Botox - injections of youth

Wrinkles do not decorate a woman. They give the age, character, habits. But, unfortunately, even the professional skin care will not be able to make us forever young. How to get rid of wrinkles with botox injections, I tell in the article. Only once it should be noted that their effectiveness is strictly individual. But with each subsequent prick effect "accumulate".
Wrinkles do not decorate a woman. They give the age, character, habits. But, unfortunately, even the professional skin care will not be able to make us forever young. How to get rid of wrinkles with injections of youth, tells healingandbodywork.
Recently, a real raging in Europe"Botoksny boom." Try to imagine a miracle cure against wrinkles in a hurry, even twenty years women and girls at the age of just becoming dependent on injections of youth.

What is Botox

Botox - a poison. Neurotoxin, weakened and cleared tiny dose which can cause muscle paralysis. It sounds, in my opinion, frightening. But, in fact, not so scary. Botox is used for many years in cosmetics and much more. Its action is based on the blocking of signals between nerves and muscles. That is, you want to move out of habit eyebrows, eyebrow muscles but this "team" is simply not "income". Through this mechanism, you can make your muscles do not work, and, respectively, and "turn off" the mechanism of the formation of wrinkles. Botox also treat excessive sweating, proctology and various ophthalmic diseases, migraine and even cerebral palsy.

The effectiveness of injection of youth

Botox - injections of youth
It should be noted that the effectiveness of Botox strictlyindividual. In some muscles lock persists for 7-8 months, and the other is missing for three weeks. However, the effect of the injection appears almost instantly - small wrinkles disappear completely, the deep by 75%. With each subsequent prick effect "accumulate" and amplified, although the drug is water-soluble and easily excreted from the body. The injections are painless - used insulin syringe and a local anesthetic.
The procedure lasts approximately 10-20 minutes. And immediately after the injection, you can lead an active life. However, during the first two weeks is not recommended to sunbathe, drink alcoholic beverages, take antibiotics and some other medications. No age restrictions, however, cosmetic Botox injections prohibited for minors. Optimum use of the procedure after 30 years, when there is an active process of wrinkling.
The body gets used to botox, so do notIt requires a gradual increase in the dose. But the psychological addiction is very possible. Having experienced the effect of beauty shots, many of the "addicted" and can not stop - to see myself again with wrinkles nobody wants. However, experts argue that the mimicry fades after a few injections and wrinkles are smoothed.
Botox - injections of youth
Especially noticeable effect of Botox in the neck area andneck, between the eyebrows, around the eyes (disappear "crow's feet"). Excellent eliminated and fine wrinkles on the upper lip. But for the nasolabial folds, chin, and cheeks forecasts are not so happy. For them, the better to pick another cosmetic procedure.
Dysport - Botox is manufactured in France. If you offer a cheaper injection Lantoksa - play it safe. This drug is manufactured in China and gives a faint, not long-lasting effect.
Do not think that making a shot, you will forget about skin care face and neck. His, by the way, has not been canceled!
I would also like to advise young girlsdo botox injection in 18-20 years. At such a young age wrinkles, with rare exceptions, it is not yet the case. If the wrinkles begin to form, do some face-lifting, control facial expressions, try folk remedies. For those who need instant lifting, I can advise salon treatment "silk yarn" - soft and gentle.

The effects and contraindications

Botox - injections of youth
Magic injection is not so harmless. According to the network for a long time "walk" horror stories about oplyvshih after injection persons immobilized eyelids, puffy eyes. The thing as Botox and skill cosmetologist. Properly made of quality injection product will give you the result. The slightest mistake is - is fraught with complications. Bruises, drooping eyebrows, eyelids spasm, stiffness mouth, headache (all of which will take place in three weeks) - this is not a complete list of them. But the "right" injection helps reduce oily skin and even cures headache.
Botox - not a cheap pleasure. Do not try to save, refer to specialists in their field, we are talking about your face and even life.
To ensure the success of the procedure can not evensolid in clinics. Individual intolerance, insensitivity, incorrectly selected zone injection - this does not zastrahueshsya. So do not be lazy to spend time searching for a great professional. You will be online, real friends. The doctor should be graduated: get, Botox - a poison. One mistake and the consequences can be very unpleasant. I do not argue, and recorded deaths in the world. However, in those cases, the overdose was recorded case of improper administration of Botox.
The very procedure can not be carried out if:

  • you critical days you are pregnant or breastfeeding;
  • the skin has ulcers, herpes rash, you're psoriasis;
  • you have a strong myopia, chronic kidney disease, liver or lungs;
  • impaired blood clotting;
  • you are taking antibiotics, anticoagulants, aspirin, tetracycline drugs, calcium supplements, contraceptives;
  • Individual protein intolerance.

From personal experience I would say that between the eyebrows wrinkleperfectly smoothed. After the first injection, the effect lasted for almost 8 months after the second injection was more than a year and a half, but the wrinkle hardly visible and easily concealed creams. Familiar to do injections in the area of ​​"crow's feet" - only lasted for three months. If you cut away several points on the face, facial expression changes significantly. I saw an example where wrinkles are simply moved from the temple to the cheek. The main thing is to find a good beautician in a solid clinic. Ask to make several injections immediately. Cool specialist will tell you where Botox is effective and what is not, mention contraindications. And maybe it tells you it is too early to resort to such drastic measures.
In any case, Botox - the perfect remedy for wrinkles. None cream does not give such effect! Be beautiful!