face bioreinforcement

The pursuit of beauty and a young woman soldto soul to the devil, if it were possible. Indeed, the ladies without a shadow of fear and doubt are tested for all the novelties of modern aesthetic surgery - if only to save a girl's oval face and smooth skin.

The desire of the fair sex would then by all meansturn the clock back, or at least a "slow down" its crazy run - fertile ground for the creation of various rejuvenation procedures that neither day beauticians and plastic surgeons offer their patients. One such procedure - bioreinforcement face.

Bioreinforcement: Is the game worth the candle?

On the face, you can freshen up using this procedure withoutsurgery. Wrinkles miraculously smoothed by the action of special drugs that are injected under the skin through a thin needle for all "problem" areas of the face mimic grid. What is the essence of the method? Its name speaks for itself: using biological materials experts carry out reinforcement of the skin, ie, strengthen and tighten it.

At the heart of preparations for bioreinforcement proceduresFace - the molecules of hyaluronic acid. This material after some time splits and excreted from the body, ie stable and lasting effect need not one, but multiple sessions. In general, bioreinforcement person - a safe procedure.

Today, experts have developed drugs tosecond-generation skin reinforcement. They consist of biosyvorotki identical to natural materials which contain human cells. Innovative tools allow to achieve a long-term anti-aging effect. So, bioreinforcement on hyaluronic acid gives a blooming appearance from 3 months to 1 year, while the procedure for using the latest drugs fixes the result by 2-4 years.

The most positive results are observed in the patients of 40-50 years. After 50 years of stunning effect on the method bioreinforcement person is better not to wait.

The undeniable advantages of techniques

  1. Specialists provide a visible smoothing deep facial wrinkles and facial contour updated almost immediately after the procedure.
  2. Bioreinforcement can not be considered surgery.
  3. The woman looks younger by 6-8 years.

Disadvantages bioreinforcement

  1. For obvious effect will take at least three injection sessions.
  2. "In memory" itself bioreinforcement procedure may leave small bruises and blisters. However, they will soon disappear.
  3. Wonder injections may show absolutelythe opposite effect - to make the skin age rapidly. Using the hyaluronic acid in the synthesized collagen and elastin. This process occurs in parallel with the production of hyaluronidase, serving to output the hyaluronic acid from the body. Hyaluronidase stimulates the degradation of collagen and elastin. This means that if a woman up to 40 years "hotter" and agree to the procedure bioreinforcement person, instead of the expected fresh appearance it can get a few new wrinkles, because at this age, the concentration of collagen and elastin is still normal.

bioreinforcement Coverage

It is essential to improve the appearance can be in the field:

  • "Rigorous" corners of the mouth, drooping corners of his eyes and "gloomy" eyebrows;
  • sagging folds under the chin;
  • nasolabial triangle;
  • neckline;
  • the skin of hands and wrists.

The difference from bioreinforcement biorevitalisation

Although the principle of operation of the procedures thatone and the same, experts say bioreinforcement larger procedure which solves the problem of "tired" of the skin, which biorevitalisation simply can not afford. Drugs used in these two methods differ greatly from each other at the molecular level. The molecules of the active ingredient, which comprises means for bioreinforcement large size, can not be said about molecules biorevitalizatsionnyh drugs. Bioreinforcement recommended when biorevitalization has not brought the expected results.

How is the procedure

Required preparatory period before the sessionsbioreinforcement. A few weeks before the alleged events the patient should stop taking anticoagulants (agents that reduce blood clotting), vitamin E, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (for example, diclofenac, ketorolac, ibuprofen, Feldene).

A few days before bioreinforcement face doctors advise patients to take the drug Dicynonum - that prevention of bruising after the procedure.

Before a session is performed anesthesia facial tissue,then outline the trajectory of future injection and disinfect the skin. The direct introduction of a biological gel in the subcutaneous tissue - the most important part of the operation. That depends on it, as far as quality and spectacular is the "skeleton" of a new image of women. Each injection to make strictly predetermined depth.

On average bioreinforcement face treatment takes 40-45 minutes. Such sessions should be several (2-3), between them have skin - 2-month vacation.

Immediately after the procedure the skin show throughredness, small bruises, his face slightly swells. Half of these "defects" will disappear after a few hours, the other half will come within 4-5 days after the session. The recovery period after bioreinforcement not needed, and the woman can immediately return to normal life. However, you need to carefully listen to the recommendations of the cosmetician and follow them meticulously.

The first positive results can be seenimmediately: skin acquires a tone, tightened. The final effect is necessary to wait a few months, which is dictated by the characteristics of the active ingredient, which is introduced under the skin. Hyaluronic acid is "working" at the cellular level, it needs some time to stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin start recovery processes and ensure full oxygen supply of cells.

Within 8-10 days taboos imposed on all,which may have an additional burden on the skin cells. You can not visit the baths and saunas, intense physical exercise is better to postpone for a while. Also contraindicated steam baths and facial scrubs. Women should try not to get into stressful situations. The question of the application of decorative and's Skin Care is necessary in advance to discuss with the beautician.

Contraindications Bioreinforcement

MirSovetov hurry to warn - the procedure is not suited to ladies who have:

  • impaired ability of blood to clot;
  • aggravation of communicable diseases;
  • infectious and parasitic lesions of the skin;
  • the skin has a keloid and hypertrophic scars;
  • soon to be born child;
  • breast-feeding;
  • low pain threshold;
  • marked inflammation in shots after the first session bioreinforcement - drug intolerance.