error body pays anoxia, inhibited metabolism and a couple of extra kilos.

How do breathing exercises for weight loss

  1. Oxygen, which absorb fluffdigestive tract and helps the body to absorb nutrients, improves efficiency and increases the metabolic rate. Due to the shallow breathing oxygen gastrointestinal tract is not enough - more than 70% of the deteriorating quality of lint consume nutrients from food. If GI provide sufficient oxygen absorption rate of the desired substances increases by as much as 30% and is restored within a few minutes!
  2. Oxygen provides the body of ATP moleculesalkaline (pH greater than 7) necessary for their normal life. This is so important because of the fact that the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) are directly involved in the timely digestion of food to energy portions "cocktails" for complete metabolism in the body.
  3. Oxygen "clean" cells and tissues from the harmful forhealth and shape toxins. Last trigger thyroid disease, adrenal disease in the work, reducing the synthesis of growth hormone. To protect these organs from potential danger, the body in a panic begins to form fat depots for the "preservation" of these harmful substances. More than half of toxins under the influence of a smooth and deep breathing gases and are removed from the body with the breath.
  4. The oxygen oxidizes the fatty compound thuscontributing to their rapid degradation. 25% of the total volume of the human lung is inactive due to improper breathing. This means, if you force the lungs to use their size and potential to the full, weight loss will not keep you waiting long.
  5. A sufficient amount of oxygen has a sedative effect on the nervous system, improves resistance to stress.

Now that you understand how important it is to learn to breathe properly again?

Do you breathe correctly?

To understand this, a simple experiment. Put one hand on your chest, the second - in the stomach. Relax and begin to breathe - as you normally would. Take 4-5 breaths.

Notice how the hands move on the surfaces of your body:

Proper breathing - the hand on the chest remained motionless, and placed on his stomach in the breathing cycle was moving up and down. This is a deep abdominal breathing.

Improper breathing - movement of his arms significantly prevail over the movements of his hands on his stomach. This type of superficial chest breathing.

Do not be discouraged if you find that your breathing technique does not meet standards - with the help of breathing exercises can improve the situation in a jiffy!

Foundations of breathing exercises

Today there are many breathing techniques (Bodyflex, oksisayz, Strelnikova breathing exercises, etc..), Aimed at strengthening the overall health and weight loss in particular.

Your primary task - to learn the correctbreathing with the abdomen, which is the basis of all modern breathing practices. Before doing the exercises, make sure that the room was ventilated and the air is moist enough it (to do this a couple of "zilch" spray). Lie on your back, placing no fat (do not hinder the free breathing) in his book on his stomach under the diaphragm. Pull the air nose so hard to stomach swelled like a drum. The book should rise to the stomach. Now lower the stomach, slowly exhaling through the nose. Press book to the abdomen, as if the air squeeze residues. For the duration of the exhalation should be more than a breath. So your body get rid of harmful toxins. Ideally, this type of breathing is necessary to make an unconscious habit.

In order to achieve a slim and toned bodybeautiful complexion perform breathing exercises in the morning, afternoon and evening for 10 sets. Stand with legs apart shoulder width apart, hands loosely arranged along the body. Slowly retract the air nose for two counts - feel as relaxed abdominal muscles, inhale when the level reaches the stomach. Eight bills, stop breathing, then exhale nose into four accounts.

After a couple of weeks of hard training youYou feel that your lungs are "grown": fill the stomach with air you will be at 4 and even 6 accounts. Now you can safely breathe, stopping breathing for 16-24 account. Exhale increase to 8-12 accounts. Exercise will not take much of your time, moreover, they will help you get rid of the "afternoon" calories.

Before you sit down, do 10breaths, which will establish the process of digestion. To do this, stand up, relax and breathe deeply as deep as you can. At the same time pull the head back to your eyes at the ceiling. After a moment's pause, to make an effort exhale so that the throat broke the sound "ha".

Walk every day away from busy roadsand streets. While walking for 5-7 minutes, breathing, utilizing only the nose. So the body more fully saturated with oxygen. Do not forget about the health of "abdominal" breathing, even if all the envy of your slim figure. Experts studying the effect of oxygen deficiency on the natural functions of the body, say that more than 70% of the diseases that people face, it is caused by improper breathing technique.