Children's face cream: can use an adult?

Concern about the health and beauty of their own skin,it is so natural for any girl or woman. Everybody likes to look attractive, at any age, but over the years, even more than in his youth. But often we just do not know what to do to permanently preserve the beauty, youth and freshness for a long time and are trying to use all possible means, sometimes without understanding what and why all this is done. Moreover, misconceptions, myths and legends "sin" at times, the most appropriate and reasonable people. On one of these errors will be discussed.

Many women, especially at a time whenAcquires own, rosy, fun screaming toddler, are discovering a tool such as baby cream for face and body. So how could it be otherwise, when the cheeks, and the whole baby skin looks so great! It would seem, here it is the perfect cosmetic, because if you can not be afraid to use baby cream for the face a little man, what he can hurt us, big and strong? But all is not so simple, and before you first begin to smear your face baby cream on a regular basis, you need to think ten times, because it can not simply do not bring any benefit, but even cause significant harm to your skin.


  • 1 Do not give in to what promises the easy way
  • 2 How does the baby cream
  • 3 Leave the baby baby!

Do not give in to what promises the easy way

However, generally, when there are seriousproblems often women have been using children face cream for several years and did not bind their (problems), with the fact penyaya genetic predisposition, poor environmental situation, and other external factors.

What is most often complain lovers baby cream, referring to the end, after all, to the beautician, realizing that the fight on their own, can no longer:

  • It does not fit any face cream
  • From the use of any means, skin burns, redness and itching appear
  • The skin became hypersensitive
  • There was an allergy, even in the washing with water, not to mention the common facilities
  • Skin was extremely sensitive to cold or to heat, and more often, and to another
  • There are pimples and rashes

And so, what is the reason?

How does the baby cream

women tend to handle such complaints forthirty, when the skin begins to lose its only natural collagen producing it all in a smaller quantity, ie precisely when and lays the foundation for a blossoming appearance for years to come. Because care is extremely important to carefully during this period of his precious little face, giving the whole complex of the elements that are necessary to the epidermis. But how can a baby cream remedy the lack of any "useful" and substances? Of course not, because it is not at all suitable for such purposes.

  • You have acid-base balance corresponds to the child?

Children face cream, especially designedthe fact that the quality of infant skin to protect against environmental influences. One can start from the acid-base balance, which, in fact, varies throughout the human life. Ratio Ph small child index sometimes reaches eight, or nine, whereas in adults, on average, it should be approximately five and a half. This factor lies first catch of the set, which is fraught with seemingly harmless means is quite as baby cream for the face.

Baby creams, basically just designedin order to reduce the level Ph, which in adults, is already too low indefinitely, sometimes to a value of four or even three and a half! For mladenchikov - is good, significantly increases the protective properties of the skin, and for their mothers, how many years they have any, is likely to hurt. And the consequences can be, to put it mildly, unpleasant, until predozhogovogo and even burn state.

  • How breathes adult skin

If you think that your skin breathing person, andas your baby takes place at the same rate, then you are wrong, and seriously. Children's skin is growing rapidly, and so is breathing its metabolism eight times the adult metabolism. Children cream for the face, somewhat reduces the interaction of skin baby, the environment, preventing its damaging and sometimes influence. Adults are needed, on the contrary to keep the skin as much as possible "open" air, so that she could breathe quality.

  • Do we need such protection

Children cream, designed face and bodyapproximately in the middle of the fifties of the last century, and since then, its composition has changed little, but it should alert those girls and women who need to understand how far stepped cosmetology since. What is the basis of children's cream, it is not difficult at all to find out, just read what is specified on the package. Most often, the tool is based on a simple lanolin and glycerol substantially harmless substances. Natural oils and extracts, or extracts of medicinal plants, which are also contained in the cream, too, it would seem, can not bring harm, particularly when it comes to dry skin, which requires additional fat and makeup.

However, one must understand how the baby cream,and he specifically creates the thinnest protective film on baby's skin. It is vital, because its cells divide very quickly, and updated, just not managing to create one so desired, a protective layer. And performs the function film formed cream. Adult skin is completely updated is not as intensively, and its surface has time to form a fairly thick layer of keratinized, dead skin cells that are successfully bonded and fatty elements of baby cream, virtually stopping the access of oxygen. This is not the same protective sheath that preserves and protects the delicate skin baby, and the present impenetrable armor.

  • Dehydration and swelling - is a limit of dreams?

By creating a layer of dead skin cells, denselyinvolved on the basis of fats, baby cream for the face, not only to become the cause of a lack of oxygen, but also to others, to put it mildly, unpleasant moments. The lack of air causes swelling as the cells literally choke, and try to get all the available reserves of the deep layers of the dermis, resulting in dehydration and the present begins.

Furthermore, those toxins which usually"Recycled" to the surface of the skin, stay inside, exacerbating the problem, just to epic proportions. Moreover, these processes take place rather slowly, so that immediately detect a problem you could not. Even on the contrary, at the beginning of use, swollen cells seem to be more beautiful, the skin becomes soft, smooth and velvety. But this is only the first time.

Leave baby baby!

Thus, it turns out that no good,baby cream for the face, an adult can not bring. However, due to misconceptions and prejudices many women become real "victims" baby cream. After years of use, the skin is simply can not adapt to any "adult" means to become hypersensitive, dehydrated, badly reacts to cold or heat (subject to slight frostbite and sunburn), and in addition, also is aging much faster. On such skin appears before a network of tiny wrinkles that deepened with time, it gets ugly, earthy shade, constantly worried and itchy.

Translate the skin with baby cream for the face, on theregular, even an extremely sparing means, it is very difficult. Pretty, just over half a year, using baby cream for the face, then simply just, become hostage to their own solutions. Accustomed to this means the skin will not accept other means, and the process of withdrawal, can really drag. On the anti-aging means, for such weakened skin, and does not even be a question. Therefore it is better initially, leave baby cream for the kids, and themselves choose the means for care of a variety of choice, which offers generous cosmetology industry.