Badyaga acne

Badyaga - one of the wonders of Mother Nature. Many consider it a plant, but few people know that in fact badyaga - animal. This nondescript dweller water depths has many positive attributes. To date, it developed a series of cosmetic and medicinal products from fresh-water sponge. Today healingandbodywork talk about how it is used to treat acne.

The soft, sponge-like badyaga dwell at the bottomfreshwater, adhere to the supports of all kinds - stones, plant roots or piles. Self does not move, as attached to their "place of residence". Sometimes a different color from grayish-green to bright ashen. The color is determined depending on the type of algae that are adjacent, and the degree of illumination. Inside badyaga consists of silicon needles, and her body - from spongina. For medical purposes this animal was used for a long time, but it cosmetology recognized recently. But despite this, badyaga earned its recognition and today is often used for skin correction and elimination of defects on it. Badyagi used in crushed form. For this purpose it is collected in the reservoirs of pure, dried and pulverized. Further, the resulting ingredient packaged into small packets, sometimes mixed with other optional components that are traditionally included in cosmetic products. Very often this product today was used for the treatment of acne, acne scars and traces after them. After the animal is able to overcome all these problems, while not requiring expensive.

Action badyagi skin

Fine powder similar to flour, which is threshedof fresh-water sponge, largely consists of tiny silicon needles mentioned above. That they have a major effect on the skin. It happens like this: when applying powder, much less rubbing it, "crystals" of silicon are introduced into the upper layers of the epidermis. However:

  • dead cells are separated, the stratum corneumIt becomes looser. This aligns all skin irregularities, fade scars and traces of acne after. Thus, the fresh-water sponge acts as a powerful peeling, "polishing" the skin;
  • It improves skin color, because it is dead cells give the face a grayish color, the old skin and make it look "unhealthy";
  • normal "skin" breath;
  • It improves blood circulation, and with it the nutrition of tissues. So, on the face appears healthy glow and the skin becomes smooth and silky;
  • toxins, excess fluids and metabolic products. Disappears swelling and swelling of the face;
  • the pores as a result of deep cleaning taper fade dark spots and shine, sebum output. Due to these effects, the face looks more fresh and clean.

Application badyagi acne

should understand before using in badyagiits forms. It can be sold in the form of a gel or a dry powder. healingandbodywork recommends a closer look to the second option, it operates tougher and able to overcome even the deepest scars posleugrevye. In addition, the cost will surprise even the most budget buyer. The gel also has a sparing effect it is not as concentrated and will be ideal for minor skin defects. Price per tube of gel is also quite acceptable. Today healingandbodywork picked up for its readers the most successful recipes for cosmetic preparations of fresh-water sponge. All of them are able to overcome acne pimples, and hateful.

Peeling masks from badyagi acne. With the help of this scrub can be inexpensively make a deep grinding face. This mask is famous for the fact that perfectly removes stains and scars that appear after acne. But it is worth noting that the application of peeling inflamed, densely covered with acne skin is strictly prohibited - the mask is quite aggressive impact. To prepare it, you need to mix one teaspoon of dry badyagi with a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide (3%). Get mush leave to infuse for exactly one minute and put on the face. Mask hold on the skin for about 15 minutes. To wash it, do not wash, and wet hands "scrape" from the face. After another five or ten minutes, wash off the remnants of the mask with warm water. Be prepared for the fact that the skin of the face immediately after the peel will turn red and a little burn. This is a normal reaction to a hard impact. Do not mute the discomfort of using the cream for the face. In addition, it is desirable not to apply makeup and do not get exposed to direct sunlight during the entire course, which on average should be ten days. It is worth noting that, despite all the "weaknesses", which you will find immediately after the application of peeling, you will surely notice a brightening and smoothing the skin after the first procedure.

Mask with clay and fresh-water sponge acne. This mask is gentle. Most likely, it does not relieve you of acne scars, but could not be better cleans the pores, narrows them and lead to a normal state. Besides, unlike the above-described mask, it does not leave the redness and irritation of the skin. For the preparation of cosmetic products, you will need:

  • one teaspoon of dry badyagi;
  • two teaspoons of clay;
  • Five drops of salicylic acid;
  • a couple of essential tea tree oil drops;
  • tablespoon (plus or minus) of olive oil or water.

Thoroughly mix all ingredients to formhomogenous. The resulting mixture is applied to the face and leave to act for fifteen minutes. You will notice that the mask begins to dry out, and seemed to pull the skin. Do not worry - the way it should be. After a time we wash with warm water and blotted the face with a towel. It should be noted that the effect of the mask, you will notice immediately. To see a positive result, it means you need to use at least five days. Total full course is 10-15 procedures every 2-4 days.

Cleansing scrub badyagi. Many praise this scrub as one of the most effective and fast in the fight against acne. And no wonder, because thanks to the special texture agents disclosed all the clogged pores on the skin, and the defects disappear in the blink of an eye. For scrub to mix the gel and dry powder badyagi in equal proportions, it can be done even without using utensils - just in the palm. The resulting mixture is applied to problem areas and leave for a few minutes (no more than five). Immediately after the application of funds, the skin begins to burn slightly. This is a normal reaction, not allergic. Do not rub the areas of hands, and gently rinse off the scrub soaked in warm water with a cotton pad. Then wash the whole face entirely.

Three of the above cosmetic means mosteffective and enjoy well-deserved recognition in the ranks of cosmetologists. By the way, often while cleaning the face applied to the skin it is a means of the fresh-water sponge, giving the cheapest component of an elite, expensive means. That is why healingandbodywork recommends badyagu try to fight acne at home. The main thing - do not overdo it, so that this natural talent worked for the good of the body and not vice versa.