The best cream for oily skin

Oily skin facial, indeed, is oneof the most problematic of all. Even at an early age such skin gives the girls a lot of trouble, it has a nasty feature of all - ugly shine, which courageously fighting a generation of girls and women. Oily skin is characterized by excessive release of subcutaneous fat, which creates the most, hated by all shine.


  • 1 Oily skin - constant problems, or a gift of fate?
  • 2 Cream for oily skin food
  • 3 Hydration and care
  • 4 Oily Skin Protection
  • 5 Anti-Aging Cream
  • 6 plants in the "struggle" with oily skin

Oily skin - constant problems, or a gift of fate?

But do not let things take their course, as withage Oily Skin problems are further compounded, and certainly not solve themselves. Oily skin requires a daily, intensive care, so that year after year, to look young, well-groomed and shiny, just wholesome. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the owners of oily skin, if a good deal, very lucky. Because subcutaneous fat is released into a fairly excessive scale, the skin itself for much longer maintain its youthfulness and elasticity. So, you can still thank fate for so troublesome as well, and such a generous gift.

Proper care of a skin, of course,It will require special efforts, as well as a good share of the theoretical knowledge. Choose the best cream for oily skin, it's quite easy, but well-chosen remedy in the future, be sure to delight you with a great result. To start, you need to decide what are the kinds of creams exist at all in the cosmetology market, and which ones will be used for your solution to your problem with oily skin, the best possible way.

Cream for oily skin food

It is not known whence the undertaken stereotype, thoughoily skin does not need make-up, it is deeply flawed and even harmful. Oily skin, like any other, requires power, this becomes especially noticeable with age. Oily skin needs the whole complex of vitamins, substances that bind free radicals, as well as a compulsory component that will help relieve irritation, redness and inflammation.

Most often it is used and nourishing creamsa night, and it is quite correct understanding of the problem. The best cream for oily skin at night, should contain no more than a quarter of the water and no more than three quarters of the fat cells. Most often, this vegetable oil, and animal origin. Nourishing cream for the night must necessarily contain a large variety of substances:

  • Vitamins (G, A, E)
  • nutrients
  • Antioxidants
  • Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory elements
  • Extracts and a variety of extracts from medicinal plants

Hydration and care

It seemed what extra oily skinmoisture, if it is already, often directly to shine. But it's all in the fact that a surplus of subcutaneous fat, does not give the required level of moisture, which requires any skin in the same number, and fat. For the most part, moisturizers are diurnal, they have quality to protect the skin from drying out completely during the day, and under the influence of the environment, rather harmful for the skin.

The best cream for oily skin with all kinds ofmoisturizing elements, must contain at least half of the water in its composition. Often such tools are the foundation is aqueous emulsions of vegetable components. Such creams have to saturate the skin with essential moisture to it, and leave on the surface of the thinnest plenochku, which will prevent loss of moisture epidermis throughout the day.

Oily Skin Protection

In addition to the night food and daily moisturizing oily skin also needs to be protected from the environment, for example, in the winter cold, summer heat, and in windy conditions.

Substances contained in protective creamslike the skin, softens the top quality, the horny layer of the epidermis to maximize open it to receive nutrients at the same time protect it from anything that might damage it. There are, for example, contain zinc creams for oily skin, which have anti-bacterial and antipruritic effect. The protective creams often contain a variety of plant extracts and oils, waxes and so on.

Rejuvenating cream

Like it or not, and in addition to basic care, over the years,it turns out that it is also necessary and the use of anti-aging creams for the skin type, even though it is longer than the others, remains young and resilient. The best cream for oily skin, which has a rejuvenating effect definitely need to pick up so that he was not very thick texture, as usual, was more easy, does not clog pores, efficiently moisturizes the skin with the help of various essential oils or emollients.

Anti-aging cream must haveprotective factor of solar radiation, which adversely affects it. Best of all, of course, if it will be the so-called screens that do not penetrate deep into the epidermis, but reflect the sun's rays, protecting the skin. Pick with minimal anti-aging cream containing the most essential oils, fatty acids and emollients. Ideally, if you buy before you consult with an experienced beautician and best with those who have been watching you and knows all of the features, advantages and disadvantages of your skin personally.

Plants in the "struggle" with oily skin

No need to also diminish the role of plantcomponents that are normally included in the commission of any skin creams. Since ancient times, our grandmothers knew what fruit and what grass, fits most, and skillfully apply their knowledge in practice. Because they were able to and without the achievements of modern cosmetology long stay young and beautiful.

  • Hemp oil

Hemp oil has a wonderfulanti-inflammatory and soothing effect. This is great oil heals a variety of injuries and is perfectly suitable for sensitive, oily and problematic skin.

  • Oil or extract from grape seeds

Grape seeds includes components,are wonderfully suited for all skin types, and also tend to narrow pores, which in the case of oily skin, it is extremely important. Cream with grape seed oil is easily absorbed completely without leaving any trace.

  • The extract or evening primrose oil

Primrose is a very useful plant,oil it has the ability to permanently postpone aging of the skin. Primrose oil moisturizes the skin perfectly heals acne and tighten scars, helps to heal dermatitis of varying complexity.

  • Almond oil

Sweet almond oil is suitable absolutely everythingskin types, except for individual intolerance, of course. It can, absolutely free of every kind of labor to cope with almost any inflammation, irritation, and also protects from harmful ray of sunshine.

  • Hazelnut

Creams and other agents containing oilhazelnut have excellent nourishing and moisturizing effect. Well it is suitable for oily and problematic skin. They qualitatively tightening the enlarged pores, well absorbed, leave no trace and are, as it were, from the inside.

  • Jojoba oil

This overseas fruit that mistakenly believeChinese (in actual fact, he hails from sunny California), has long been firmly "entered" our with you beauticians, so does have a wonderfully beneficial effect, not only on our face, but also on the hair, nails, etc. . Cream with jojoba oil is not contraindicated for any skin type, it will, of course, and for oily skin, acne, even elements. It perfectly moisturizes and cleanses the skin, helps get rid of "nasty" black dots, and normalizes skin pH balance.