goji berries for weight loss

Advertising products for weight loss has always beenrelevant. Infinite screaming headlines promise quick weight loss magically effective, and ways to get rid of the extra kilos as much as wanting to obtain a great figure. But one product recently broke all records of popularity, and today Advertise with his participation can be found literally everywhere.

Where did the miracle berry

Goji berries have more complex names toLatin, also known as wolfberries. Someone may think: "Wow! We wolf berry grows at every step - no need to buy expensive goji! ". This is not quite true. Goji Berries belong to the same nightshade family, and familiar to us that wolfberries, which can be found in any undergrowth. However, eating these berries you get off to the best poisoning.

Goji berries have come to us from the East, where peopleuse them in medicine and cooking for thousands of years. Why did they become known only now? Assumptions may be several, and they are correct in their own way. Perhaps today, people finally realized the importance of taking care of his own body (or began to understand), or under the watchful eye of scientists got berry only recently, in consequence of which the results of studies of the product have been made public. The fact is that in the East, these berries are nothing new, but for us it is positioned as a miracle cure virtually all diseases in the world, including - from obesity.

So goji berries are grown in China, Tibet,Himalayas and Mongolia on large evergreen shrub growing up to 3 meters. In total there are 40 species and subspecies of the same amount of fruit, but edible and useful not all.

It is important not only to collect a "useful" variety of berries, butand dry them properly. Drying technology - delicate procedure, competent execution of which guarantees the maximum amount of nutrients in the product. If the berries are dry somehow, or they deteriorate or become useless dry biomass. Therefore, when buying fruit should pay attention to their appearance and smell - they must resemble an oblong raisins, be firm but not "rock" and have a nice sweet flavor without additives dampness or mold odor.

Goji berries have been used for more than 5000 years. Their history goes back to the days when medicine was just beginning to emerge and take shape, and Taoist, Chinese and Tibetan sages practiced ancient Ayurvedic knowledge. The berries are used to treat the liver, the heart, the glands, with their help healers have changed the frequency of the body, adjusting it to the "healthy" way and extending the life of their patients for many years.


Goji berries - a unique plant. And if he appreciated the favor the ancient oriental doctors, modern doctors simply do not cease to be surprised the widest potential beneficial qualities goji. As part of these small red berries contain 21 minerals, 18 amino acids and many other useful biological components. But uniqueness goji fruit not only in the saturated composition. The energy plant is the frequency 8.1-8.2 Hz, which is much higher than all the components contained therein. This means that the goji helps the generation of nutrients by the body! That is, with regular use berries body becomes healthier, not so much from the fact that benefits from the product, but because he learns to produce and synthesize nutrients from food. This unique property, which has neither a single plant in the world. This goji berries can prolong youth as effectively and deal with a variety of ailments.


The benefits of goji berries is spoken by all and sundry, but what exactly is it?

healingandbodywork consider the effects of berries on the body in all areas:

  • Blood enrichment - berries increase the power consumption of the blood, reducing its oxidation, lowering blood sugar and cholesterol;
  • improved vision - because the blood becomesmore energy and delivers the required amount of oxygen and nutrients to every organ, it can penetrate even the smallest and thin capillaries, increasing the protective properties of the retina and allow clear vision to focus;
  • Longevity - the unique components in berries strengthen the molecular bonds, making the blood vessels more elastic and strong;
  • improves the respiratory system - active compounds inhibit the oxidation of the skin, breathing becomes more "qualitative" rather than a surface, with the result that the blood is saturated with oxygen;
  • excretion of toxins - berries have powerful antioxidant functions, so it is recommended to regularly consume the inhabitants of large cities with pollution of the atmosphere;
  • restoration of the prostate -Berries have a strong cash-generating capability, which is beneficial to the prostate gland, which is responsible for the primary germ cells;
  • "Energy" to the uterus - active biologicalberry components intensively nourish the uterus and stabilize renal activity, violation of which directly affect the work of this body, "pumping out" of it all the energy;
  • weight loss - the same reason, due to which the berriesgoji have become incredibly popular. In 2005, US scientists published findings that showed that goji berries promote enhanced weight loss without dieting and dietary restrictions. MirCovetov stop at this point in more detail.

Wonder tool for weight loss

Despite the fact that many would argue thatdaily eating goji berries and not changing eating habits, you can lose weight by 5-7 kg per month, it is worth to make some clarifications. No one, even the most powerful fat burner will not be able to give you such a result, if you eat every day a lot of starchy foods, sweet, enjoy the evening or night snack and dine fast food.

Regular consumption of goji berries promotes weight loss in mind a number of reasons:

  • improvement of metabolism;
  • normalization of blood circulation;
  • elimination of "bad" cholesterol;
  • normalization of blood sugar.

The unique composition of goji berries, namely the presence ofhigh percentage of antioxidants, improves metabolic processes. In fact, the following occurs: the fat cells break down much faster than usual, without having to "stick" to the problem areas - the sides, buttocks, vessels, etc. Instead, the body gets clean energy, and you feel a surge of strength, vigor and endurance. That is why the goji berries are useful to use during regular exercise.

Scientific evidence shows that a diet foodhigh in antioxidants is the best to deal with excess weight. And of all the foods that are known to man, goji berries in the lead content of the most antioxidants. So why look for alternatives and settle for less when you can "bump" on the extra kilos "lethal dose" of nutrients? For example, such useful berry as blueberries contains 25% less antioxidants than goji. Blueberries - one more delicious and rich berry Vitaminka, but even it is 10 times less than the slimming substances than miracle berries!

Lose weight with the help of goji berries is possible, but onlyif you follow certain rules. Firstly, they must be taken regularly, including in the morning and daily diet. For dinner, it is better not to eat for the simple reason that goji give strength and may have problems with a healthy sleep. Secondly, it is necessary to observe a dosage. Nutritionists recommend eating 20-30 grams (1-2 tbsp. L.) Berries in the morning and afternoon.

How to eat goji berries?

Losing weight with the help of goji berries - this is the mostreliable, fast enough, and that the most interesting - a pleasant way! They have a slight pungent-sweet taste, reminiscent of raisins and consistency. The berries can be eaten dry, easy to get out of the packaging and carefully chewed, brewed tea or added to the dish.

It is widely believed that the best optionSlimming tea is a brew of goji. Allegedly, the boiling water releases all nutrients in a fully and contribute to their speedy assimilation. To make the tea, simply pour the right amount of berries with boiling water and infuse for 10-15 minutes. Drink, thoroughly chewing the fruit. Sugar does not need to add - the drink itself is sweet. But if you really want, you can put a spoonful of honey, but not sugar!

Losing weight with goji berries can not be called a diet -you do not change your diet, but simply adds another tasty ingredient in it. Of course, if you're used to eat sweets at night or drinking beer with pizza, any berries you can not help, so if possible, try to eat in moderation, that's all.

slimming feature using goji thatUnlike all other diets, kilograms goes not only in the first few days, but during the whole time. But fear not, the fate of the hero of the famous works of C. King "Thinner" does not threaten you - as soon as the body returns to normal, the berries will not work on weight reduction, and enriched with vitamins and strengthening the immune system. Therefore, they can eat absolutely everything as a powerful immunostimulant.

goji berry helps to lose weight, restoringmetabolism, saturating the blood with oxygen and bringing "bad" cholesterol from the body. healingandbodywork no wonder so a detailed description of all the useful properties of this product, but only in order to convey that the berries only help to bring the body in a healthy state.

If you intend to lose weight by 7 per kilogrammonth, should limit itself to the use of sweet, fat, alcohol and other "charms" of the modern diet. Otherwise, all of the energy consumed is wasted berries only then to eliminate the damage caused to the body daily consumption of harmful food.

If you can not imagine my life without bread,replace white wheat loaf of homemade rye bread or bran. We used to buy sugar water or soda when you go to work or go out with friends? Replace it with a compote or fruit tea! For a month you get used to eat properly and moderately, and berries will make your business and save you from extra kilos. From time to time, indulge yourself on sweets or naeshtes to dump the pizza, but not more than a couple of times a month. If without sweet very tight, make cookies or muffins with goji berries!

And finally I would like to quote the great strategist of Ostap Bender: "Do not make a meal of the cult!".