Benefits and harms of amaranth oil

Amaranth oil is not found on the shelves of conventionalshops selling this exotic at your dealer, however, is not cheap compared to conventional vegetable oils. Despite the high cost, gourmets and lovers of new taste sensations using it as a dietary supplement or drug.

Bright amaranth - a source of vitamins and minerals

Amaranth - is the grass that grows upone and a half meters in height, has large leaves and blossoms of bright red or purple hue. This beautiful plant is often used in landscaping and home to the amaranth is America. it spread in Asia, India, China, North America.

Amaranth oil obtained from the seeds ofplants. Sometimes the leaves and stems are used, they are ground in a cold press. Unlike other oils, amaranth has an incredibly rich composition, in which there are some very rare and important components for health. Namely:

  • fatty acids omega-3, supplying the human body the most valuable substance. They rejuvenate the skin of the body and face, leaving it supple;
  • rare ingredient squalene, nourishing skincovers and protects against bacteria. This material body alone produces up to 25 years, followed by thinking about new sources of squalene;
  • a large concentration of vitamin E, soamaranth oil is a leader among the other esters. This vitamin tightens skin, smooths visible wrinkles, strengthens the immune system, improve eyesight;
  • calcium in the composition of amaranth ether makes strong bones, teeth and nails, and here it is much more than dairy products;
  • sterol - an important substance that protects the body during intense physical exertion;
  • for the digestive process and the accumulation of fat in the tissues responsible phospholipids which are composed. They also maintain a normal blood sugar level.

In Russia amaranth oil almostproduce, so this product is considered to be exotic. Ready ether has a pleasant smell and a delicate taste of walnut, but given its beneficial properties and a unique biochemical composition, it is possible to think about the introduction of the oil in your daily diet.

The use of amaranth oil

Unique in its features oilIt applied in such fields as medicine, cooking and cosmetology. The systematic use of it can nourish the tissues useful substances that overcomes many diseases. Largely due to the presence in the composition of biologically active substances, minerals and vitamins doctors prescribe amaranth oil in such diagnoses:

  • dermatitis and other skin damage. Squalene and vitamin E from the oils act as an effective antibacterial and wound-healing agent. Perparat relieves inflammation and accelerates skin regeneration processes after sunburns, cuts and abrasions, eczema and acne;
  • gastritis, ulcer disease gastrointestinal inflammationgallbladder, pancreatitis and cirrhosis. Substances contained in amaranth oil, prevent inflammation in the internal organs. Trace oil envelop the mucous wall of bodies and heal wounds, protect them from exposure to harmful toxins;
  • obesity and diabetes 2nd stage. Phospholipids, phytosterols and squalene oil improve fat metabolism, and normalizes blood glucose level.
  • amaranth oil has beneficial effect on thecardiovascular system, being a useful tool in the treatment of hypertension, varicose veins, for the prevention of strokes and heart attacks. Amino acids contained in the oil, heart rhythm normalizes elasticize cardiac muscle;
  • ether proven benefits and gynecologicaldiseases. For external use it is prescribed in the treatment of erosions, inflammation, cysts, and vaginal infections. Amaranth oil leads to normal hormone balance of women and improving its reproductive capacity;
  • medicated oil plus everything is strongan antioxidant that protects the body from free radicals and carcinogens. That's why it sometimes take patients in the recovery period after chemotherapy to boost the immune system and recuperation;
  • nervous system diseases, migraine, insomnia. Lecithin of amaranth oil improves brain function and mental activity, normalizes blood circulation and sleep;
  • oil invaluable use in the treatment of diseases of the eye and the mouth, as a complex therapy of tuberculosis and anemia.

The negative side of amaranth oil

If you use it correctly, then noThis product is a threat to health is not. Contraindications - idiosyncrasy components of amaranth oil. such adverse symptoms may appear after the first intake of oil:

  • rashes on the body;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • headache;
  • diarrhea;
  • heartburn.

These symptoms are caused by the presence of amaranthsqualene oil, which quickly saturates the body with oxygen. Amaranth oil is not recommended to use for people with problems of the gastrointestinal tract. In particular, the negative effects of the intake of oil may appear on the background of these diseases:

  • stomach ulcer;
  • inflammation of the gallbladder;
  • malfunctions of the pancreas;
  • pyelonephritis.

To avoid relapses and negativeeffects before using amaranth oil is necessary to consult with a physician. Keep a container of oil Amaranth better in a cool dark place and under the lid tightly closed. Shelf life of opened bottle - no more than 30 days.

Terms of use of amaranth oil

It is possible to use a unique tool fortreatment and prevention of both internally and externally. To amaranth oil brought only benefit, before the first application should consult with your doctor, adhering to the recommendations which need to comply with treatment regimen.

To prevent the oil is taken orally for up to 5 g3 times a day with meals. Before each use, shake the bottle of medicine. The dose of amaranth oil with the therapeutic goal determines the expert. As wound-healing agent it is used topically for a few drops. Light massage oil is rubbed on the affected skin, and the remains are removed with a napkin.

Beauty Recipes

Amaranth oil is popular in cosmetics andused to create makeup. Add it in creams and lotions for the care of any skin type. Vegetable product softens and rejuvenates the epidermis, struggling with acne, as well as protects the skin from chapping and exposure to sunlight.

  1. Moisturizing Mask. In one container, mix 10 grams of amaranth oil, the same amount of liquid honey and egg yolk. Well all mix and apply on face. Will hold the mask 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Regular application of this mask moisturizes and makes the skin velvety.
  2. Nutritional curd mask. This recipe is ideal for those who have very sensitive skin. Cottage cheese in an amount of 2 tablespoons. l. Mix with 1 tbsp. l. amaranth oil. Mix and spread on the skin sections, except the eye area. After 10 minutes remove the mask and repeat it up to 3 times a week.
  3. It gives the skin elasticity and firmness helpthe following recipe. Connect 15 g of milk and 10 g of amaranth oil. Soak gauze in the liquid and place it on the face. Milk poultice to survive 15 minutes and repeat this procedure one time per week.

Cooking tips:

  • add oil as a salad dressing. With him the usefulness of your dishes vitamins will increase several times;
  • refuel cereal porridges not butter and amaranth. The benefit of this increase, and improve the taste;
  • use the frying oil, as heating conditions therein vitamins are not destroyed, unlike other vegetable oils;
  • in those recipes where you want to add vegetable oil, add the amaranth. pastries and other dishes are very tasty, and most importantly with aromatic ether - useful.

Since the heat treatment a smallpart of mineral substances lost ether, then MirSovetov recommends the use of cold-pressed oil. Regular use of amaranth oil and its correct use will give you health, beauty and excellent state of health.