Spa slimming

Very powerful revolution is gaining popularity todaySlimming bath. And it is not in vain. Reviews of them enormous, and, depending on the properties of the organism, additional measures that you take, you can lose weight in the past month to 10 kg. healingandbodywork offers today to find out if this is really what the different types of baths and how to experience the miracle slimming effect of the bath.

How it works"

bath Secret Diet is simple, as allBrilliant. Bath warms the skin and the subcutaneous space at the cellular level, dilates blood vessels, so there is a complete mobilization of fat. During bathing the capillaries actively toned, and the superficial layers of the skin - are heated. The content of the fat is derived directly through the pores.

Through the process described above, improvemetabolism. And so the "impact" of fat occurs immediately multilaterally. The only thing for the best effect, experts recommend to connect to the bathing cycle a little sport and a simple diet, such as the rejection of sweet, fatty and starchy foods. Also in the complex may include a light body massage, which is possible to do yourself any means at hand right in the water, using a washcloth though tough anti-cellulite, even with his own hands. Massage improves blood circulation, increases the tone, so that the fat even more quickly eliminated from the body.

How to take a bath for weight loss

There are several rules that must be followed, performing bathing course for weight loss:

  1. Bath should definitely take sitting, and water should be on the belt.
  2. Between each adoption should take a break, depending on what kind of bath to weight loss, you have chosen for themselves, most often it or 1/1 or 2/2 (accept / rest).
  3. Do not sit in the bathroom longer than 20-30 minutes, it is not good and can bring only harm.
  4. Do not too hot water, its temperaturemust not exceed 35-37 degrees. Remember that the hot water is relaxing, but cool on the contrary - tones, namely the effect we seek.
  5. It is best to take a bath before going to bed. Do not eat for an hour before and one hour after the decision.
  6. During the bath, do massage, starting from the neck, then the arms, back, abdomen, buttocks and legs. In the same way you need to go through the body 2-3 times.
  7. To enhance the effect to the bathroom can also use homemade or purchased body scrub.

We must not forget that taking bathweight loss can only be perfectly healthy people. In no case can not be taken with any disease of the cardiovascular system, hypertension with frequent crises, during pregnancy and lactation. If you have some kind of chronic disease, before they start the course, you should consult with your doctor. To skip if you're menstruating or feeling unwell.

Throughout the course listen to theirsensations. At any hint of feeling unwell, dizziness, palpitations, immediately get out of the water! Perhaps we should reduce the residence time and water temperature.

Types of slimming bath

Their myriad. But their popularity is the ease of execution virtually any recipe. We invite you to see this, and now choose the most suitable option for you:

  1. Soda bath. Of course, thanks to advertising today is not heard about it only bummer. It's simple and effective. Experts recommend to do it in a day, in 10 steps. At one bath, you will need a pack of soda and half a kilo of sea salt bought from a pharmacy. Take a bath for 20 minutes, after which ideally immediately wrapped in blankets or lie down in a warm bathrobe. To improve the effect can be added to the bath every 5 citrus oil droplets.
  2. Mustard bath. Fill the bath, its temperature should be about 38-39 degrees. Dissolve in warm water 1 cup dry mustard powder and mix thoroughly. Then pour into the water. Hours should not exceed 10 minutes. Take a warm shower and wrap in a blanket for an hour (or even sleep), if this is not possible - in a warm winter coat. Pay close attention to well-being, if feel palpitations, it is best to interrupt the reception.
  3. Lime bath. Lipa is known for its diaphoretic action, but very few people remember it and about the slimming effect, because the lime bath for weight loss used in Ancient Rus. Use can not only lime color, but also the bark. To prepare the bath we will need 300 grams of raw materials, which must be filled with 5 liters of water, boil the broth, then infuse for about 10 minutes and added to the bath. The course is 10 receptions, the system is the same: once out of the water, under a warm blanket, or, in extreme cases, in a warm bathrobe.
  4. Citrus bath. For its preparation we need a fresh juice any citrus fruit: orange, mandarin, grapefruit or pomelo (the latter is necessary to look at the size). On average, there must be half a dozen, if it is very large, then two or three will suffice. Mix freshly squeezed juice with three teaspoons of any vegetable oil (sunflower or olive) and add to the warm waters. Also, in such a bath, you can add fresh or dried peel. Fill it with boiling water and let stand 15 minutes, then pour in the water.
  5. Coniferous bath. For their preparation you need to take 1 kg of raw material and pour 7 liters of water, boil well, and let stand at least 12 hours. A decoction is the adoption of a bath.
  6. Bath foam with Hollywood. Remember, in the movies always show the rich women who were bathing in a luxurious foam? It turns out that this foam is not only easy to prepare, but also great effect on our figure! Here is her recipe: in half a cup of mild shampoo or shower gel, add 1 teaspoon vanilla and 1 egg. Beat with a mixer to form an air foam and substitute under a stream of foam. bath time to 30 minutes, the water should not do hot.
  7. Bath with bran. For one, the reception procedure, we need 1 kg of bran. Boil in two liters of milk and add to the water the temperature of which should not exceed body temperature. Sit in the water for 20 minutes and take a short warm shower. The effect will amaze you.
  8. Turpentine baths. It has long been valued for its properties enhance immunity and improve the elasticity and skin condition. Cook it is to purchase a special emulsion in the pharmacy and used according to instructions. These emulsions can be several types, depending on what you blood pressure elevated, normal or reduced. To select the most suitable, you should consult with a pharmacist.
  9. Cleopatra bath. Remember the famous Cleopatra's milk baths great? Cook should not be particularly difficult today. Not only do they promote rapid weight loss, and even lead to the tone of your skin, making it more supple and velvety. Dissolve in 1 liter of hot (not boiled) milk, 100 g of honey and add to the bath. Before its adoption, you can make a body scrub recipe for a great Cleopatra: one to one mix the salt and sour cream (about half a cup) and carefully rub into your skin before water treatments.

By the way, any given form of the bath will also helpreduce the visible stretch marks on the body, which is a priority for virtually any woman. Surround yourself with an aura of tranquility and beauty, and you will soon see dramatic changes in the mirror.