Bran for weight loss

Why not just take plump ladies,to move closer to their goals and to squeeze into tight jeans. Physical exercise, injections, green coffee and "hungry" diet - nothing helps. So maybe it is worth paying attention to the advice of nutritionists and start to eat in a balanced manner? Just bran will help get rid of the accumulated toxins, and thus remove the excess.

For the sake of getting rid of the extra kilos, manygirls are ready for everything: hard diet, starvation, exclusion from the diet of fat and salt, training on simulators. After a sharp shake the body becomes confused and the results of hard work can be seen at once, "there" - the skin becomes flabby, tired, becomes gray. It happens, and vice versa, there is a strong eruption, and not only on the face. On the negative consequences could fill a book as a result of rapid weight loss and irregular tactics. MirSovetov offers not waste time in vain and get familiar with a simple and effective method of weight loss with the help of bran.

Bran for weight loss

From the grain kernel extract (content) for cereals and flour. What is left after grinding - is the bran, which can be a dietary supplement to our daily diet.

If you delve into the study of the waste after usegrind grain for the human body, it is possible to determine that the product is almost 10 times higher than the value of the grain. It turns out that the nutrients in the cereals and flour is not more than 10%, and 90% contained in the shell of the grain, that is - in the bran. Therefore, the rest of the grain mill shell was so popular a few centuries ago. For example, our ancestors rarely baked bread made with white flour, perhaps only on holidays. But from peeled flour - every day. Such bran bread helps get rid of many problems, including the strengthening of the intestinal peristalsis, and cleansing of the body.

The bran contains a large amount of usefultrace elements: iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, fluorine and others, as well as vitamins B, E and A. A valuable element in the bran - fiber, that it makes the intestines work hard, and thus get rid of accumulated toxins. Action bran soft, they "work" on the principle of the brush - gently cleanse your body of excess toxins.

As "working" bran?

Wide range of applications can be usedbran not only as a dietary product. Unsightly appearance on cereal waste a good clean body from the inside, and are also used to improve the skin condition. From bran can prepare an infusion, decoction, or make a face mask.

What happens to a man when he eatsa portion of the bran? Getting into the esophagus, they swell and contribute to the promotion of feces. In addition, compacted masses become loose, the intestine is emptied in a natural way without the use of laxatives and enemas. This cleansing will be useful for people suffering from peptic ulcer, gastritis and colitis.

If you regularly take bran, something about thisproblem, as constipation can forget. In addition, it is very important that after the cessation of eating bran defecation reflex to recover on their own.

In addition to cleaning properties of bran have yetone important quality - they interfere with the absorption of nutrients into the blood, caught in the intestines. In simple words we can say this: if you ate a large portion of the food, the bran reduce its calorie content and will contribute to the slow absorption of products. It turns out that the person for a long time will not feel hunger. This is a rare combination of two properties - appetite control and calorie reduction. MipSovetov wants to warn readers that we should not seek to absorb a large portion of the high-calorie food, in the hope that the bran will "work." The measure must be followed in all.

What is better to eat bran?

On supermarket shelves, you can see a fewbran types: oats, wheat, rice, rye, buckwheat, and even millet. Each of them carry some benefit, but are considered to be most effective only 3 types:

  • oatmeal;
  • wheat;
  • rye.

Consider the effect of each type of bran diet:

  1. Oat flakes. This ingredient can be found in the list of many diets. Flakes are a part of the main ingredients Ducane diet. The flakes of oats contain beta-glucan, which supports the body's normal cholesterol levels. Regular consumption of oat bran helps to detoxify harmful substances and toxins. This cleansing will help to throw a few extra kilos. Oat bran is not without reason called the "beauty product", because after eating bran clears skin, improves the condition of hair and nails. Oat bran are the ideal product for those who wish not only to become slimmer, but also to become beautiful. Among the list of useful properties of oat bran can be identified as follows: bran help establish digestion and even get rid of constipation during pregnancy, they have a positive effect on brain activity. It turns out that eating a serving of bran, you can work longer and not get tired. Furthermore, bran improve mood and memory.
  2. Wheat bran contains a large number ofinsoluble fibers that gently stimulate the intestines. The use of wheat bran can help control hunger. At a cost they are a bit cheaper than oat. Nutritionists recommend to mix oat bran with wheat, to effectively act on the body. It is also helpful to alternate - a few days you can eat oat bran, and then go to the wheat.
  3. Rye bran - a source of insoluble fiber. It cleans the body. Nutritionists recommend regularly eat bran for people suffering from obesity, atherosclerosis and diabetes. It is noteworthy that rye bran will help you not only lose weight, but also to establish the potency in men of mature age.

How to use the bran to lose weight?

First you need to learn the following: together with the bran is necessary to drink plenty of fluids. On the day you need to drink at least 2-2.5 liters of water. Depending on the initial weight, the amount of liquid can be increased to 3 liters. This is very important because without enough liquid bran are poorly excreted from the body, and instead of the expected relief of constipation can be obtained.

To reduce appetite as follows: 15 minutes before the meal (lunch or dinner), pour 1 tbsp. l. bran 150 ml of water. Wait until the bran swell and eat a lot of this. Wash down and 1 cup of purified water. After 10 minutes, you can start eating. Of course, bran can not be called delicious, but the result is stunning.

Peeled corn can be eaten and howa separate dish - for breakfast or dinner. The product can be dissolved in kefir, yogurt, juice or warm milk. Ready useful bran mixed with low-fat cottage cheese, add the cinnamon powder, berries and fruit pieces.

If you want to enjoy a meal, it is possible to combine useful with tasty foods. For example, add a little swollen finished bran porridge, soup, meat or fish dishes.

From bran can make health drink: Take 1 liter of water, add 1 cup of bran, mix, boil on low heat for 15 minutes. After the broth need to strain and take half a glass before a meal, but not more than 3 times a day.

If your goal - to lose weight, then you canreplace 1 or 2 meals and eat 1 tbsp. l. bran. They can be eaten with cheese or low-fat yogurt. To improve the taste, are allowed to add a bit of honey or fruit.

For the body to adapt and gradually getting rid of toxins, it is necessary to start with a small amount of bran. Start with 1 tbsp. l. and gradually increase the amount of bran to 3 Art. l.

You can arrange a fasting day - during the dayEat 3 tablespoons (Morning, afternoon and evening) steamed bran, drinking yogurt. The total amount of sour milk drink - 1.5 l. Drinking water may be unlimited, but not less than 2 liters per day.

And whether there are contraindications?

Eat bran should be correct, because theyremoval of residues and beneficial bacteria. So do not get carried away. Maximum duration - 3 weeks, then a break for 1-2 months, then you can repeat the course again.

If you have problems with the stomach and intestines (ulcer, adhesion, erosion), before use of bran is advisable to consult with your doctor.

Bran has prohibited people with protein intolerance (celiac disease).

In the pursuit of harmony, try notto overdo it, it is better to take a day not more than 3 Art. l. bran, but great feel than dosage exceed permissible and have unpleasant symptoms of bloating and flatulence.