The best cream for the summer

With the advent of the blessed summer, every girlor a woman most certainly want to look as good as possible. Of course, it is so beautifully shining in the sun the sky, and besides, the crystal dome above his head sparkle and shining emerald green is filled with rich colors, the birds are singing especially happy and want to be it just a match, young, beautiful, flying and radiant.


  • 1 How to choose the best cream for summer
  • 2 Best Summer Cream - choose for your skin type
  • 3 What will be, and what will not happen in your cream in summer

How to choose the best cream for summer

It would seem, for the summer and all can be omittedskin care, because, as it were, and have nothing to protect the dermis, but in fact, this view is profoundly mistaken and so may think perhaps that very young girls. Adults do women know exactly how important it is, but also, and quite difficult to choose the best cream for the summer, so that it meets all the requirements perfectly.

Of course, to start selection of the very,the promised funds, first of all, as in any other time of year, you need to focus on your own skin type, and even find out what he is, there is no trouble. Firstly, the best option, of course, will be a hike to the individual, personal beautician. There you can not only get advice, learn what personally you skin type, but also a clear indication, how to choose the best cream for the summer. Do not forget that in the summer as in the winter and in other seasons, you should choose more than one cream, but two:

  • Daily cream
  • Night cream

Best Summer Cream - choose for your skin type

However, it also happens when a trip to the beauticiansimply not possible for a number, some objective reasons, and then have to understand yourself. Upset ahead of time, of course, it is not necessary, as no special wisdom for that, have not need. After watching a few days for the "behavior" of their own skin, it is possible to obtain an overall picture and to understand to what the type it belongs to, and only on the basis of these findings, and to choose the best cream for the summer.

• Oily skin, with all its problems

In fact, for the summer, oily skin requiresminimal effort to care. Of course, the sebaceous glands are working at maximum effort, because of active sweating, do not paint our appearance, but this is not the worst. The sun is extremely active in the summer trying to pull moisture from all that is possible, to evaporate it to any surface, and the same thing happens with the skin, and any type.

All you need to do in case of an overlyoily skin is to moisturize it so that it can function properly. That is, the removal of greasy, plus the maximum hydration, so all you need to look for when choosing the best cream for the summer. At night, you can take also a nourishing cream, which will give the dermis energy and raise its tone. Do not forget also about the purification using a scrub or maxi, once or twice a month.

• Combination skin

In summer, with combination skin, as indeed,in winter, a lot of hassle, as dry and shelushashchayasya in one place, it's ugly shine of fat in another. Our task is to choose a cream, and the best two that can effectively combat these problems. There are special facilities for combination skin, as in the absence of such, use two creams, but remember that both agents should have a moisturizing effect.

• Dry and hypersensitive skin

Girls and women owners of this typeskin, summer fall is not sweet, as fresh wind, carrying with it the dust and dirt, as well as the scorching sun, mercilessly shining in the sky, they are like sandpaper. The skin becomes more dry, itching, redness appear, it quickly become weather-beaten, and burned very quickly in the sun.

Our task is not only to humidifyhypersensitive or dry skin in the summer, but also protect it from the harmful effects of the environment, carefully saturate nutrients, oils and vitamins.

But most importantly, we must not forget that, in anycase, choosing a best cream for the summer, it is, of course, protection from excessive solar radiation, that and strive to get to us under the bonnet and sundresses. The tool for any skin type should protect it from the effects of ultra-violet, but we will return to this later.

What can be and what will not happen in your cream in summer

It is important to understand that at any time of year, you need toextremely serious about his own skin, because the other one will not give us, and if we do not take care of her health and beauty, then nobody will do it for us. Many unscrupulous manufacturers of cosmetics manufactures tools that is not something that the skin, but also close to us on the shelf already put impossible, as research shows them harm. But such remedies, creams, oils and lotions, cheap enough, and therefore our attention. Of course, they are allowed to use, and will not lead to fatal consequences, but for their own safety, better yet, once again to be safe. So, read the label.


  • Benzoic acid or Venzoic acid. Like any acid, it is able to clean, exfoliate and bleach, but a sufficiently long-term use, can significantly increase the sensitivity of your skin. That is, if you are one or two times using a means with a component, nothing terrible will happen, but the best cream for the summer, benzoic acid contains exactly.
  • Mineral oil or mineral oil. A cream containing mineral oil can not be applied for the summer, as usual, it will be quite dense and heavy texture, that is simply unacceptable. This substance may be mixed with fat, and high quality, if an experienced builder can "caulked" skin pores. This can cause pimples, the notorious black spots, and so on. So we consider, if you want to sniff, but do not buy.
  • Zinc Oxide or Zinc oxide. Actually, quite a useful substance, which is often used in cosmetics. With zinc oxide can significantly resolve generating epidermis subcutaneous fat, that is for oily skin, this means, in principle, even desirable. However, this substance swells, loosens the top layer of the dermis, making it open and accessible to outside influence, because creams with zinc reserves on the shelf.
  • Titanium dioxide or titanium dioxide. If someone does not know what the substance is a food additive E171, which, for example, used to lighten meal or give a white soap. It must be said that the titanium dioxide material, in fact, fairly innocuous, and to cause some harm to the body, we have to inhale dust, and nothing else, but the effect is the same as the zinc, i.e. soften the upper layer of the epidermis, making it loose and susceptible to dust and dirt, and so on, so feel free to leave a cream with titanium dioxide where it is and move on.
  • Neutral Vaseline or petrolatum. Few people know that it is made means that it was simply irreplaceable in the "arsenal" of our grandmothers with you, of refined petroleum products, that immediately alarming. However, for the winter period, the film formed on the skin with Vaseline, would be extremely useful. It qualitatively protect the dermis from frost and cold wind. In summer, this action of the substance can not render a useful service, leading to oxygen starvation of the skin that is simply unacceptable.

We buy:

  • The main ingredient, which is part of the bestcream for the summer - this is without a doubt all sorts of water. The cream should be lightweight, air-liquid texture and consistency rather. Because the water in the composition of such funds should occupy the topmost position in the list of components.
  • Well, if the cream will show up for the summerIt is useful, in every sense, substances such as F group vitamins C, PP, H, and so on. These substances can be qualitatively saturate your dermis energy, give it a healthy and youthful appearance, and most importantly, they will help to keep the water inside the skin for a long time without letting it evaporate.
  • Algae also recently are widely used for the manufacture of summer namely creams. They qualitatively moisturize, prevent clogging of the pores retain moisture and so on.
  • Do not forget that the best cream for the summer, shouldcontain substances that protect against ultra-violet. If you have oily or dry skin, you can buy a cream with so called filters, which penetrate deep into the epidermis. If hypersensitivity, then it is better to choose the screens that are easy on the surface, and reflect sunlight.

Do not forget that the summer will be optimallyguided by the principle of minimalism - the fewer ingredients in the cream, the more it suits us. That is, do not look overloaded ingredients means that a multi-level action, leave them for other periods. The best cream for the summer, a light having a water or, oxygen basis, and the least saturated observing these few rules, you will protect yourself from spoiled holiday, as well as simply to provide a wonderful mood for a long time.