Articulating gymnastics

In articulating the gym need not onlychildren but also many adults, especially those who often speaks to a lot of people. Articulating gymnastics able to develop the mobility of the vocal apparatus organs and help to develop a correct and complete movement of articulation organs.

It is through this gymnastics man canlearn the correct pronunciation of sounds. Experts say that spending quite a day for 5-15 minutes to warm up the vocal apparatus and soon becomes clear pronunciation and smooth. The children need to be addressed in the form of the game - without overloading them. It should also require the child one hundred percent compliance with an exercise, but it is important to strive for it. Remember that the first failure might upset the baby, and he is not getting pleasure from employment, will treat them lightly, and may even be feared and avoided. By the way, a special articulation exercises will help women "aged" to get rid of double chin and wrinkles.

What is the articulation exercises?

Correctly pronounce the words clearly and can notall adults, let alone children. To eat well every sound, it is necessary to articulation apparatus was prepared for this. His "disorder" is associated with many factors. Someone argues that the speech disorder and defects in the pronunciation of the letters and the sounds associated with childbirth ... - the harder they are, the greater the likelihood that a violation of the central nervous system and, consequently, language skills inhibited. Proponents believe another theory that the cause of speech defect is associated with complications after vaccination. Still others say that it is connected with a long sucking baby pacifiers.

Whatever the theory did not exist, but the fact remainsthere - articulation device in many children not sufficiently mobile, so it can not quickly accept a certain position for a correct and clear pronunciation of a letter or sound.

To develop and improve their speechdevice, you must deal with articulation exercises. We must start with a few repetitions of the same exercise, gradually increasing not only the number of sessions, but the repetition frequency.

In the classroom it is important to do the exercises efficiently and cleanly - the movement must be either smooth or sharp - it all depends on the exercise. At the same lethargy, muscle tension as undesirable.

Remember that only the articulation exercisescan form the correct pronunciation. But you need to do the exercises regularly! From one to two times the pronunciation is not changed. The result will be visible after a certain number of classes.

How to start classes?

Of course, that work with adulteasier much harder when the child is sitting in front of you. Before giving the exercises, the child needs to explain it thoroughly. Particular attention should be paid when it is necessary to directly perform the technique. Preferably with the first minutes of interest kid - just curiosity and interest will lead to the fact that the child is with great pleasure that will be engaged in articulating gymnastics. The best thing - is to come up with their game and play it invite the child. For example, tell us that "the mouth - the tongue is a small house," "teeth - this fence," "sponge - this door," etc. The articulation gymnastics a lot of exercises related to the mobility of language... Explain to your child that the tongue is able to transform into a variety of items - show how it can become a "boat", "slide", "cup", "tube". And it can be "hands of time", "rocker" and the wonderful "playing hide and seek."

All classes must be performed only beforemirror, as the child needs to see not only the face of a man who deals with it, but also their own - so fast he can correct his flaws and will do exercises correctly.

A child needs praise - the only way toachieve a positive result. Do not blame the child, even if it is it does not work - otherwise we can discourage the exercises.

Basic exercises

  1. Lips. The exercises that awaken articulation apparatus. Perform on stage a few times:
    • "Smile". It is a simple exercise, as all are able to smile. You must smile so to expose the upper and lower teeth, and then say out loud "I". To hold in this position for 5 seconds. Over time, the "I" to say to himself, and to increase the time to 10 seconds;
    • "Tube". Lips pulled forward, folded their "straw." First loud and then himself to say "I". The first exercise is performed for 5 seconds, then increase the time to 10 seconds.
  2. Lower jaw:
    • "Goal". Do exercise "Smile", then lower jaw, and keep your mouth open for five seconds. Gradually complicate the exercise - keep your mouth open for 10 seconds;
    • "Fence". The upper teeth are put on the lower lips stretch into a smile, baring his teeth. Hold the position for 5 seconds at first, then increase the time to 10 seconds.
  3. Language. Basically, all stretching exercises are performed with the language of the original position - you need to open your mouth, lips stretch into a smile, and the lower jaw to leave the fixed. Exercise great help to prepare for the speech or monologue, as "razogreyut" language and prepare it to "work":
    • "For an hour." Take the starting position. Language move from side to side, touching the corners of the lips;
    • "Rocker". Take the starting position. Language of moving up and down, touching the upper and lower lips;
    • "Chatterbox". Take the starting position. Language move back and forth;
    • "Shoulder." Take the starting position. Language relax, to make wide and put on his lower lip;
    • "Needle". Take the starting position. Language strain, pull forward so that he was thin and narrow;
    • "Football". Lips closed. Language abut alternately to the left, the right cheek;
    • "Cup". Mouth open, tongue relax, lift up to the teeth without touching them. Hold tongue first 5 seconds, then increase the time to 10 seconds;
    • "Fungus". Mouth open. To fasten the sky language, at the same time pull the lower jaw downward. Stay in this position for 10 seconds;
    • "Gorka". Perform initial position. Language raise up and pressed against the molars, and then lower the tip of the tongue and touch it to the lower teeth. Hold in this position for 15 seconds language;
    • "Jam". Initial position. Pull relaxed tongue and lick his upper lip, and then hide it in his mouth. Perform 15 times.

Articulating gymnastics for women

Women always dream to look "one hundred percentpercent ", but to help the readers can healingandbodywork special articulation exercises - it eliminates the double chin and restore skin smoothness and flatness, because strengthen the muscles of the forehead, cheeks, nose and mouth.

  1. Exercise forehead. Fingers to close and put on the forehead. Push your fingers, while his eyebrows rise up as high as possible. To utter the sound "A".
  2. Exercises for the cheeks. Nasolabial folds flatten index fingers while singing "And-and-and-and."
  3. Exercise for the cheekbones. Breathe the air, close your mouth, breathe shocks - through the right, then through the left corner of his mouth. Inflate cheeks, closing his mouth with his hands.
  4. Exercise for the mouth. Having passed the corners of your mouth with your fingers, "blow" to the imaginary hot water.
  5. Exercises for the nose. Tighten the thumb of the nose wings, and then inflate them.
  6. Exercises for the acceleration of circulation. several times to turn his head left and right, and then lowered to the chest. Repeat several times.