Biorevitalization, skin rejuvenation

Perhaps each first lady femalesupport Frenchwoman Brigitte Bardot, who once said: "There is no harder work than try to look beautiful with eight in the morning till midnight!". How to maintain the attractiveness and youth, I think each. Today, a lot of procedures that can restore the beauty. Another thing is that they have more - benefit or harm?
Perhaps each first lady femalesupport Frenchwoman Brigitte Bardot, who once said: "There is no harder work than try to look beautiful with eight in the morning till midnight!". Wrinkles, acne, rosacea thread nasolabial folds and whatnot poison the lives of modern women. How to keep youth and attractiveness, I think each. Today, a lot of procedures that can restore the beauty. Another thing is that they have more - benefit or harm? But there is a unique non-invasive technology of skin rejuvenation and healing, which needs to know any woman, and, by the way, taking care of their appearance and health of a man. Name it - biorevitalization. healingandbodywork offers you to get acquainted with all the secrets of this popular procedure.

The method

Single decipher the word "biorevitalization". "Bio" - from the Greek "life" means the relatedness to living organisms; "D" - the return, recovery, "vita" - Latin for "life." I mean the natural recovery of the skin. The term suggested more than 10 years ago, the Italian scientist A. Di Pietro, he defined it as "a method of intradermal injections of unmodified hyaluronic acid, which allows to achieve the restoration of the physiological environment and normalization of metabolic processes in the dermis." Slozhnovato said. Simply put, the biorevitalization - this injection technique, which normalizes the state of the face, neck, décolleté and body due to the introduction of hyaluronic acid products for aesthetic purposes.
Hence, the main difference from the plastic surgery. No cuts, pumping and other terrible manipulation. Biorevitalization similar to mesotherapy, the only difference - instead mezokokteyl synthesized using hyaluronic acid.
The most popular are considered birevitalizantamiRestylane Vital, IAL System, «Surdzhilift", "Teozial meso", "Juvederm Ultra - 2". There drugs are not only hyaluronic acid, but also with the essential amino acids and peptides. It all depends on the problem that you go to the doctor. Yes, this should be done by a doctor dermatologist-cosmetologist, having a diploma and a certificate giving him the right to practice cosmetology. If you decide to do biorevitalisation in the beauty salon, I recommend readers healingandbodywork request permission to conduct this procedure.
Why is it so important hyaluronic acid, and whereshe is situated? Everyone knows that the human skin is composed of several layers. So, one layer - the dermis - contains collagen and elastin fibers and hyaluronic acid (hydrocolloid). This acid makes the skin supple and velvety, because it is responsible for its hydration.
One molecule of hyaluronic acid is able to retain a close to 500 water molecules.
With age, the number of gilauronki reduced, and the skin begins to fade, wrinkles appear.
And here comes to the aid of a laser (hardware)biorevitalization. Intradermal injection can easily penetrate into the deepest layers of the epidermis. The cells produce collagen and elastin. And as a result - "the outer cover of our" once again becomes elastic and smooth for a long time.
Since the skin begins to age 25-30 years, it is possible prophylactic use biorevitalisation. Therefore, the age limit for this procedure is not indicated, for one thing: no earlier than 18 years.

Components of procedures

You've decided that biorevitalization - this is exactlythat you have been looking for. But do not rush to do it right tomorrow. The first step is to conduct a survey to determine the indications and contraindications to the procedure. You must know exactly what the drug will be used to figure out its side effects, the degree of pain.
By the way, to reduce the pain for 20-30 minutes before the start of the desired skin smeared with a special cream, which has anesthetic effect.
Preparation in advance (at least 20 minutes prior to the procedure) take out of the fridge. It is necessary that he warmed up, since the introduction of the cooled product is more painful.
Enters the selected drug using a thin needle multiple injections at a depth of 1-2.5 mm. After the doctor massages the treated area. The whole procedure lasts 30-60 minutes.
The course consists of 1-6 treatments are conducted with an interval of 2-4 weeks. But it is possible and increase the number of procedures, it all depends on the condition of your skin.
To protect yourself, ask to your card as an outpatient entered product name, batch number, the entered volume and shelf life.


Experts advise to resort to biorevitalisationas early as 30-35 years. If you start later, then the effect will be a little worse and procedures will need a lot more. But if you do it in time, and then will help you care for your skin, and every few years to pass biorevitalisation, even in 50 years you will look great.
What evidence exists to this procedure. We will just list them:

  1. Wrinkles under the eyes in an oval face and neck, nasolabial folds.
  2. Unhealthy complexion.
  3. Increased pigmentation.
  4. Dry skin, prone to the formation of wrinkles.
  5. Reducing the tone and elasticity of the face and neck muscles.
  6. Skin Recovery from chemical peels and laser resurfacing.
  7. Premature aging of the skin due to smoking, stress and sun.
  8. Rehabilitation after plastic surgery.
  9. Uncontrolled weight loss, which is why "droops" oval face.
  10. Enlarged pores and increased greasiness.
  11. Scars and stretch marks.

In addition, doctors recommend conducting biorevitalisation 2 weeks before traveling to tropical countries, and on his return, after 10-14 days.

And what do you get as a result of

You'll be pleasantly surprised. To reduce the fine and go deep wrinkles and folds. Short-term effect will take place after 10 days, but we are working for the future. But the future is very sunny. Because the long-term effect lasts six months. All due to the fact that after treatment of skin cells will produce its own hyaluronic acid to synthesize collagen and elastin fibers, thereby restoring the structure of aging skin. And you will see that the narrowed pores, skin becomes silky and elastic, improves its color. Traumatic scars heal. The skin will become more resilient to external shocks.

Side effects

They occur very rarely. After administration of the drug may blanching or reddening of the skin, small hemorrhages. Sometimes a small swelling. But how else to treat it should not be, everything goes throughout the day.
Also traces of injections (injection siteIt will look like pimples), and may cause an increase in nodular elevations. Within two days, they will disappear in the face, you need three days, so they disappeared in the neck and décolleté.
By the way, if there is swelling or a bruise - it shows poor technique procedure. Simply put, to blame an inexperienced doctor.
If the skin does not come back to normal during the designated time above, go to the doctor! Do not wait, it could be an allergic reaction to the drug.


As with any procedure, there are contraindications in biorevitalisation. They are as follows:

  1. Pregnancy, lactation.
  2. Inflammation of the skin, which are going to inject.
  3. Allergies to components of the drug and hyaluronic acid intolerance.
  4. Reception of anticoagulants (blood thinners).
  5. Autoimmune disease.
  6. Acute herpes infection.
  7. The increased tendency to form keloids.
  8. Oncological diseases.
  9. Acute inflammatory and infectious diseases.
  10. Hemophilia and other bleeding disorders.
  11. Cardiovascular diseases.

Care after the procedure

To procedure benefited, not harm, the following guidelines:

  • the first few days, do not touch without the need for those areas of the skin that have been treated;
  • Use drugs with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action;
  • Remember the first time on the make-up;
  • do not visit a sauna or a bath at least a week;
  • cosmetics can be applied to the skin, not earlier than 6 hours;
  • no sun and the desire to get a tan at least 2 weeks, and this includes the solarium;
  • does not perform the procedure during menstruation;
  • a week before biorevitalisation stop taking anticoagulants (heparin, aspirin, and others.);
  • Pool and gym days 10 also contraindicated.

If you are slightly over 30 and you have already found the firstthe signs of aging - "crow's feet", the wrinkle on the bridge transverse crease on the forehead, then biorevitalization just for you. Painless, fast and for a long time you get rid of these unpleasant manifestations of skin aging. Be healthy and happy to look in the mirror every day!