It is easy to give up smoking

Many people have asked me the question: "How to quit smoking?" - But to give a definite answer, unfortunately, is impossible. First of all, because the approach to the understanding of smoking may be different. In a measure of pragmatism, I look at smoking as a business, unfortunately, are very disadvantageous for the smoker.
It is easy to give up smoking
Many people have asked me the question: "How to quit smoking?" - But to give a definite answer, unfortunately, is impossible. First of all, because the approach to the understanding of smoking may be different. For example, you can look at smoking as a disease, as a bad habit, as a harmful dependency or as something mystical, imposed by evil spirits. And in any of the above cases, the methods of struggle will be completely different.
Smoking can be treated with pills, cast out evilsmoky devil prayer, shamanic lotions, hypnosis. As for me, so this is pure nonsense, because in the end, the positive effect of all the above will depend on the element of self-hypnosis. I'm not going to talk about how to stop smoking with the help of new medicines, advanced psychics, fortune tellers, attendants, and the like.
In a measure of pragmatism, I look at smokingas a business, unfortunately, are very disadvantageous for the smoker. For the fashionable image, style, communication skills, soothing nicotine nerves sometimes have to pay for life - and it is expensive. There are safer and more practical ways to get all those positive qualities, which gives a cigarette:

  • You can pray for calm, well calms the nerves and good sex;
  • sociability increase it savvy with good pikaperskie Forum;
  • own image can be improved by spending a weekend at bypassing fashion boutiques.

What does smoking?

What does smoking?
The easiest way to quit smoking - itsimply not start. In order not to start, ask yourself the following questions: "What will give me smoking? I will be stronger? Maybe faster? It may grow to 30 cm or biceps, for example, the cherished 90-60-90? ".
And if you calculate how much money will go tocigarettes, would not on its own. Familiar programmer in the States to buy cigarettes over the Internet. At the end of the year, he received the account statement from the store. It turned out that in the two years he managed to smoke almost $ 4000 - monthly salary.
I believe that human life - this is the mostprecious thing a man can have, and any factors that negatively affect it should be excluded. It is one thing to die instantly from the accident or on the battlefield to defend their country and fighting for a just cause. It's quite another - to become disabled or ill with an incurable disease and rot alive. It's scary, because the cause is your weak-willed character.

How to quit smoking, the first option

Now to business. First of all, it is necessary that you are aware of why you smoke? It is rarely necessary to man smoking at the genetic level, in other words - as air. For this healingandbodywork recommends the following experiment on himself.
When you feel uncomfortable, and the hand itselfreaches for a pack of cigarettes, open the pack and take a cigarette, but it does not get a light. Take her on the lips, hold in your hands, and do not pay attention that it does not burn you.
When you feel uncomfortable, and the hand itselfreaches for a pack of cigarettes, open the pack and take a cigarette, but it does not get a light. Take her on the lips, hold in your hands, and do not pay attention that it does not burn you. It is better to do it when there anyone there, for example, a friend or a friend with whom you choose to walk. It is desirable that he or she did not smoke. Keep a cigarette in hand, begin a discussion about whether there is life on Mars? If after half an hour the discomfort will pass, and you happen to find that holding in his hand an unlit cigarette, then you are lucky. This test checks your body attachment to nicotine. If the test is successful, then in order to quit smoking, you only need to own desire.
Indeed, in most cases, you do not want to smoke,but by the will of the circumstances you have to do it. Circumstances may be different colleagues who tout pyhnut for campaign or friend who smokes and full, in order to avoid offending her, he begins to smoke. To help you quit smoking, the main thing is not to go on about my friends and myself to say "No". Friends and girlfriends, which will offer, you can naplesti anything, just to look believable. For example, say that already smoked and did not stick, or refer to the poor health of the smoked cigarette. If this is really your friends, they will understand and you will not be imposed from the cigarette smoke.

How to quit smoking, the second option

It is easy to give up smoking
If the test fails, then the above method willnot very effective. We must now determine the extent of your nicotine addiction. To begin remember how many have smoke? If you smoke 15 years, and you are over 30, I'm not encouraging you - quit smoking, you will be practically impossible.
The earlier you start smoking, the harder it will bethrow. This is due to the formation of your body. The male ends to form in 25-26 years, women 24 years. If during the last ten years you have smoked, the whole mechanism of functioning of your body has been formed in view of the nicotine enters the bloodstream. Therefore, the entire metabolism of the body is based on its availability. While most interesting is that the body can even develop a nicotine rate, for instance, 5 cigarettes a day. If you smoke a 3 - it will be bad (start to get nervous, become irritable). If you smoke a 7 - will be too bad (may feel dizzy, start a migraine).
It is for these people came up with nicotinegum, the patch and the like pribludy. But to move on them no special meaning. In any case, I will have to give money for them and have to get used to the other nasty things. healingandbodywork sees all these tools a plus - will not suffer light! But it will get to the other organs. From nicotine gum and inhalers will sit stomach, and the plaster is not very efficient, it will need to be glued in large quantities. Therefore, the only thing that I can recommend: take effect, and will put them in together, turned to the power of the will, and start their unequal battle with himself.
Quit smoking can not be right, and you can notdo. Imagine that your body - thousands of gears that are configured and functioning properly. Take out one of them and the consequences for the organism can be catastrophic. Very often in smokers with a 10-year veteran, who abruptly quit smoking, began to fail the heart, pancreas, liver, developed cancer. All of this happened because the body is experiencing stress about this, when you lose a loved one, or to overcome a heavy psychological trauma.
From cigarettes should be abandoned gradually. To do this, determine the average rate of cigarettes a day: count how many cigarettes you have smoked for a week and divide this number by 7.
It is easy to give up smoking
For example, you will have 6 cigarettes a day. The first week Smoking exactly six cigarettes a day. The second week limit yourself to the 5th of cigarettes a day. The third week of smoke 4 cigarettes a day. On the 4th week you get to the half rate of 3 cigarettes per day. Here is a little pause, and in the next three to four weeks to accustom your body to this norm. This will be the first step to victory. Thereafter, when the threshold of three cigarettes will be conquered, and the day you will be missed 3-cigarettes, you can proceed to 2 cigarettes a day. This is the second step in your victory.
I remembered the moment of the movie "Cinderella (CinderellaMan) ». In the latest round in the battle for the title of world heavyweight champion James Braddock gets from his coach Joe Gould's good advice: "Play with the reptile in an intelligent and winning you do not take away." How to go to a limited number of routine smoking cigarettes per day and smoking have rationally:

  • Do not smoke on an empty stomach, never, as you would not want to. Smoke one hour after eating. How smoked immediately vkinte in your mouth and chew the cud;
  • Distribute your cigarettes in time toFirst comes the next morning, an hour after you had breakfast, and the latter accounted for the night before going to bed. There are at night - something harmful, but smoking on an empty stomach can not. So keep in the refrigerator for a liter of yogurt before going to bed, drink a half-liter of kefir, wait 15 minutes, then smoke, brush your teeth and go to sleep;
  • how to get to the 3 cigarettes a day. In the middle of the day just one cigarette smoking will need. If you will want more, and they will want, chew gum, sunflower seeds, keep at the ready a cup of strong black coffee and a packet of biscuits. It is also well suited salty tomato juice;
  • discard that brand of cigarettes, which are used tosmoking. And choose those cigarettes that have never smoked. It should be ultra-strong cigarettes. For example: red Marlboro, White Sea Canal, Astra Lux. If possible, buy a Cigarette, cigarette paper and high-quality tobacco sold by weight, and made thee jambs. You can find a quality home-grown tobacco. Loose tobacco is strong - the best choice for your holy war;
  • It is easy to give up smoking

  • smoking two cigarettes a day - this is our cherishedtarget. Therefore, if we were unable to fully overcome yourself, then this can be and stop. The break between your smoking will be 8 hours for the body, which used to be choked with smoke and nicotine soaked, two cigarettes will be fine. Subsequently, to the best of life circumstances you will forget smoking, and at one point, are fully aware that you do not need a cigarette. This will be your third and last step to complete smoking cessation.

From myself I can personally say that my father died oflung cancer, so I know the price of smoking. And yet I had a girlfriend in high school years, which was eternally dissatisfied because I do not drink and do not smoke. By accident, it is our fate has not developed. There was even some share experiences on this subject on my part. But two years ago, I was happy that we broke up. Two years ago, she was born a child who has found some sort of pathology. Familiar doctor who examined her and said that there is a trouble. After all, medical secret, but hinted that the reason is "cheerful" past Nurse and love for cigarettes. It is difficult to imagine that this could be my son. So if you started smoking, you have signed up, not only for their own lives and health, but also for the lives and health of their children - do not forget about it!