The average price tag on the eyebrows correction


Eyebrows are an important detail of the face, they formview, affect facial expression. Today it is difficult to meet a girl, which would be completely satisfied with her eyebrows, so virtually every think about their correction.

Before we understand how his eyebrows are formed aseyebrow correction is in beauty salon, consider the characteristics of different types. Every person has its own form of the eyebrows, which depends on the natural curve of the forehead. The most common forms are angular, curved, arched and flat eyebrows.

Eyebrows angular shape designed to perfect optionfor round faces. The fact that such eyebrows make the face more slender. Eyebrows waveform are located close to the eyes, so with their help easy to create different facial images. In appearance they resemble eyebrows semicircle. Eyebrows arched resemble semi-oval, they have a soft edge. Flat eyebrows have virtually no bulges and like straight line. Such eyebrows make narrow faces wider.

The most important thing in the eyebrow correction procedure isstrict adherence to the basic rules relating to the physiology of the person: it is impossible to do the eyebrows narrow at the inner corners of eyes and wide from outside. Correct eyebrows mean by a broad at the base and tapering at the end of the line.

Correcting eyebrows, cosmetologists must payfocus on circuit brow ridges, which helps to create the perfect shape. Points end and beginning of the eyebrows, determined by the shape of eyes and nose. Thus, the physiological characteristics of the structure of the face of beauty dictate their rules, so if you like someone's brow, not the fact that they fit your needs.


  • 1 Features eyebrow correction cosmetology salon: the variety of services
  • 2 Features eyebrow correction in home

Features eyebrow correction cosmetology salon: the variety of services

If you do not like the shape of your eyebrows, youit can adjust in any beauty salon in your city. Due to the correction, the women not only change the appearance of the eyebrows, the color, but it is completely their way.

Skilled craftsmen Estheticians beforeproceed to adjustment procedure, determine the type of the client's face. As it was noticed above, for each type of entity has its own shape of the eyebrows. If you have an oval face, then the best option for you will be arched eyebrows if a square - then you will be well looked highly raised eyebrows. Chubby girls suit raised eyebrows at the ends which will be attended by rounding.

the narrow-headed girls will look excellent withstraight eyebrows are slightly removed from the nose. But in the face of such a triangular eyebrows will already look ridiculous, so it is recommended to slightly raise the eyebrows. The diamond-shaped face, which is also common among female nature, must be proportional, raised eyebrows.

There are two most common ways eyebrow correction in the cabin - in using thread and forceps. Remove hairs thread more efficiently than with forceps or tweezers.

Firstly, you do not have long to sit inchair, literally 5 - 10 minutes experienced master will correct you of your eyebrows. The fact that the thread can capture from a few hairs, including small, are difficult to hook forceps.

Second, using the thread can be achievedperfectly straight line. Third, the thread removes extra hairs by the root, which allows you to delay the next trip to the salon for a longer period. Tweezers to remove hairs have to much longer time - 30-40 minutes, but the procedure is less painful.

Of the lesser-known, but also very effectivemethods of removing unwanted hair on the eyebrows, laser surgery is considered. Not all beauty salons can provide this type of service, for its implementation require special expensive equipment.

Since you will be able to make a laser correctionyour eyebrows the desired shape for a long period of time, as the unit completely removes hair from the root. The growth of the hair practically stops.

Another very common service inbeauty salon, which concerns the eyebrows - it is their coloration. Many salons do not share the color and correction of eyebrows, offering these treatments as a single service. In some cases, make the eyebrow?

Painting is done: If your eyebrows are dull, unsightly color; if you change their image, they repainted hair. Agree that the dark eyebrows with blonde hair will not look natural, as well, and vice versa. After staining procedure eyebrows, they become expressive, reverse look. Painting in interiors done by special trains, which are also used for dyeing eyelashes.

Certainly, many women who have not previouslyservices provided by the correction of eyebrows in beauty salons, would like to know the cost of these procedures. Find out how much eyebrow correction is in your town, you can call the nearest beauty salon.

The average cost of services in Russia as follows:

  • eyebrow correction - 400 rub .;
  • coloring eyebrows - 350 rub .;
  • design or changing the shape of eyebrows - 450 rub .;
  • complex procedures of eyebrow correction, dyeing eyebrows and eyelashes - 1000 rubles.

Features eyebrow correction in home

If you can not visit the salon, eyebrow correction, you can make yourself at home. As this procedure is carried out?

The most convenient way to adjust the eyebrows at hometweezers, which has rounded ends. In the arsenal of items to correct, you should also have a cosmetic pencil, brush to swipe plucked hairs, cotton swabs, disinfectant.

Initially applied cosmetic pencilthe desired line of the eyebrows. Today, sales have even special eyebrow stencils which can also be used for identical forms of each other. The next step - plucking hairs with tweezers.

Start to pull out should be from the beginning of the eyebrows,a smooth transition to their end. When you pull the hair tongs, at this point it is necessary to stretch the skin, then the procedure will be less painful. To remain redness at removing hair, using a disinfectant.

The second most popular method of eyebrow correctionhome - it with wax. This procedure was carried out a little harder than the previous one, will require a certain skill and patience. First, the skin around the eyebrows smeared emollient cream.

This is done to reduce the painwhile pulling out hairs. The wax is heated in advance in a special container, then use a wooden stick is applied to the eyebrows. Modeled eyebrows with fabric strips.

Some women use for modelingready-made wax strips. Pull out unwanted hair need with maximum precision and accuracy is necessary, otherwise you have to wait until they grow back again. This correction method is suitable for those who have thick eyebrows.