The best means for people aged 30+

Face Cream after 30

What would you do, and what steps would not have made, but time inexorably and incessantly, ticks, for some strange patterns, only in one direction - forward.

Turn it back, of course, humanitytried throughout its history, one all these attempts, no failed. Especially clearly women are beginning to feel during the time when they begin to notice how changing their appearance, the skin loses its tone and elasticity.

The natural radiance and healthy appearance, may even appear "bitter" wrinkles on the forehead and "crow's feet" around the eyes.


  • 1 What is required dermis after thirty?
  • 2 What are the preferred ingredients in the cream after 30
    • 2.1 Vitamin A, or retinol the same
    • 2.2 Vitamin E, or a mysterious "female" tocopherol
    • 2.3 Vitamin F, or off of enemy invaders
    • 2.4 Miraculous panthenol
    • 2.5 Collagen, peptides, ceramides and other amino acids
  • 3 Natural, natural ingredients cream

What is required dermis after thirty?

Face Cream 50+However, frustrated not worth it, especiallythat with the right and, most importantly, timely care, each of us has a wide range of features to keep your skin as long as possible young and beautiful. One means "struggle" with the age-related changes, of course, will be your faithful companion, a face cream after thirty.

Find this tool in the store will notdifficult, as in the present, extremely wide range of beauty products on the shelves of pharmacies and stores have literally everything you could wish for your soul and ask your skin.

Initially should find out what the purpose ispursue, choosing for myself, face cream after 30 to greatly simplify your life, but also bring their own skin in perfect condition and give it a gorgeous, healthy and radiant appearance.

That is, you need to set yourself certaintasks, and to choose the means for skin care, not only for skin, but also the entire body, including the arms and legs, neck and décolleté, and so on, already according to these goals.

What is required of your dermis at that age, and that includes comprehensive care:

  1. Day Cream for the face, after 30 Hydration and protection.
  2. Night Cream after thirty. Nutrition and Care.
  3. Cream for eyelids or around the eyes after thirty. Preventing loss of moisture and elasticity.
  4. Scrubs and peelings, to cleanse the dermis.
  5. Masks, which is quite possible to do it yourself.


What components are preferable in the cream after 30

It is clear that overcoming the barrier of thirty years,many do not even notice any major changes, and this is of doubt, good. But in reality, they are still there, and like it or not, but to deal with them must begin immediately to then sadly not wring his hands and groan, having premature wrinkles, poor complexion, bluish circles under the eyes, and the like , absolutely unpleasant moments.

It is necessary to immediately determine what components andcomponents that should be included in the cream after 30 to efficiently and properly take care about begins to slowly lose its perfect health, natural youth and beauty skin.

Remember this is not difficult, as there is nothing transcendental and incredible our dermis at this point does not require, and elixirs of youth, coupled with the sera of immortality, it is, for sure, are not needed.

Vitamin A, or retinol the same

As you know, any cream, and especially creampersons after 30, must be composed of retinol, without it can not do. Normally, vitamin A is added to the anti-aging cosmetics, but also for young skin, it is extremely useful.

After all, this substance stimulates the bodyhuman dermis namely, to produce more collagen, which acts as a flexible frame natural epidermis. That is, it is actually derivatives of vitamin A in the skin maintain the natural, natural elasticity and, consequently, the youth.

In addition, vitamin A can be beneficialimpact on the treatment of acne, remove excess pigmentation, which just may appear after the age of thirty years, promotes recovery, metabolic processes in the epidermis.

Regeneration in the deep layers of the dermis, as well asexfoliation of dead cells, as the case of "hand", the notorious retinol. Make sure that the vitamin A content in the cream was quite high, it is extremely useful.

Vitamin E, or a mysterious "female" tocopherol

Much the same applies to vitamin E,which is generally due to its magical properties called "feminine". Interestingly, the word "tocopherol" means "birth assistant" that is, it is believed that the reproductive function of women is directly related to the content of tocopherol in the blood, but we do not know.

Lifting Eye CreamVitamin E has a definite anti-aging effects, and its effects noticeable immediately after the start of the application of funds, with its contents.

This material completely removes unnecessary irritation and peeling of the dermis, the vitamin is even able to maintain the normal water-lipid balance, which is extremely important.

From excessive and, therefore, the harmful effects of Sunbeam, it will also help tocopherol as part of your personal, individual cream, after thirty.

Vitamin F, or off of enemy invaders

Very good. If the cream after 30 that you have chosen for the daily care, such as a day, or better yet, a night, contains in its structure such a great in every sense, vitamin group the F, are incredibly useful and necessary not only the epidermis, but also around body as a whole.

The fact that it is a vitamin FNatural, a natural antiseptic that also has antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral agent. And, besides, only the substance can miraculously transform the way the "extra" cholesterol, dissolve it and contribute to its elimination from the body, and only heard about the dangers of cholesterol, probably, even small children.

This substance is able to qualitatively and fightand cellulite. Vitamin F is contained in large amounts, for example, cocoa powder, so chosen that if the chocolate cream, this is clearly a good sign.

miraculous panthenol

After thirty like occurs whileYou can and should use a more serious money, and apply better "weapon" against decay processes in the skin than just hydration and of environmental protection. This cream after 30 there will be a few small.

Because good is if the cream is also present and panthenol, which in essence, is a derivative of the very, good old vitamin B, as required for the epidermis, such as oxygen.

Panthenol is able to provide hydration, and extremely high-quality, all-day, it is like a sponge, attract water molecules, and will give moisture slowly and reluctantly

. In addition, panthenol has healing properties, because it is often used to treat skin micro traumas, and their speedy healing.

Collagen, peptides, ceramides and other amino acids

Amino acids are essential for each bodythe whole person, and for the skin they are no less important than for other parts of our body. Structural protein collagen, which consists of basic "skeleton" of our epidermis, has finer particles - amino acids.

When the skin loses gradually the ability to produce collagen, it becomes flabby, our faces covered with wrinkles, facial contour is smeared and so on.

However, if you give your skin an extra"Building material", as a "replacement" amino acids, the case is, of course, will be better and the epidermis to produce higher quality, the same as the dates for us, collagens.

Natural, natural ingredients cream

The more your cream after 30 contains naturalsubstances, so it is better, and, consequently, the greater the sense of it is. But do not forget that the presence of natural ingredients cream, be sure to reduce the term of its actual date. Because if the vial or tube says that the cream has natural ingredients, and the expiration date is two years - set aside the remedy safely to the side, that's for sure some deception.

Well, if a face cream after 30 containscucumber or aloe, such means are suitable for all skin types, including oily. For oily skin is best to choose creams, based on sour milk or cream, they perfectly remove excess fat. Combination skin is perfectly responds to peaches or apricots, creams containing these substances are also suitable for sensitive, irritated and dermis.

Furthermore, there are means for the skin againstand whitening pigmentation, such as an extract of parsley, a facial cream after 30 can also very substantially remove swelling. Perfect girls after thirty and creams with honey and other bee products, a low content of essential oils, algae and mineral salts.

The most important thing - it is not to forget about yourself,produce all beauty treatments in time, and, ideally, to regularly visit a cosmetologist who will help and advice, and in practice, do everything possible to preserve the beauty and youthfulness of your face, for many, many years.