Aromatherapy at home

Since then, both in fashion came in a healthy lifestyle,It becomes more popular different types of alternative medicine, which use the gifts of nature: branches of plants, flowers, leaves, roots, peel the fruit. This article healingandbodywork tell about aromatherapy and everything connected with it.
Aromatherapy at home
Since then, both in fashion came in a healthy lifestyle,It becomes more popular different types of alternative medicine, which use the gifts of nature: branches of plants, flowers, leaves, roots, peel the fruit. This article healingandbodywork tell about aromatherapy and everything connected with it. Some of yourself already familiar with it, someone on the contrary far from it, but would love to learn. So let's all in order.

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy - a section of non-traditionalmedicine, based on the impact of odors on the person. Smell plays a very important role in human life, this is one way of perceiving the world, as well as a great opportunity to work on certain areas of the brain. It often happens that, inhaling some kind of smell, we feel irritation and even nausea - that is, the smell can influence the physical condition of the person. So why not take advantage of the positive influence of different flavors? It is on this and built a wonderful science - aromatherapy. Each of the scents of the world has a definite effect on people, and aromatherapy just exploring this effect. To date, more than 2,000 used essential oils to treat and prevent many diseases.
Wanting to enjoy the benefits of essential oils, notrush to buy up everything in oil and accompanying accessories, which are available in specialty stores. Unfortunately, the reality of the market economy is that all the fine becomes a business and a way to squeeze money out of our wallets by competent advertising. healingandbodywork recommends ignore the advertising slogans and use common sense. The fact is that in ancient times our ancestors in the treatment of odors well do without so popular today as an accessory aromakamni, aromakulony, funnels for oils and other things. Therefore, we can easily do without them. To begin with the need to have the slightest idea of ​​the methods of aromatherapy, on the properties of some oils and what diseases can be cured with the help of these oils.

properties oils

Essential oils - a pleasant smelling readily volatile substances which are isolated from plants, mainly from their flowers, leaves, fruits or roots
Essential oils - a nice-smelling, easyvolatiles, which is isolated from plants, mainly from their flowers, leaves, fruits or roots. We will not talk about how oil is produced, it is quite time-consuming process. But it should be noted that the plants contain from 0.1% to 4% oil. This fact explains the higher their value. For example, to produce one kilogram of attar of roses need at least 3,000 kg of rose petals. So do not throw at a low cost oil, most likely you do not offer the original oil, and its "natural copy." healingandbodywork reiterates that only natural essential oils are truly healing properties.
These healing properties carry about 400 different components that make up the oil, mainly terpenes and their oxygen derivatives - alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, esters and the like.
Essential oils are used as a treatment forsome simple diseases, and for their prevention. Essential oils - is not just an excellent tool for self-medication (you will be able to apply knowledge of aromatherapy), but also a wonderful tool for maximum relaxation and enjoyment. It is because of the impact of fragrances on certain areas of the brain, essential oils are also often used to treat mental disorders, irritation and fatigue.
For example, to get rid of the fear, needapply the oil of lavender, neroli, peppermint, angelica, or basil. Then waiting for the coming of a serious examination will take place more easily, or with the help of the mentioned oils can be returned calm before a long trip.
Will help essential oils and in the fight against depression. The range of oils that can help in this case is quite wide: bergamot, geranium, jasmine, lavender, lemon balm, rose, yarrow, violet, ylang-ylang, lemon and cedar. But what kind of oil will produce the greatest effect, is to choose your own - you will feel the smell of oil you most like - this is the scent and you will have the most benefit.
After a nervous fatigue can regain strength withessential oils of angelica, kaeputa, camphor, peppermint, rosemary and lemon. And when physical exhaustion will be useful oils of ginger, marjoram, cloves, thyme, juniper, nutmeg and cinnamon. Those who feel nervous or physical exhaustion, healingandbodywork recommends not only apply methods of aromatherapy, but also to secure a complete relaxation of the body, to eliminate the possibility of stress and nervous or physical stress.
Essential oils are used both for the treatment of some simple disorders and for the prevention of
Have you noticed that at certain times youyou need to focus all their attention on any particular issue or case, but you can not do it? Inability to concentrate can also be eliminated with the help of essential oils. Peppermint essential oil will help strengthen the intellectual abilities and refresh the mind, as oil of peppermint bad effect on memory.
If circumstances have brought you into such a state,where all is annoying and causes anger, should also hold for yourself aromatherapy course. Status irritation cool removes oil benzoyl combined with the sweet smell of honey or oil styrax. Especially useful it would be to carry out such small courses to women during the premenstrual period, when irritability reaches its highest peak.
However, essential oils are good not only during mental disorders - for example, to create an erotic mood, for initiating a partner, you can use oil of ylang-ylang.
But with respect to the use of oils for medicinalorder best to consult with a specialist - aromatherapist. A doctor assessing the state of your health, you will be able to choose the most suitable oil for treatment. Essential oils help with a variety of diseases, from dermatological to coronary heart disease.

aromatherapy methods

Aromatic bath

  • Internal use. For internal use need to be very careful with essential oils. Firstly, the dose of one tablet should not exceed 1-3 drops, secondly, the treatment should not be more than 3-4 weeks. Third, for the internal use of oils required solvent - tablespoon cooking oil or a teaspoon of jam. Also, oil can be added to salad dressings or you can drip oil on a piece of cake or bread. In addition, you can add a few drops of tea in a jar, close tightly her, periodically shaking, and a few days to apply this tea.
  • Infusions and decoctions are aqueous extractsof aromatic raw materials. Infusions and decoctions are prepared in a water bath: 15 min infusions, decoctions 30 minutes. healingandbodywork notes that infusions and decoctions better to cook every day, because they quickly deteriorate. For the preparation of infusions and decoctions better to use an enamel or glass container, because metal utensils gives a specific taste.
  • Scented bath - exposurearomaveschestv dissolved in fresh water on the human body. This method is quite mnogoeffektiven because oil having the ability to dissolve in fats, easily penetrate the upper layers of skin and have a therapeutic effect.
    Baths are quite widespread inbalneotherapy. In a bath filled with need to add 5-15 drops of essential oil for better dissolving oil can be added to table salt or sea. Duration of treatment 20 minutes. At the same time the water temperature should be 37-40 degrees Celsius. Of course, a one-time taking a bath should not be limited - the course should reach 15-20 baths.
  • Wraps - especially common inRecently method. Wrapping a cup of water (about 2 liters) to dissolve a few drops of essential oils, water in this wet sheet and wrap its body. The duration of the procedure 1 hour.
  • Massage

  • Packs are a variety of wraps with the difference that compress is applied only to certain areas of the body. Compresses can be both cold and hot.
  • Baths - another excellent method of aromatherapy: through the open pores of a pair of essential oils act quickly enough, and the high temperature bath accelerates the dissemination of useful substances in the body with the blood circulation accelerated.
  • Massage is one of the most effective methods. The essential oil added to a massage, have direct contact with the skin, immediately it enters the body and annoying a lot of receptors. Massage also increases the effect of the procedure.

Therefore, aromatherapy - it is a great opportunityenhance immunity, to recover from physical and mental ailments, as well as have fun. Aromatherapy is now used all over the place and even in expensive foreign clinics. Therefore, you should also take full advantage of essential oils for the benefit of their beauty and their health.