How to safely tan and beautiful?

Finally it was time to leave, vacations andthe long-awaited vacation. Now the train to the southern areas of overcrowded planes are sent to a warmer climate, people rush to enjoy the exotic southern countries, to feel free, to swim in the sea, and of course sunbathing under the hot sun. The sea, parties, cocktails, beaches, new love, flirting, and all this can damage the consequences of improper tanning. To prevent this, you need to know a few key rules about safe and useful even tan.

And so, to begin with, to determine what "solar" type or photo type you are.

1 skin type: snow-white with a pinkish tinge, often with freckles. It is most often blue-eyed blonds (blond) and red-haired people with light skin. Their skin burns instantly. No cream on the beach can be no more than 10 minutes. Even if you are in the midday sun, it is necessary to lubricate the skin cream uncovered clothing.

Remedies: agent should be the highest degree of protection - SPF 30, no matter where you are. Cream with a lesser degree of protection will not be saved from erosion, even in the middle lane, and, say, in the mountains or under the scorching sun of the Red Sea resorts, you run the risk of serious burns.

2 type of skin: light (bodily), sometimes with freckles. For this type is characterized by blond hair, gray eyes, green or brown. No cream can stay in the sun no more than 20 minutes.

Means of protection: in the first week of the sea using a means with SPF 20 protection, after - SPF 10 or SPF 8. For the cottages suitable SPF 8.

3 skin type: the skin is not very dark, and not light, with a hint of tan. The people of this phototype distinguish brown eyes and brown or dark-brown hair ,. Sunburn is obtained from all shades of gold to dark chocolate. If you think about this photo type, you do not run the risk of scorch, being in the sun for half an hour - 40 minutes.

Remedies: 1st week of rest - SPF 15, 2nd - SPF 8 and SPF 6. For cottages and rivers - SPF 6.

4 skin type: it's mostly brunettes with dark eyes and dark skin, they burn very rare. Without protective measures they can stay in the sun between 40 minutes to an hour in the middle lane - about two hours.

Remedies: 1st week of rest in foreign resorts - SPF 10, 2nd - SPF 6.

All the funds are applied to dry skin 15-20 minutesbefore sun exposure. Particular attention should be paid to the body protruding parts - the nose, cheeks, eyelids, shoulders, chest, shins - they burn up in the first place. Apply the cream in a circular motion evenly throughout the body.

Do not forget about the person. For it is not burned or flushed, before going in the sun, apply a day cream with UV-filters and powder. On the lips do not forget to apply the balm, lipstick or gloss with sunscreen, because the skin of the lips is extremely delicate and sensitive, burns easily and dries. If you relax by the sea or ocean, you should always carry a moisturizing lip balm. Sun with salt water just ruthlessly to them.

Before going out in the sun, give up alcohol and perfume deodorants. Otherwise, you run the risk of purchase pegmentynye spots, nasty rashes or allergies.

Do not forget to repeat the application of the cream after 3-4bathing. To get rid of this need, prefer water resistant means they will cover your skin with an invisible film, and renew protection is not necessary.

Enjoy your holiday and a beautiful tan!